PRYR RQST I am in the Kodiak ER (Update Post #130) Good News!


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I left early this morning and just saw the heading of your posting before I left. I said a quick prayer for you on the way out the door even though I didn't really know what I was praying for. LOL!! Just got back and saw this now with your update. PRAISE GOD!! He listens AND He answers the prayers of His people!! Even when they don't know how to pray!

AWESOME NEWS, Sue!! God is great, ALL the time!!


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Sue I have only seen this happen once before in my life and it was truly a miracle God bless your sister
Same I was just going to say!

First Sue I am so happy for you! God is so good

Second, several years ago my SIL was headed for surgery due to sever diverticulitis. She was going to have a section of her intestines removed. We all went to bed thinking the next morning she would be in surgery. The next morning she woke up with no pain. Dr's did a CT scan and found NO diverticulitis. It was a true miracle.

Sometimes we all need a reminder He still works miracles these days. Thank you. :kiss:


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Hello folks....a funny thing happened on the way to the Surgery. It’s not often one has something this amazing occur....and it’s still 2020!! Your prayers were answered so definitively, God touched me so truly that I will quote the surgeon here:

”In over 35 years of surgery, and thousands of this specific type, I have never had anyone present with complete reversal of symptoms before. I told you last night that this surgery would happen first thing and examining you now, there is no longer an issue. The obstruction is completely resolved and after we make sure you are up to snuff, we’ll release you.”

I told him I had many many people lifting me in prayer and he fist-bumped me. He was completely tickled. I just now saw him again after waiting the prescribed hours and he’s writing my release papers.

I have truly had a healing, just as you asked Him. My last pain med was at 11 just before transferring to the Hospital; awake all night and wondered when I’d need more. It never happened and neither did the surgery - no need for it. What was on the CT scan was very clear. It is now very gone ~ May God be glorified!

Dr even said I can take the ferry out tonight! I tested negative for CV so I’ve got the needed paperwork to board. They did two swabs and while it was unpleasant, it wasn’t quite as bad as I’d dreaded.

Including a couple pics of my digs so you can see how they set it up for clean room by tenting room entrances. Each room has a special air filter with Kodiak-style filter exhaust :)

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Glory to God!


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As I said elsewhere, the Good Lord cares for and watches over us. He has faith in us even when we aren't thinking about Him. You have been given a divine gift. How wonderful for you and all of us. Spread the word.
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Despite the many wonderful people in the medical community, AlaskaSue just taught us all why it is so very important to have a "Plan B"

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Should probably be Plan A but some situations can be distracting if you or a loved
one are having some major issue. Other people's prayers mean a lot to me if I don't even have the presence of mind to even silently scream help me!


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For the second time I have seen the power of prayer exhibited here at TB2K....the first time, I experienced it myself....

May God Bless and protect all the prayer warriors here at TB2K....and Susan may God continue to work in your life and body!!!!


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Father God, we come before Your throne and ask for Your healing and immediate comfort for our friend Alaska Sue. Father, we know You can do anything, and we join together in the name of Your precious Son, Jesus Christ to ask that You place Your hand on Alaska Sue today and give her relief from pain and if it is Your will, may she be totally healed. Lord, guide her doctors, give them wisdom and place Your hands over theirs to provide guidance and knowledge beyond Earthly understanding. In Jesus precious, holy name we pray ~~~Amen.
I prayed this same way for my friend last night...Sue you're held up by the prayers of those who love you. When you are weak we are strong...