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Yay!!! Glad to have Dr. Bruce back!!!

And glad to have the supplies coming!! But they just got the gardens in...and winter is already on its way. I hope it holds off until they get their garden produce taken care of, and the hunting done to last through the winter, and the houses ready for winter weather.

Thanks, Pac!! Still loving this story!


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"They are working as carpenter's helpers with Milo and Seamus. Bruce, they are growing so much and were straddling the fence between being rotten kids and really rotten kids, I put them to work.

Now, I want to tell you, they are very proud of what they have done and are doing. As long as they are being productive, we are going to have them work, and you are not to say a word against it."
The boys being put to work and enjoying it will take away the rottenness for they will be to tired to get in much trouble.

Thanks pac.



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There were the beginnings of foot and wagon traffic and there were people that stopped to look at the sign taped on the door of the soon to be general store.

Finally Millie was tired of being interrupted, so she taped another sign that explained that she would hang an American flag over the door when the store was stocked. That seemed to satisfy most people, and any of the clan that was close to the road, was questioned about their intentions and what they intended to do with the town.

Mark, whenever questioned, mentioned that he would be conducting church services in the store front furthest North, just beyond the clinic. "Sunday morning at 10am. Bring your bible if you have one and a voice to sing praises to the Lord." was his stock in trade answer.

Interest in church created a lot of conversation, and Mark got to meet many of the surrounding people. It got so that he spent a lot of time at the store, so then it was a broom to sweep the floor to tidy the area up. Then it was find chairs, and then a way to wash the windows.

Finally, Mark scrounged up some paint, a bright purple was the only color available, and he lettered the word CHURCH across the main window. Then he wrote 10am on the door. It made him feel good to have a real space, and then he needed a table or a lectern of some sort. The time and energy was well spent. The first Sunday eight people came, beyond the gathering of the clan.

It was simple, true and honest. The gospel was preached, the plan of salvation explained and a whole family got saved. The Dad, Mom and daughter all responded to the call to the alter.

From somewhere, Clora, Rennie and Honey brought coffee and cakes to celebrate. Andy and Donny against the back wall, sat half asleep. They had experienced a hard working, dawn to dusk week and sitting still activated their sleepy buttons.

The daughter had to walk back and forth two times, the last time pretending to trip over Donny's outstretched foot, all in order to get his attention.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," the sweet young thing smiled and giggled.

"No problem," Donny stood up as he had been taught, "Ah, my name is Donny, what's yours?"

That started the socially awkward small talk that young people begin an acquaintance with.

"I'm Sally, do you live around here?"

Andy got up and faded away from Donny and Sally, he suddenly had a sharp pain in the direction of his heart. Andy had been thinking about Judy, and now to see a girl come claim Donny without a second glance at him, Andy; was upsetting to the young man who considered himself better looking than Donny.

Andy slipped outside to stand in the shade, he had a lot of thinking to do.


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Donny got caught by the love in church.

Tanks Pac for the chapter.



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Thank you Pac. :) Today is our televised General Conference, and I am really looking forward to it. This was a good start to the day.


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It was Tuesday of the week when a shout went up, the supply train was sighted a ways down the trail. Andy and Donny saddled in a hurry, and went tearing down the road yelling and waving their hats.

Corbin welcomed them with a smile and a salute. "Hey boys, how's things?"

Talking at a rapid pace, the boys filled in the wagon master as the wagons creaked and groaned toward the town. All the travelers were dusty and haggard with fatigue, and slumped in their saddles. There was a riderless horse and Corbin explained that they had been beset by robbers and the out rider had been wounded.

"Miz Dr. Trish has a clinic set up, Dr. Bruce has come awake, we all have places; Ma found a goat and a dog, the goat went to live with Miz Tess after Dad had an atomic meltdown. We all have helped Miz Millie get the store ready; and Seamus and Milo have put shelves all over the basement.
We had church and there's a gal panting after Donny's sorry hide." Andy ducked when Donny went to throw a punch his way.

"Ah well," Corbin said philosophically, " It's torture for sure, so enjoy it while you can." Then he laughed uproariously.

"You sure don't make any sense," Donny complained. "I don't see why older folk have to go and act so mysterious. If they want to say something, why don't they just come out and say it with words a fella can understand."

"Hey," Corbin pretended to be affronted, "that's the privilege of being an adult. I can tell you guys there has to be some compensation for having to act grownup." Corbin was laughing and Donny threw him a disgusted look and dropped back to talk to George who was driving the lead wagon.

"Hey Mr. George, how are you doing?"

"Mighty fine now that we are close to home. This has been a long, long trip on an old man. How's Millie doing, and the store is it ready?"

Donny gave George the long version of every detail that had happened; including Mark's meltdown over the goat, and naturally that brought a laugh from travel weary George. "It feels good to laugh, this has been a difficult, worrisome trip. If I wasn't worried about Millie and all the work I left for her to do; it was the hard time we had collecting all the supplies I wanted. Then it was the troubles we had on the trail, and oh boy, am I tired. Say, did I hear you say that there are shelves all over the basement? Glory be, just what we need."

George perked up when the buildings came into view, and there was Millie running down the road to welcome him home. "Glory, glory what a woman," George enthused happily, stopping to let Millie climb up in the seat.

It was a good thing the team was used to following Corbin's horse, Millie was blocking George's sight as she smothered his face with kisses.

Donny had to look away, it wasn't quite disgusting, but it was close. Two old people, they should know better, he was thinking, but Donny's observations meant nothing to George and Millie.

Andy, Donny and Corbin rode into town, the wagons dividing half and half to the front and back of the store. Weary, saddle sore men dismounted and used the hitching posts along the road to tether equally as tired horses.

Tired men started to slowly unload the wagons, the wagon George was driving delivered the injured man to the clinic. Trish put the wounded man in the first exam room and clucked when she saw the bullet hole in the man's shoulder. Red and inflamed, it had a good start on infection .

George's wagon held a kings ransom in medical supplies, and the treasure chest was unloaded carefully and put away under the guidance of Phoebe.

Seamus carried the majority of the supplies inside and patiently waited for Phebes to direct where they should be unloaded. The boys and Suisan played in the front waiting room, the boys taking turns opening the door for 'dad' as he carried a double load of boxes at a time.

Clora, Tess, Honey and Rennie showed up at suppertime with stew, chili and homemade sourdough bread. The seven wagon drivers and the twenty outriding guards were treated to summer apple pie for dessert. Clora was fretting because the apples had cooked to mush, but the men inhaled the pies and profusely thanked the ladies for their efforts.

Wednesday evening, the goods had been unloaded and mostly put away, all hands went to bed early, as Corbin intended to leave at first dawn. Clora had asked about Clara and made Corbin tell every detail about how the new Mrs. Corbin was doing.

"And Judy, how is she doing?" Clora asked softly, unhappiness showing in the tone of her voice.

"Getting by, but not doing all that well. I'm afraid she is still carrying a torch." Corbin shifted almost nervously in the chair. He wasn't comfortable talking about 'lady issues and emotions.'

"Andy has asked us if we would consent for him to ride back with you. He is going to ask you if you would hire him, and if you think Judy would ever consent to talk to him. We are letting him do the talking, but we were interested in your opinion." Clora was talking quietly, wanting to help if she could.

"As for hiring Andy, sure, why not. He rides well, shoots well and does his work without complaint. As for the other, well I believe she still likes him, but that's one powerfully mad woman. That's a flip of the coin, as to the outcome."

"Fair enough, I trust your judgement," Clora said quickly as she could hear boot sounds coming down the stairs.

It was Andy and he requested that Corbin walk outside with him. "for a talk." Andy hastily added, not wanting Corbin to think he was calling him out for a punch in the nose.

They were outside for a long time talking, and Clora slipped a long faced Donny a couple of her special cookies as they sat around the kitchen table.

Donny was pretty glum. "Ma, we ain't ever been apart for more than a couple of days. Corbin's saying he may not get back up this way till next spring. That's,...…." Donny counted the months on his fingers....."that could be eight months." he sounded panicky.

"Possibly," Clora allowed, "but you will need more schooling during the winter months, and perhaps you will find growing up easier when you grow at your own speed."

"There you go again, talking in riddles. How's a guy supposed to know what you mean?" Donny complained around a cookie bite.

"Have another cookie," Clora laughed and pushed the cookie plate closer to the unhappy young man. "I think you will just have to listen and decode all the mysteries yourself."

"Yeah, I guess." Donny sat with his arms folded on the table; not wanting to be cajoled into better humor.

When Corbin and Andy came back in the kitchen, Andy was smiling like he had eaten the canary. Donny sighed hard, accurately guessing that Andy was leaving. Andy jerked his head and the two boys disappeared upstairs with a clatter of boots.

"He's on trial, he's much younger than I prefer, and as for Judy, she may like him or shoot him," Corbin explained as Mark came in the kitchen door behind him.

"Andy will drive George's empty wagon back and trail his horse. He's disappointed not to be a guard, but that's a plum for hard work and responsibility in my outfit. He's also going to be the cooks helper, so we will find out the stuff he is made of." Corbin shook hands with Mark, tipped his hat to Clora and paused at the door.

"First light tomorrow morning," Corbin announced. "If he's not ready and there, he can just stay home."


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George is back home and Millie is beyond being happy.

Andy going back with Corbin to work and to see if Judy will have him.

Thanks Pac for the chapter.



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Before Mark would let Andy go to bed, he had a heart to heart talk that demanded good explanations as to the young man's ability and intentions. "Don't come back," Mark growled, "if you don't intend to act with honorable intentions toward Judy. I don't want to hear about you pulling the same sort of shenanigans as you have this last time with the young lady. When you wear the Linderman name, that has a code of honor attached to it. So it won't only be me that will be royally pissed, it's going to be all your relatives and brothers."

Andy swallowed hard. "Yes Sir," he replied soberly. "I certainly will remember that."

"See that you do, before you make any hasty decisions, either way." Mark emphasized ." I also want you to write a letter of declaration of intent to claim the farm next to us. We can put it on the door for you tomorrow. I expect Donny will be around there enough, that no one strange to the clan will know if it's him or you. I also expect you to acknowledge that your brother is doing a tremendous favor for you, acting as your agent to secure your farm, so be responsible."

Andy was shivering by the time Mark finished with his 'heart to heart. Wow, he was thinking, Dad has never come down on me this way before. It's not hard to tell he really means every thing he is saying.

"Yes Sir," Andy pledged, "Mr. Corbin said about the same thing to me, only he added that I might not live to see the next day if I fooled around with Judy. I won't Sir," Andy added almost fearfully. Andy went on to tell of his feelings for the young woman, explaining how he intended to work the land and do horse logging as a means of supporting the family he intended to create.

Behind Andy, Clora looked up and gave an imperceptible nod to Mark. She was just confirming that Andy was being truthful, and finally Mark smiled at Andy. "Go with God son. Be honest and upright in your dealings, and make us proud."

"Yes Sir, I will do that. I expect I need to get to bed, Mr. Corbin said be there at first dawn. Could I ask that someone check and make sure I get up in time, the rest of the mornings I will be responsible for myself."

Clora filled his saddlebag with Jerky and dried 'survival bars,' Mark found two canteens and went to the barn to tie Andy's bedroll and slicker on the back of his saddle. Coming back into the house, he almost tripped over Ivory, lying with her back to the kitchen door.

Spending a few moments, praising the dog for protecting Clora, went a long ways toward creating a bond between himself and Ivory. A few soft pats on the head didn't hurt either.

Mark himself went up to make sure Andy was awake the next morning. Buckling his belt, Andy put an assortment of 'necessary' items in his pockets, and grabbed his coat and hat. Donny lay sprawled on his bed, deep and sleep, and Andy smiled as he turned to leave the room.

Downstairs, Mark handed the young man a newer belt and pistol. "A S&W 40," Andy breathed out, holding the leather holster like the treasure it was. "Thanks Dad."

"As long as you remember it's most definitely not a toy. I can only spare two boxes of shells. Be sure to get more where ever Corbin restocks his supplies. Good luck son, remember your manners and stay grounded in God's love and protection."

"Yes Sir." Andy was out the back door before he turned around and stuck his head back in. "Love you guys," he spoke in a tight voice, "thanks Mom and Dad."


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And is off on the long trip to Corbin's place and Judy. Now just what could go wrong.

Thanks Pac.



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Mark walked with Andy and his horse. The freighter camp was just beginning to stir, and Corbin, of course, was up and hitching his teams.

Corbin made note of Andy's early arrival, and he and Mark looked at each other and nodded. Being that early made a good impression on Corbin, and the wagon master asked Andy to hitch his horse and pitch in and help the cook with breakfast.

"Yes Sir," Andy replied and went to do as he was asked.

Mark turned to help Corbin hitch the teams, the work going smoothly with two working. "He wants to go, doesn't he?" Corbin snickered. "I kinda had the same reaction with Judy's mother. Clara somehow feels it will all work out, but I'd sure never tell Andy that. He's a good kid with a lot of growing up to do. How'd you come to get him, anyway?"

"He and Donny have been with us over two years. They showed up in our camp, starving, and it just progressed from there. My Clora has a tendency to collect things, kids, dogs, goats, and occasionally something real strange." Mark chuckled, remembering Clora's aptitudes.

"I find it kinda spooky the way Clora and Clara think alike. Maybe their sisters and don't know it," Corbin jested. The idea jolted Mark, but it seemed improbable.



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"I find it kinda spooky the way Clora and Clara think alike. Maybe their sisters and don't know it," Corbin jested. The idea jolted Mark, but it seemed improbable.

Another twist.

When it appears improbable, then you need to be more cognizant of the probabilities.

Thanks Pac.



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Now it is a rollercoaster ride...Anyone got a neck brace to spare? That last turn nearly took my head off. LOL!

Thank you!


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Mark left the wagons, intending to check on everyone since he was in town. The reception was down right frosty, from the people he roused from sleep, to answer their doors. All but at the clinic.

"Welcome Mark, come on in and have a cup of coffee with Bruce. We have figured out a way to use a surgical tube as a straw, so grouchy can have his coffee." Trish was smiling but there was an under current of steel in her voice.

Mark walked in, to sit in the room with Bruce. Soon, the wounded guard brought his cup in to sit and have a chat. "I'm Donovan, Don for short, pleased to meet you Mr. Linderman. Bruce here has been telling me some of your amazing exploits."

Bruce got a black look from the Mr. Linderman he was referring too. "Don't believe a word of it, Bruce is known for lying through his teeth, and telling tall tales with a vivid imagination." Mark flatly tried to collapse Bruce's mouth with a hidden reprimand, and it didn't work.

Trish was around with the coffee pot; the blessing of having someone entertain Bruce so she could get Eddie and Tony breakfast and get their lunches made. Both boys were working at the sawmill with Milo, and now Chuck was there, as he declined to go back with Corbin.

The men sat and talked, Don not at all sad that the wagons were leaving without him. "I'm tired of being shot at on a regular basis, as It's really risky, moving such great loads of supplies. We had the most trouble right as we left St. Louis. Too many eyes watching as we gathered up, and there are always some jerks that want to get supplies the easy way. I wanted to give you a word of caution; the old boy we brought the supplies for, he's kinda a ripe plum for a raid. Here too," Don looked at Bruce. "Some hop head looking for pain killers and such. Even though you are in bed, it wouldn't hurt if you had a rifle. I've got mine, but right now it's in the other room. I see sir, that you have a pistol on your hip," Don addressed Mark, nodding approvingly at the holster.

"Always," Mark smoothly replied; "I'd feel plumb naked without it. We all carry pistols and have long guns handy. Thanks for the tip about the store, I'll be sure to mention it to George. Bruce, you have heard, so it's up to you to formulate a security plan and get it implemented."

Mark could have given Bruce all the help required, but he wanted Bruce to have something to do. Rightly guessing that Trish was probably having seconds thoughts about saving Bruce; Mark chuckled to himself.

"I can read your mind, you know." Bruce said waspishly. "Trish has made no bones about me being a rotten patient, and I am. It's been hard to gain strength, and it seems like it's taking forever."

Now both Mark and Don chuckled out loud. "You'll get there," Mark soothed the cranky doctor, " you didn't eat for a month, so it takes time to get all your systems up and functioning properly."

"I know that," Bruce said through tight lips, "I am a doctor after all."

"Uh, that's the sign for me to leave," Mark stood up and removed himself rapidly from the room. "Thanks for the coffee," he called to Trish, "I'll be around again to prod the good doctor, he needs my special kind of attention."

"Thanks a lot," Trish called from the kitchen, "just what I need to start the day."

Mark laughed out loud, and closed the door behind him. The dawn was still trying to happen, the morning cloudy and overcast with dark clouds. Walking home, Mark listened to his belly protest the fact that he should be home eating breakfast. He stepped a little faster, that Donny was a real chow hound when he got started, and the kid just might talk Clora into feeding him early.

Donny had indeed eaten, and was standing at the counter making a couple of sandwiches for his lunch. Clora was sitting down with a stack of pancakes on the plate in front of her.

"Sit, sit," Mark ordered. "I'm still capable of washing my hands and pouring a cup of coffee. What are you off to do today?" he asked Donny.

"Logging, we're trying to work early so it's not so stinking hot. I see it's cloudy out, I wonder if we need to be on alert for severe weather?"

"Possibly, I'll keep check and ring the bell if anything happens."

"That's fair enough. Do we have a bugle around here?" Donny asked as an after thought. "See ya tonight for supper." Donny grabbed his sandwiches and canteen and lit out for the barn.

Mark sat down at the table, said the blessing and the two of them sat and ate breakfast in companionable silence. "I've needed this for 40 years," he finally said dramatically. "I didn't think I would ever get to eat a meal with just you. I think back to Milo and Teddy there at the farm in Oregon, and those two little buggers were just everywhere."

"Oh, it wasn't that bad," Clora protested.

"Oh yes it was," Mark underscored his feelings, giving his beautiful wife a Groucho Marx wiggle of his eyebrows.

That always made Clora laugh and she reached out to hold Mark's hand. "This is such a wonderful place," she enthused warmly. "It has everything we need, just like it was tailored made for us. What are your impressions, do you like it here and are you content?"

Mark pushed back from the table and stretched his legs out. Cradling his coffee cup, he looked around and nodded. "Yes," he finally said, "I am."

Clora got up to pour more coffee, and when she had finished, Mark pulled her down to sit on his lap. "I've waited 40 years to do this," he said as dramatically as before.

"Oh, it hasn't been that long," Clora protested again, but only half heartedly. She couldn't remember the last time they had been alone to enjoy one another. By the look on his face, Mark wasn't remembering either, and Clora laughed gently.

"There is one thing you could do this morning," Clora purred against his ear, waiting for Mark to take the hint and ask "what?."

"You could check out the root/tornado shelter. I can't get the door open, so it's not much good if we need it in a hurry."

"There is a cost," Mark rumbled back, "at least three kisses as a down payment."

"How about I give you four, that way I have paid in advance," Clora teased.

Breakfast time was just getting interesting when a deep voice called from outside, "Ma, Dad, are you home?"

"Damn that Milo," Mark said with feeling.


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Wow! I saw your chapter when you had just posted it 1 minute before!

Thanks, Pac! Lovely story with lovely memories......and not-so-lovely interruptions! LOL!


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Breakfast time was just getting interesting when a deep voice called from outside, "Ma, Dad, are you home?"

"Damn that Milo," Mark said with feeling.

Yep, the kids do have that secrete radar to show up when least needed.

Now when are the bad guys going to appear now that the supplies have come in?

Thanks Pac for the chapter.



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"Dad, Dad!! I looked in the window and Granddad was kissing Grandma! I don't think they should be doin that." Robbie was indignant.

"That's not any of your business," Milo reproved as he reached for the back door knob. "And why do you think they shouldn't be kissing?"

"Dad, it's as plain as the nose on my face. The're old!" Robbie was scandalized by his grandparents behavior.

"Well, your mom and I kiss." Milo paused.

"Well yeah, that ain't to good either. But your my dad; not my granddad. There's really a big difference."

Milo was shaking his head when he went in the kitchen door. "Mornin," he called out, "do I need to hold my hand over my eyes?"

"You need to go get lost," Mark growled, "if you can do that with your hand over your eyes, fine, do it."

"What can we do for you Milo?" Clora chuckled as she poured a cup of coffee and put it on the table. "how about you Robbie, have you had breakfast?"

"Yes Ma'am," Robbie looked everywhere but at Grandma.

"Would you like a cup of coffee milk?" Clora was still smiling in good humor.

"Yes Ma'am, that would be very good." Robbie sat down at the table, very quietly.


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"Dad, Dad!! I looked in the window and Granddad was kissing Grandma! I don't think they should be doin that." Robbie was indignant.

Youngsters would be totally shocked about what us older married people do.

Thanks for the chapter Pac.



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"Robbie, have you looked upstairs here? Dad would it be ok if he went upstairs, just to look the house over?" Milo slipped the request in casually, but he had a worried frown that alerted Mark.

"Sure, go take a look," Mark offered. "Grandma will hold off making your coffee milk until you get back."

"Ok." and Robbie was off exploring the three story house.

As soon as Robbie was occupied with his investigation, Milo said in a low voice. "Donny just came in with his first drag of logs, and he said there were 12 to 15 men gathered out in the woods watching us. They aren't vagabonds or tramps, and he said they all had long guns. I didn't want to tip my hand and cause suspicion, so I told Donny to stay in and pretend the harness needed repair."

"Donny's observant and not prone to drama; so he must have cause to suspect foul play. I want you to take Robbie back to your place and go into lockdown. It's about the time I usually to into town and go to the church. I'll alert everyone else, but I agree with your premise that we appear to act naturally. At least until we know their intentions." Mark finished his coffee and called Robbie to come to the kitchen.

"Robbie, I want you to run up to Aunt Tess's and tell her exactly there words. 'Come help Ma, Now.' Do you think you can do that?"

"Granddad, I'm almost thirteen years old, of course I can do that." Robbie was affronted, to think Grandad was questioning his abilities.

"I want you to help Tess bring the triplets, you may have to carry one or two, but come right back here as soon as possible. Thank you Robbie, I know you will do a good job."

Dispatched by Mark, Robbie went speeding across the pasture and climbed the fence, hollering for his boy cousins to come play.

"Lock the place down, Clora. Do what ever you need to do to keep the boys happy and fed, Milo and I will bring in wood right now." Mark placed his long gun by the back door and went to the wood pile with Milo.

Robbie was singing as he helped Tess over the board fence, the smaller boys trying to climb and do their own style of singing at the same time. Quicker than Mark expected, Tess and the boys were in the house and Milo and Robbie were headed home.

Mark picked up his rifle and headed out the drive toward the town, as he did every morning. He was only fifteen minutes later than usual; so far, the morning was quiet.

At the sawmill, Donny had the harness half off the horse, pretending to inspect a problem. At the sawmill's location; to the south of Milo's place and to the east of the place Donny was interested in,
acquiring; both Chuck, Tony, Eddie and Donny were working with one eye on their dangerous job and the other on the woods behind them.

Milo came sauntering out to the shed housing the saw and edger. "We have a visitor," Milo called out loudly. "Come have a coffee break and listen to the news of home."

The sawmill crew took their cue from Milo and put aside their tools and headed for Milo's place.

Once inside, Donny gave a huge "pheeeuw, I'm as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room of rocking chairs."

Honey gave him a look out of the corner of her eye, and put the cups and coffee pot on the table in a 'help yourself' sort of way.

"Who we gonna meet up with?" Eddie asked, not understanding it was a ruse to get the kids safely into the house.

"No one," Danny said shortly, "there's danger out in the woods today, you guys stay away from the windows and do what Milo and Chuck tell you to do."

"Have a cookie," Honey put a plate of her famous soft cookies on the table, drawing the boy's attention. "Sit over here," Honey had the boys help move the table against the wall, "if shooting starts, get on the floor," she ordered, expecting them to comply without argument.

"I gotta get home and protect Mom and Dad," Eddie protested in fright. "Mom don't shoot very well." and he made to stand up and run.

"Sit down," Milo ordered. "Grandad will have Seamus and Phoebe there by now, and probably George and Millie. Toby and Rennie are safe, I gave him the signal as I came back from Dad's place.

"We don't know anything about these men. Not what they want, not why they are watching us; so we wait for them to show their hand." Milo kept an eye on Eddie; he still didn't trust the headstrong boy to mind. Eddie didn't look like he wanted to mind, and Tony was busy eating cookies.

"Tony." Milo said sharply, "you may have one more cookie. You are acting like a pig, and you have better manners than that." The sharp reprimand had Eddie looking up startled, his chipmunk cheeks stuffed with cookie.

"Ah, umm, umm," Tony tried to excuse himself with a mouthful.

Time wore on, it got to be noon and nothing had happened. Then it was 2pm. and all was quiet. Then it was 4pm. and nothing had happened. Milo had been watching carefully and now the lower sun's rays were glinting off what he suspected were rifle barrels.


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Hmmmmmmm.......wonder who these guys are and what they want........

Pac, you have to come back and get Cliff out of here! He's no fun!!

(Thanks for the chapter, even though it leaves us on the edge of the seat!)


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Milo had been watching carefully and now the lower sun's rays were glinting off what he suspected were rifle barrels.

They are still there, but when dark takes over?

Thanks Pac.

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