Story Grace, Mercy and Blessings


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"Tomorrow is Sunday," Clora reminded Mark as they sat eating supper.

"Ahh, thanks for reminding me, I had forgotten in all this confusion. Clora, I found us a house, subject to your approval of course. It reminds me of the Apple house in Cornelius, complete with the biggest wood burning cookstove I have ever seen. It's a six burner with a water jacket and looks to be in pretty decent shape."


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"I want it already," Clora teased. "How are the fields and pastures?"

"Good," Mark replied with satisfaction, "real good. The only drawback is ……" and he waited dramatically, intending to spring a surprise on his wonderful wife.

"And that is?" Clora waited patiently, smiling at the eagerness Mark was displaying.

"It's the furthest farm out on the West side. Private, with a country lane winding up to the buildings, a wraparound porch and it's a three story monster." Mark smiled at the glow filling Clora's face.

"What's not to like," Clora reached over to grab Mark's hand. "Sounds perfect to me."

The couple sat quietly, staring into the fire and resting. "Are we taking a house that a family, like Toby's needs more than we do?" Clora asked.

"No, there are a good number of large places around here, but I do believe it has the biggest stove. I put dibs on it the moment I saw the kitchen. There is a separate root cellar that doubles as a tornado shelter, and I spotted rhubarb and some of those green thingies that you like."

"Oh, are you talking about Asparagus?" Clora breathed out in delight, "Praise the Lord for such blessings"

"Clora, you deserve it. How you have kept this family together and fed with really nothing to work with, I don't know, but I really want to give you a palace." Mark was serious.

"No palaces," Clora almost lightly scolded. "I want a place where I can get in my own kitchen and have the whole room all to myself. Can you imagine how wonderful it will be to have a house all to ourselves. I love our family, but I'm ready for some peace and quiet."

"I agree, we'll go look at the house tomorrow; after church services." Mark added softly.

"I ain't no farmer," George repeated for the third time. "I was an accountant for most of my working life, and I got a powerful notion to take that big store in town and you 'n me becoming storekeepers. I became a cook for Corbin 'cause that was the job that was open, but it ain't my favorite work. I believe we could get Corbin to bring us up several loads of dry goods and groceries, and bingo, we're in business. How about it Millie, could you wait on people, selling them items they needed, like an old fashioned general store?"

"I believe so," Millie said gently, "but George, that's going to cost lots of money, and I don't have a dime that I can contribute." she looked down at her lap and sighed hard.

"Ah darlin, I mentioned I was an accountant, and I'm very good with money and saving money and keeping money. I have enough to stock the store, the only bad thing connected with the store idea, I will have to go back to Corbin's and arrange for the goods and pay for them." George grabbed for Millie's hand.

"I would have to be gone for two, maybe three weeks, plus the time to trail the wagons up here. But then I would be on Corbin's regular route, and not have to leave. I'm afraid that you would need to clean the store while I'm gone, by yourself. Would you be willing?" he asked hopefully.

"Of course," Millie responded instantly, " but where shall we live?"

"Above the store. There's a fairly nice apartment up there, not real big, but we don't need a big place. We'll go look at it tomorrow, and talk over the whole deal. I wanted to give you time to think on it over night."

"Thank you George, I deeply appreciate you asking for my opinion, and bringing me in on the planning."

"I value you, my dear. I knew the moment I saw you, you were the woman for me." George held fast to Millie's hand.


Live Free & Die Free.... God Freedom Country....

Another great start to the continuing saga of the clan and Clora has a big house with a working 6 burner wood stove....



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Whoooooweeeee!! The Pac is back!! And with another great Clora and family story!!

Thanks!! Looking immensely forward to seeing some stability and maybe some more "boredom" in the tribe's lives. They deserve it (although it doesn't make the story exciting). Right now, I could live on reading about their days of doing boring chores to set up new homesteads.


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Phoebe walked around the back of the hospital wagon. "Doc Trish, please take a break and go attend Church with your kidlets. I'll be here with Doc Bruce, I won't leave him for a second. After church, Seamus wants to show you a clinic here in town. It ain't much, but does have a couple of rooms with exam tables; and a ward with four beds. If your interested, theys an apartment/house
type setup to one side. It looks to be big enough for you and your family," Phoebe was hopeful that Trish would rest and let someone else worry over Bruce.

"Tony and Eddie need some time and attention from you, my dear; so shove to it." Phoebe ordered sternly but with love.

Trish looked like a walking skeleton with huge dark circles under her eyes and the pale shrunken hollows in her cheeks.

"Go, go, shoo now, do ya hear me. Your babies need their ma for a while," and Phoebe practically pushed Trish toward the gathering that was forming in the center of the wagon circle.

Phoebe had a little surprise planned for Dr. Bruce. He was going to get a bath.

As Trish was walking out the back of the wagon, Andy and Donny were coming around the outside with steaming pails of water. "Excellent boys, thank you so much for helping. If ya would keep an eye on Calvin, Punky and Max for me. Seamus gets to holding and playing with Suisan and he forgets the boys get into mischief in a flash."

"Sure," Andy accepted for them both. "How's he doing?" and he looked at the sheet covered form of Bruce.

"He's OK, and he'll feel much better after a bath." Phoebe was very positive on that matter. She also chuckled softly as Bruce's foot twisted and jerked. "I believe he can hear what we are saying on some level, the coma has been his bodies defense for healing. As he is still, he repairs better." Phoebe was talking softly, and Andy and Donny escaped gladly.

Clora and Tess had the three boys practically tied to their wrists to keep track of the active youngsters. Millie and George were sitting tightly together, savoring togetherness as George was going to take off the next morning with Jerry and Chuck and head back to Corbins.

Millie sighed hard and relaxed against George. She wasn't looking forward to having him leave, but it was better that he was taking the two men with him. She had looked at the store building, and there was enough work there to keep her busy for weeks; so hopefully she wouldn't miss him every moment of every day.

Millie was thinking hard about her Father, wondering if he would have liked George better than Wayne. He had made no secret that he considered Wayne the bottom of the barrel, but George, well George was Millie's shining star of a husband and partner. Once again Millie knew in her mind that she and she alone; (with God's help) would be in charge of who she loved, and her father held no skin in the fight.

Millie made a small harrumphing sound in her throat, and her obvious feistiness tickled George. For his own protection, George reached over and held Millie's hand. His timid almost mousy looking sweetheart was her own dynamo when the occasion called for it. George has no doubt that Millie would have the store ready to stock when he got back with the supplies. They were going to be a great team, he was certain.

Toby, Rennie, TJ, Barry and Lyric were sitting quietly, waiting for Granddad to start the service. Milo, Honey, Robbie and Ricky were to their right, and then Trish who was soundly asleep, propped up by Tony and Eddie on each side.

Chuck, Jerry, Andy and Donny were across the circle along with Seamus and the four kids.

Sitting by herself, and looking tired and worn down, Abby was having a difficult time keeping her eyes open. Her relief at finally getting to a stopping place was heartfelt. She hadn't been sleeping well, and she was perturbed that Jerry was hanging around, irritating her immensely.

Occasionally, Abby would catch Jerry looking at her, like he was expecting her to do or say something to him. Ignoring him, was the only thing he was going to get from her. Leaning back against her wagon wheel, Abby closed her eyes and let her mind wander.

Perhaps there would potential marriage partners in this new area, a man that she could learn to trust and would be exclusive to her. Spinning her daydreams quietly to herself, Abby's careworn face softened and smoothed out the frown wrinkles that were her constant companion.

Jerry made an involuntary sound in his throat, and Chuck shot him a curious glance. Jerry was so totally involved in staring at Abby, that finally Chuck had the dawning realization that Jerry's regret was Abby. Chuck just shook his head, and turned his attention to Mark, as the service started.


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Thanks Pac for the chapter....

The Clan is taking to the city, but where is the sheriff????



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Mark finished the service with a time of personal prayer. Because it was a time of such deep introspection, members continued to sit in mellow contentment. No one was anxious to be the person who stirred and broke the glorious communion with their God.

There was a calm feeling about the town, and Mark stirred and asked if Brookfield was a name they had to keep, or if a new name might be considered.

"A new time, a new beginning. If we are able to buy in here, might we start with a new name? Be considering this and contribute a name for the town."

That was an idea that quickly took hold, causing a lot of chatter. Families slowly scattered to their wagons and a bite of lunch. Some walked with the entire family to look at the places that the men had put a temporary dibs on; having the ladies give their opinion.

Clora and Mark escaped as rapidly as possible, walking to the outskirts of town. The overgrown trac on the left side of the 'main' road, charmed Clora as they strolled slowly in the heat.

"Oh, look, Mark; it's perfect. Look at the trees around the house, how cool and shady it is. I see a seperate garage, and is that a well house? And look, I see the outlines of a garden." Usually calm and serene Clora was chattering like a squirrel on steroids.

Mark just smiled, "don't you want to go inside and have a look?" he teased.

"I do, but I'm so tickled with the outside, does the inside measure up as well?" Clora stood at the back door and let Mark open it slowly.

The first space was the huge utility room, leading into the immense kitchen. Clora walked slowly into the workspace and turned to Mark with tears in her eyes. "Oh my, this is just so wonderful, I can hardly stand it. Look at that stove, look at that harvest table, look at the cupboards and counter space. Oh my, oh my, oh my. Why would anyone leave such a place as this, it's so wonderful."

Clora wandered through the house, trailing her fingers over the furniture, stopping to hug herself and then Mark. "It's hard to believe people would leave everything as they have done? Why?"

"I'm guessing that they didn't have a choice. If they weren't born again, they just might have dissapeared in the big wind." Mark tried to speak reasonably, but it was easy to hear that his heart was pained at the thought of not 'going to be with the Lord'.

"I think it's difficult to think about using others clothes, and things. Look, the closets have clothes and shoes, even old tubes of toothpaste in the bathroom. I almost feel like a peeping Tom, that I shouldn't be here." Clora's voice was sad.

"Would it be too sad for you to live here?" Mark asked as they slowly walked down the stairs back into the kitchen. Clora leaned back against the kitchen sink and closed her eyes. "This is a good place, people were happy here, worked hard, loved one another, and it's sad they are no longer here. But to your question, yes, I could live here. Now that I have fallen in love with the house, tell me about the fields, barns and the rest of the improvements that make the man of the house, happy." Clora opened her eyes and reached for Mark's hand.


Live Free & Die Free.... God Freedom Country....
Mark scored with Clora with the home and place and both are happy....

Thanks Pac for chapter....



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Thank you very much Ms Pac.

Take the clothes and other things they don't need to get store credit for what they do need.

Sneaker 11

Excited for the next chapter in this saga. Thank you so much for continuing on with this as there are so many who do enjoy. Have a great Lord's day.



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Honey, when she had the chance, steered Milo to the last place to the South. It was her preferred pick of all the town houses and outlying farms. Once again it was a beautiful old two story house with a wrap around porch, dormer windows on the second floor, and huge rooms with windows to let in the sunshine.

Milo approved of the barns, sheds, hay storage and large shop. There were gardens, everything a young family would need to put down deep roots and grow. Honey was practically skipping through the house, counting rooms, imagining Sunday dinners in the oversize dining room, looking with awe at the kitchen with all it's storage and counter space.

Best of all, Honey could tell by the timber of excitement in Milo's voice, that he liked the place and was willing to 'captain his own ship' so to speak. Honey didn't have to say a word about Milo being his own man of the house, and perhaps they were far enough away from Mark, so the 'Dad' wouldn't automatically turn to Milo for every little thing.

To Honey's delight, Toby and Rennie seemed charmed by the farm house and ground between them and Mark, and she smiled in happiness. Yes. This was indeed, a good place.

Toby and Rennie walked the grounds around the house and buildings, hand in hand. They were smiling in contentment, feeling more mellow and hopeful for the future, than they had for many, many years.

The kids were running full speed around their parents, in and out of the buildings, the house, the barn. Excited to claim their own personal bedrooms, shouts echoed in the furnished but abandoned house.

It was Lyric that discovered that the Mama cat and three kittens lived in the woodshed next to the house. Out of her apron pocket came two mostly crumbled biscuits leftover from breakfast.
It was just the right item to lure in the cat and kittens close enough for Lyric to get a fast stroke on the Mama cat. The kittens were wilder, but eager to check out what Mama was eating.

Toby and Rennie smiled indulgently at their sweet daughter as she coaxed the kittens close. Lyric was totally absorbed in playing, and to Rennie, it brought tears to her eyes. Never before had the child had the freedom to sit in the shade and just play.

Rennie stopped to watch Lyric, and it filled her heart with joy to see her children carefree for the time being. Placing her hand over Toby's arm, they strolled slowly toward the back door of the house.

The house, kitchen, in fact all the rooms in the house, suited Rennie just fine. There was room in the place, for all the basics. That's what mattered to her, and Toby seemed content with what he was seeing.

"Did you see, the back door of a fine office building straight ahead. A good place for a couple of lawyers to set up shop and raise a family, and do a little farming on the side." Toby was standing in the open front door, looking toward the town buildings.

"I hadn't noticed, but that sounds like a good start. Do you happen to know any lawyers that might be interested?" she teased.

"I just might, a excellent lawyer and his beautiful wife with a wide experience reading the law. I have it on good authority, they both are interested." Toby looked around and gave a deep sigh.
"It feels like we were made for this place and it, for us. What say you Rennie, do you like it here?"

"Yes," of that Rennie was positive. With Mark and Clora to the North of them; and Milo and Honey to the South, there were people close but not smotheringly close. The enforced closeness of the North Carolina place and then the wagon trek, had Rennie longing to be mistress of her own house.

"If we build up a business, I will need help keeping house and minding the children. I'm not a 'super mother,' I can't do it all, not like your mother can. I mean, I am in awe of her abilities." Rennie was frank.

"Hey, I'm all for a couple to help us. The lady to cook, wash and childcare. The gent to cut wood, farm and handyman. Sounds like a winner of an idea to me. I need your brilliant mind and most capable estimations of human personalities. Do you want Linderman and Linderman on the office door?"

"I sure do."

"Then it's settled." Toby and Rennie shared a kiss and were interrupted by two noisy boys, thundering in the house. "Dad, Dad, we found a thing, but we don't know what it is. Will ya come look, please, please?"

The thing stood in solitary majesty in the back yard. Long and green, it was tilted on one end and a complete puzzlement to two young boys who had never seen a teeter totter before.

Once properly introduced, the boys were shouting and yelling, pushing strongly with their legs and having more fun than should have been allowed by law.

"Shall we consider this place ours?" Toby asked as he watched Lyric come try out a child's swing in the deep shade of the tree by the back door.

"Most definitely yes," Rennie was positive.


Thank you
yes im still reading your stories but no longer working so no boss to tell you to hurry up with finishing it lol


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Seamus walked Trish and all the boys down into town to look at the building that had been the town clinic. Dusty and dirty, hot and stifling with that unused and unoccupied smell, the clinic was just as Seamus had described to Trish.

"Two exam rooms with tables, a ward with four beds and the doctor's quarters off to the side. I took the liberty Miss Trish, of opening the windows in the apartment. if you would like to check it out."

"I would Mr. Seamus, thank you for being so thoughtful. And please tell Miss Phoebe, I am so grateful for her staying with Bruce while I have a break. I'm afraid I slept through the church service, but my boys were so good to keep me propped up, so I didn't fall over."

Trish walked into the apartment, smiled at the spaciousness. "Go check out the bedrooms boys, count them for me please, check out the back yard, count the bathrooms; come back and give me a report." Trish smiled at her boys, "hurry, hurry." she teased.

"Yes Mama," Tony was serious with the responsibility of inspecting. "Com'on Eddie, we have work to do." and off they thundered.

The clinic and the apartment suited Trish. She didn't want it so big that she was faced with an overwhelming amount of housework after working in the clinic all day.

"Hey Mom, can we go upstairs?" Tony called from the back of the house.

"Yes," Trish squeaked out and the boys were making so much noise, they couldn't hear her. Tony and Eddie yelled together, "MOM, CAN WE GO UPSTAIRS?" and this time Seamus belted out a very loud, "Your mother says yes."

There was a moment of silence and then the clatter of boy feet climbing stairs.

"I guess I didn't know about the stairs, missed them completely," Seamus confessed, as he looked around for other improvements he had missed.

"This is just what the doctor ordered," Trish said sadly. "I'm so pleased to have the clinic and such close quarters. I'm sure going to miss you and Phoebe when you move out to a farm."

"Ahh, Miss Doc Tricia. I've goot a wee confession to be telling ya. Me darlin Phebes doesn't want to be livin on a farm. She wants to be close in town so bein able to help you in the clinic. Me, Miss Trish, I'm nooo farmer. I'm an engineer and need space for plans and hoo to be drawin them."

"Really," Trish drew a happy breath, "Mr. Seamus, that's the best news I've heard in a long time. It would be wonderful to have you and Phoebe close by."

"Closer than you think Miss Trish. Two buildings down is a building I can use for me engineering business and me beloved Phebes can be close to help in the clinic." Seamus blinked his eyes hard when Trish went to throw her arms around him for a hug.

"Please Miss Trish, dinna be doin such a thing. Me Phebes is a powerful jealous woman and she scares me somethin fierce." Seamus was almost sweating. thinking about fix he might be in.

At that moment the boys came thundering downstairs. "Ma, there's sure a lot of junk upstairs, an there's a funny bunch of things upstairs. They are sorta like a bucket but the sides are turned in an we can't figure out what they are for." Tony used his hands to form what he was talking about.

Trish started laughing, "Tony I believe what you are describing is a bed pan."

"But Mom, what does a bed need a pan for? That's stupid."

Trish was laughing hard, "Oh Tony, that's what a patient uses when they are confined to bed and need to use the bathroom."

"That's the grossest thing I've ever heard of, pooping in your bed. I can't believe it." Tony had such a look of horror on his face that even Seamus had to laugh.

"Ahh laddie, sometimes it has to be done."

"Not me," Tony stoutly declared; getting a "me to," from Eddie.

Trish waved them outside, chuckling as the boys fled, looking over their shoulders like a bed pan might be chasing them.

"It feels so good to laugh," Trish backed up to the door to steady herself. "there hasn't been much in the line of good news lately. Thank you Seamus for finding the clinic."

"Me pleasure, Miss Trish; are you ready to return?"

"I am," Trish went to the back door and called for Tony and Eddie.

Phoebe got the bath items ready and began giving her favorite doctor Bruce a face wash. Quietly, with a little hum, she washed the good doctor until the only area left was very private.

"Do not touch me," Bruce growled in a thin, weak sounding voice. "I can take care of that myself."

"Nonsense," Phoebe snapped. "I've been giving baths since before you were born."

"Not me, you haven't," Bruce snapped and then relapsed back into his coma, spent of energy.

Phoebe made a face at the comatose man, and then dipped the wash rag in the warm soapy water. Humming a little louder, she finished her task and cleaned the doctor and draped him with a cleaner sheet than he had been using.

"We will need to do laundry tomorrow, Dr. Bruce, how about a good hot meal of red beans and rice for supper." Phoebe talked to Bruce like he was awake. "The places around here all seem to have wood cookstoves in them. How about a batch of biscuits and cinnamon rolls?"

There was no reply from Bruce, and Phoebe patted his toe when she walked by. Immediately there was a violent twitching of Bruce's foot. Chuckling a evil sound, Phoebe gave a delighted smile. "I've still got it," she said outloud.


Live Free & Die Free.... God Freedom Country....
The Clan families have found homes that they love....

Now the sheriff is still out there somewhere with a tax bill....

Thanks Pac for all of the reading pleasure that you bring to us....



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Tess and her boys took a small wagon and drove up and down the road, she was searching for the farm, building or place that her perceptions told her was the one for her and the boys. Slowly, she walked the team up toward the North, past houses and farms and clusters of abandoned buildings'

She continued past Clora and Mark's driveway, plodding along in the hot sunshine, waiting to feel the little squiggle of awareness that would tell her that this 'one' would be the one for her.

Hugging the right side of the 'road', Tess paused at each driveway, waiting for her interest to be jiggled. The boys were standing behind the wagon seat, barely tall enough to peek over the top board.


"Humm," Tess responded.

"Goin where?" One of the boys asked.

"For a drive, I don't know where to, just something to do on a fine Sunday afternoon. Why? Are you unhappy with what we are doing? We are enjoying free time."

Three little voices said "nooo, happy to be here."

There was a grove of trees ahead, shade in the beaming sun and Tess stopped in the cooler darkness and gave the boys a drink of water. "Are you ready for the trip back?"

"Yes Ma."

Tess turned the wagon around and started back. This time hugging the right-side of the road. Two driveways above her parents, Tess got a little tingle. She stopped and looked to her right.

There, set in a grove of trees was a two story house with several outbuildings behind it.

"We goin there?" Peter asked hopefully, he had seen swings and what looked like a pole with a ball attached to the top. He figured it was a toy of some sort.

"Yes, yes we are going to go look at it, I want to find a place to live, just us, the four of us in a house with beds and windows and a kitchen table to sit and eat at. A stove to make cookies and hot chocolate. A place to put a Christmas tree, and a porch to sit and play in the shade. Do you boys think that might be a house that you would like?"

"Cookies," the three of them said promptly, setting no doubt as to their priorities.

Tess drove up to the front door and got everyone down to look inside. Little boys, as well as their three year old legs could carry them, went running up the front stairs and opened the door.

Yelling, they ran through the house and Tess smiled as she walked through the door.

This was it, this was the place that she needed and the place that needed her and the boys.


Live Free & Die Free.... God Freedom Country....
Tess and the boys find a home....

Thanks Pac for the chapter....



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Jerry and Chuck leaned against the trunk of a shade tree. They were resting up while George was sweet talking Millie in what ever store he was determined to set up shop in.

Chuck hadn't looked for a place in town, he wasn't sure about staying here. He frowned in the shade and used the heel of his boot to scratch his other leg. Chuck wasn't sure he even liked this place, and there sure weren't any unattached women around. That Abby woman thought she was an independent woman, but she wasn't the woman he was looking for.

Chuck thought he would enjoy riding back to see where Corbin lived, maybe even see if Corbin was hiring guards or drivers. Mark and his clan seemed content to be here in this defunct town, and Chuck couldn't blame them for settling down. They had come a long ways, and why here, he didn't know, but they seemed happy with their decision.

Jerry was fidgeting, he hadn't looked for a place, but he wouldn't mind having a farm. The main trouble that he had thought about; it was darn hard to be a farmer and work dawn to dusk, without a woman to help keep house and put meals on the table.

Jerry wasn't sure why Abby was being so stubborn and contrary. He was sorry down to the end of his toes that he was so stupid as to not understand how great a woman she was. Jerry had thought and thought about why he had skipped out on Abby the way he did, and he had no answer.

Jerry thought about his panic when he thought about marrying and settling down. Abby certainly hadn't pressured him, the pressure had come totally from himself. He also understood that his actions had saddened the leaders of the clan and although they had tried, there was a subtle difference in the way they treated him.

Gary, when he had been with the main group, had stared and frowned at Jerry in the manner that he just couldn't understand what was wrong with his point man. That Gary was disappointed in Jerry was a revelation that affected Jerry more than the hurt and anguish he had seen in Abby's eyes.

Jerry slowly came to the conclusion that he cared more about Gary's estimation of him, than he did Abby's sweet love. He also understood that while he felt that way, he was more than lousy husband material.

But now, time away from Abby had sharpened his intentions and he was sure sorry he had treated her the way he did. He always knew Abby was a survivor and proud; he just hadn't expected her to write him off so completely, as she had done.

Jerry thought about the idea that Chuck had fronted to him; that they might consider working for Corbin; and frankly the cooler and frostier Abby acted around him, the better the idea sounded.

Abby had inspected the houses, farms and town buildings that hadn't been claimed, and she hadn't felt a stirring of interest in any of them. She was slowly coming to the conclusion that she might as well pack herself up and move on. That Jerry was underfoot every stinking time she turned around, and painful as it was going to be; she needed to take herself away.

On the fine Sunday afternoon, she was riding one of the remuda horses Northward, beyond the confines of the town. Just out exploring, she came to a very small town called Belnap.

Getting down and throwing her horse reins over the hitching post rail, Abby walked up the steps of the Belnap Inn and went inside looking for a drink.

"Come right in Sweetie," the hoarse voice called out from the room's shadows. "You look tired and thirsty, come over and sit down. Let me introduce myself. I'm Carol, and I'm the owner, chef, maid and laundry person, gardener and bouncer of this fine old establishment."

When Abby's eyes adjusted to the shaded darkness, she inspected Carol, who was busy waving her over to a chair. A large hefty woman with violently orange/red hair and crookedly applied bright red lipstick, Carol was pouring Abby a glass of water.

Abby stayed for two hours, listening to the older woman spin tales of the surrounding area. By the time she was able to break away, Abby found herself employed by Carol as a housekeeper, cook and hostess.

"I've got to go back and get there before dark, it's not fair to make them come looking for me on their only day of rest. I'll be back in the morning with my stuff, see ya tomorrow."

Carol was reluctant to let Abby ride away, fearing that the capable young woman would change her mind and not return for work. But she also felt that Abby was doing the right thing by not worrying her clan, so if the gal returned in the morning, then it was meant to be.


Live Free & Die Free.... God Freedom Country....
Seems like Jerry is still being thickheaded, though he knows what he wants and will not take the actions necessary.... Bad for him and Abby.... So goes life at times....

Thanks Pac for the chapter....