PRYR RQST I am in the Kodiak ER (Update Post #130) Good News!


On and On, South of Heaven
I'm not very good at this but I read a book by a Rabbi, once, who said that if everyone would just say a prayer whenever they heard an ambulance/FD/PD/EMS for the responding units to arrive in time to make a difference between life and death, then there would be hundreds of people praying for the safety and well-being of complete strangers... And what a wonderful world that would be...

Other than your posts on this board, I don't know you. But, I pray that of Jesus and the Father are willing and it is within their plan, you are healed and all pain pass before you.


Adapting to the new paradigm
Prayers up!!!

Just realized that you are where my ancestors come from!

I'm an Aleutian and my grampy and Grammy were married there, and my father was born there, too!

Hope you feel better!!