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I want to take a moment to wish every member a wonderful, peaceful, and happy Thanksgiving. Sadly, as happens every year, several members and/or beloved furkids have passed on while others are fighting life-threatening health problems, and my thoughts are with they and their families today.

May we take a little time today to remember those no longer among us, as well as those less fortunate than we. And I am grateful to you all for being a part of my "extended family" here on TB, and I hope you feel the same. May we all be here for next year's celebration of family and friends, and may our nation be better for having Donald Trump as our leader.

May the Lord bless and keep safe Donald Trump, and the United States of America, and may he be returned to the presidency.

You know, most years my Thanksgiving greeting is nearly word-for-word the same as the previous year’s. That’s because the events I talk about and the wishes happen every year. But THIS YEAR, I pray that we can just get it over with. What a horrid, miserable year it’s been. And it doesn’t look like 2022 will be much better. We‘re in for dark times, with the current illegitimate regime in power. We need to hang on for dear life.


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Helen, just took the pecan pies out of the oven and am icing an Italian Cream Cake and
shoving the rolls in the oven. Come on over! Yes a food decadent Thanksgiving this year. Well you know why. Thanks to everyone, as different as we all are and as similar as we all are, for being GREAT friends and sources of info!


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Best wishes for all. Hang on it’s gonna be a wild ride. Getting harder beyond immediate family to find things to be grateful for. Every fabric of our freedom are being stripped away … layer by layer.

I’m grateful for this forum and all here. They’re coming for us.

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Happy Thanksgiving Dennis and my extended TB family!

I wrote this to our Almighty Creator this morning and wanted to share to remind everyone to thank God for more than just the food today!

Another day with You, Almighty Father, except the word Thanksgiving is stamped on it. Families get together, cook way too much food and are supposed to be reminded that in all things we are to give thanks to You. I’m praising Your Son for giving me His Holy Spirit that since Jim’s death, has had me in the practice of thanking You daily, but many humans don’t get this blessing so they must be reminded at least once a year to do so.

As I sit here at Your desk, drinking Your coffee, wearing Your pajamas, typing on Your laptop, I am very thankful for, not only all You have provided me with, (which compared to other people around the world, I have excess), I am humbly thankful for You loving me first; for including me in Your heard; for Your Son’s Life, for Christ’s Holy Spirit; for Your Word that can bring me to tears, make me laugh out loud, or convict me to the depth of my soul; for the breath I take which is no small chore when You know I smoke; for the way You constructed our bodies to function which surpasses the greatest artists in the world, even as we age function on stop-start-basis; for replacing my earthly husband as my Bridegroom and never leaving my side; for the godly friends and family You have put in my life; for all the pets You have given me that gave me earthly examples of unconditional love; for helping me try to see people through Your eyes as lost souls rather than innately evil and to pray for them; for getting through (so far) the evil that has been planned for us which has made me wiser and more prepared, at least for covid emergencies; for the picturesque view You allow me out Your living room window, reminding me every day how You are there, turning the seasons with windy, blustery days, sunny and grey days and I am very thankful for those cold, chilly days that someone is burning leaves. I have read of the many incenses You liked burned to You but it would be so wonderful if You could have an incense that resembles burning leaves when we get to heaven.

The sights, the smells, the textures I can feel; I am very thankful for all that. The older I get I am aware and thankful for regular bowl movements. You fill this house Abba, as You should because it’s all Yours. I think of the many people You have sheltered under this roof and who You will shelter next after I am gone. I thank You for the trials and pain I have experience that not only made me cling closer to you, but has softened my heart. As much as it pains me to see, I am thankful for being here to see our country dive down to a level of depravity I had never known because this has not only quickened my prayers and deepened my sorrow, but made me yearn for my heavenly home all the more.

As Your turkey breast sits drying out in the fridge for tomorrow’s meal, I am thankful You will join me in either a spaghetti or soup dinner tonight. I am not alone. I have the Great I Am with me. What an honor and privilege for someone who has done nothing to deserve Your presence! I am blessed beyond measure and will continue to praise You Lord, with all my inmost being.


“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.”

... But THIS YEAR, I pray that we can just get it over with. What a horrid, miserable year it’s been. And it doesn’t look like 2022 will be much better. We‘re in for dark times, with the current illegitimate regime in power. We need to hang on for dear life.
These were my very first thoughts this morning. :(

Thank you Dennis for your kind thoughts and Happy Thanksgiving to you.


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A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you Dennis and all this wonderful family here. This year has been a personal hell for me but because of the Lord Jesus, He has brought me through it. And I humbly thank Him for His strength. I thank Him for you guys. I may not post very much but I am so thankful for this place! May you all hold your loved ones tight, being grateful for every minute of life you have with them, even on the hard days. And may He be with us all as we move forward into 2022. Blessings to you all. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jeff B.

Don’t let the Piss Ants get you down…
Something I left out. Sometimes I’m just slow on the draw…

Everybody take the opportunity to make some memories and uphold or make new traditions for your crew!

That’s something that nobody can take away!!

Jeff B.

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I went to the store this morning to get some fruit juice. No intention of cooking. It was a zoo. As I walked the store, I saw that they had fresh duck in the refrigerated case. After mulling it over for a few minutes, I weakened and got one. Of course, then I needed stuffing cubes, celery, etc. So if I feel up to it today, I’ll roast the duck. I usually do the Cornish hen in a dog bowl, but hey, this might be my last year; who knows?


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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Well I am thankful to still be here I guess as is my DH. Really thankful my 21 year old fragile little Sweetie Pea cat is still here. Every morning I get to see her precious self is a blessing.
All my side dishes and deserts are prepared and ready to go. Having chicken so that is easy. Delivered treats to my neighbor.. Now it is snacking and sitting around watching TV till dinner.


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Joining everyone else in wishing the TB2K family a Happy Thankgsiving. Dennis, thank you for providing us a place to gather. Simple day today - just the 4 of us (DD1 drove from Ohio for a 36 hour visit) - but I am content and happy. I don't know what happened, but felt inspired to do some scratch cooking for the day. Homemade cranberry sauce and chocolate pie are waiting in the fridge. Dough for dinner rolls current rising. DH does the turkey/dressing and potatoes.