Hillary Clinton Claims She's 'Most Investigated Innocent Person in America'

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Hillary Clinton Claims She's 'Most Investigated Innocent Person in America'
Joshua Caplan

Hillary Clinton proclaims she is the “most investigated innocent person in America” in a new Hulu autobiographical docuseries about the twice-failed presidential candidate, according to the Daily Mail.

Clinton decries Congress’ investigation into her role regarding the Obama administration’s handling of the 2012 terror attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, and her use of a private email server while Secretary of State. She calls Republican furry about her involvement a “character assault” and dismisses criticism that she and husband, former President Bill Clinton, raked in an estimated $153million by delivering speeches to Wall Street.

“That’s how I made some money when I got out of the State Department,” Clinton says.
In another part of the interview, Hillary Clinton claims the media has overlying covered controversies about her, despite, according to the longtime Democrat, being unfounded.

“Going all the way back to the Whitewater days. I’ve never understood this and I will go to my grave not understanding it. All these things get disproved, but the press, and I’m talking about the major press, they always bite,” Clinton says. “There’s an old joke about an old guy who is walking along the edge of the cliff, he slips and as he’s falling down and he grabs onto a branch and he’s holding on and he’s praying, going “God, God I’ve lived a good life, I’ve done everything I supposed to do…please Lord help me, help me.”

“And then this voice comes out and says ‘There’s just something about you that pisses me off,”” she adds.

Clinton finishes heaping pitty on herself by concluding: “I am the most investigated innocent person in America”

“This is not just politics, this is deep cultural stuff,” she adds.

A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) probe of Clinton’s private server concluded 100 emails contained classified information, including 65 emails deemed “Secret” and 22 considered “Top Secret.”

Experts have argued that the former Secretary of State violated multiple laws, including 18 U.S. Code § 1924, which bars “unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material.”

However, the FBI ruled in July 2016 that Clinton did not commit any crimes. Then-FBI Director James Comey infamously drafted a memo exonerating her before his bureau’s investigation had concluded.



"just a human bein'"
If by investigated she means, everyone who is her "friend" or under "her" influence, is used to help hide her deeds.
Those who don't Arkancided.
Then yeah, sure.

The Hammer

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This woman just won't go away! It's more outrageous every time she speaks.

Get a clue, Hill. We're just not that into you...


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trying to make herself a viable candidate one comment at a time

she is creeping towards milwaukee


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She is so far behind Trump she can't be seen.
All she can do is say "Hey, Investigate me . . .please, . . . investigate me too"


Carrying the mantle of doubt
I hope that bitch has a long, painful and frightening death.

ETA: Forgot the dry cob up the keester.
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Jeff B.

What is left when honor is lost?
You know, I read that and the phrase that comes to mind is;

"Oh brother!"

She is really a piece of work.

Jeff B.


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I don't think she is the most investigated and I know she isn't innocent so. The results of her statement is two lies for the price of one.


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This crazy bitc. could literally walk out and shoot someone on 5th avenue and no one would do anything. Her parents OWN the justice department.

Rumors are that her mom taught her to have disdain for the poor bastards in the secret service that protected them.

eta: my bad.....I thought it said chelsea
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psychopath sī′kə-păth″



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Her day will come. She won't out run justice and the longer it's put off the harder it's gonna hit. The Good Lord will have the ultimate smack down. I wonder if video will be available in Heaven for such acts of justice.......Imagine the popcorn the Lord could serve up.


She may be delusional in thinking that she's innocent, but she's not delusional in thinking that certain others will
back her up and enable her - Mr. Comey is just one of many who come to mind.

By the way, whatever happened to the concept of ETHICS in our law schools? Does anybody know?

Because that's about all we see of our political class - a bunch of SCAM ARTISTS AND GRIFTERS.
The BIDEN family comes to mind as just one example. But a good one.