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Thank you Dennis. Happy Thanksgiving.

Buick Electra

Your writing touched me deeply.
It took several attempts to finish reading it, because of the tears in my eyes.
It has been a rough year for me and you helped remind me how much Our Father cares and allows me to care for others.
I know it will only get rougher from here, but I am so glad to be among a group of folks that are Freedom minded and true to their Faiths.

Thank You ALL.
I am indeed Blessed.



And remember what Thanksgiving is really all about. One of the reasons God turns his back on a nation is a haughty spirit and lack of gratefulness for everything God has done for the people. If we forget where the blessings come from God has a way to get their attention. We might not be able to do much about the nation as a whole but we can as individuals give thanks and implore God’s blessings on us now and going forward as we desperately need them.


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The neighbor is here and she left a serving of pumpkin pie on the shelf. Whipped cream piled up 3x the thickness of the pie.

Nice woman. I looked her in the eye and thought that - do you think she got the message?

Happy Thanksgiving All!



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Now that's the perfect way to serve pie!

A happy and full of blessings Thanksgiving to all my family here on TB2K. And we love you Dennis (dearly, not queerly). It's been an up and (way) down year, but we have blessings nevertheless.
We have our loves and our families. We are alive, we think, we love. And we have TB2K-which is a huge blessing in itself.

Love ya' all. We're all blessed-it might not seem that way these days but we are all richly blessed.


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Happy Thankgiving everyone. Dh and I watched the Macy's parade on YouTube. It was nice to see people celebrating and enjoying themselves and not getting run down by a mad man in a SUV.


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Happy Thanksgiving to you Dennis and your fur kids. We really enjoy the picture you share with us, and your gracious words. Praying a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone of you sweet folks here. We have all come through some trying times with more on their way, (But God).
Susan and Gene


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Dennis, every year when you post your Thanksgiving thoughts, I look forward to your chrimmas post. You know which one I mean. ;)

Also, your OP is lovely and heartfelt, and we all offer the same blessings back to you. But there is a problem. Actually two problems that I hesitate to point out because of the beautiful post. They are both related to English comp. You probably already know about them. So, you can address them or not; you get a pass on thanksgiving.

Enjoy that duck, and then relax with the pups in your new recliner.

Dennis Olson

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Happy Thanksgiving Boss! Enjoy your duck, can't say I have ever tasted one.
Duck is absolutely decadent. All dark meat, exceptionally moist, and the gravy is to die for. But the realistically only feed 2-3 people. The first time I made one I was unprepared for the richness of the various flavors. Tried a goose a few years ago, and was not favorably impressed.


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I want to take a moment to wish every member a wonderful, peaceful, and happy Thanksgiving. Sadly, as happens every year, several members and/or beloved furkids have passed on while others are fighting life-threatening health problems, and my thoughts are with they and their families today.

May we take a little time today to remember those no longer among us, as well as those less fortunate than we. And I am grateful to you all for being a part of my "extended family" here on TB, and I hope you feel the same. May we all be here for next year's celebration of family and friends, and may our nation be better for having Donald Trump as our leader.

May the Lord bless and keep safe Donald Trump, and the United States of America, and may he be returned to the presidency.

You know, most years my Thanksgiving greeting is nearly word-for-word the same as the previous year’s. That’s because the events I talk about and the wishes happen every year. But THIS YEAR, I pray that we can just get it over with. What a horrid, miserable year it’s been. And it doesn’t look like 2022 will be much better. We‘re in for dark times, with the current illegitimate regime in power. We need to hang on for dear life.
God Bless us, EVERY ONE. May Our Lord Sustain us through this challenging time and may WE not Forget Jesus' sacrifice for us! Happy Thanksgiving to you All at TB2K!!!


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A fine dinner, and a fine nap after. Everything was so good tonight. It was weird but I swear everything tasted better than normal. Mom changed the mashed potato recipe a bit, heating the milk before using it. We also had brown gravy instead of yellow turkey gravy. God bless mothers who are willing to make a small change to accommodate their sons.

Dessert featured a lovely mix of cake, buy-one-get-one blueberry pie, and cookie bars. There are even some leftovers I'll be picking up later. Very, very nice.