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Thanks for the 'saga' and a bout of hysterical laughter at 5 in the morning. Now I have coffee everywhere and I'm trying to be quiet and not wake up my houseful of guests.

Actually, I believe I needed that laughter to diffuse stress and work over the next couple of days. Thanks, Pac.


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Chuck made it to the clump of trees and a small stream. He strung a high line rope to tether the horse and pack horse, and scrounged around for wood to start a fire. Other people had camped in the grove and left a mess of litter, and Chuck cursed the stupid ancestors of whomever left the garbage.

"A bunch of oxygen wasters," he seriously told his saddle horse, and gathered the trash to burn. The horse didn't seem to want to answer, so Chuck continued togather up the junk and drop it in his fire.
What ever he did, he always had one eye on the approaching black cloud, and the closer the cloud got, the more he had a uneasy feeling.

The cloud swallowed the sun in it's unrelenting march across the sky, and Chuck felt he was ready for the all encompassing darkness. When it finally reached the grove, the gritty feeling darkness strangely ate any light available. Chuck was sitting less than three feet from his fire and he could feel the heat more than he could see the flickering firelight.

The fire seemed like it was dwindling down, almost as if it was lacking oxygen to burn. Chuck moved the chunk of dead wood further into the flames, and wondered what in the world was happening. Tying his bandana over his nose, he decided to try and filter the darkness, rather than breathe the stuffy smell.

Dory sat in the basement until she was tired of waiting, bored and ever thinking of all the work there was to do topside. Taking the ultra small oil lamp that was almost out of oil, she climbed the stairs and stared unbelievingly at the wall of solid darkness on the other side of the window pane.

"Well, isn't that a fine thing, what a mess." she sniped to the empty house. Opening the damper, she added wood to the cookstove and decided to cook something to eat. Finally she closed the damper, nothing sounded good to eat, and Dory couldn't seem to get motivated to go look in the cupboard. Sitting at the table, she yawned and just sat there.

All over the clan controlled area, people started coming up from their basements and out of the storm cellars to sit in the kitchen and wonder if they should cook something, but no one was hungry.
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Thank you Ms Pac!

No one hungry? Now this is serious, never known any of the clan to feel that way.

Thank you!
It takes time to be hungry, the black cloud looks to have some temporal properties, probably suppressive. The big question is what will changed when it is gone. Only the Black Cloud and Ms Pac knows, Bruhahahaha!


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Andy and Donny worked on their deer until the dark cloud threatened to overtake their efforts. "We had better get a fire started," Donny spoke up. "That cloud don't look natural to me, what'ta think?"

"Yeah, let's get the horses unsaddled and staked out, I'll do whichever one you don't want to do." Andy offered, acting more like the close knit brother that he used to be.

"I'll do the horses, wadd'a ya think about putting a haunch on to cook, I feel starved," Donny felt his stomach growl.

"Really, you feel hungry?" Andy questioned. "I sure don't, and I didn't get any breakfast this morning."
Working swiftly as the darkness was starting to settle around them, the two young men made camp as quickly as possible.

"I can't see a blasted thing," Donny complained, "only the fire gives off a little light and as big as we made it, that's sure funny it's not brighter than it is. It's gonna take forever for that haunch to cook, I think we'd better carve off a couple of strips and thread them on a stick and hurry up the cooking."

Standing shoulder to shoulder, it was difficult for the young men to see one another. "This sure ain't natural," Andy observed. "I sure hope Judy is in the house and in the basement, sometimes it's hard to tell what she's gonna think to do." The two of them used sharp knives to cut strips from the spitted roast, and loop the long skiver of meat on a green stick.

"I'm gonna push that log in a little further, we need more heat and light on the subject," Donny made a small joke. "I don't have to worry about Sally and the kids getting caught outside in this goop, they never go far from the kitchen stove. Cotton is good to keep the wood box filled, and they have lamps and canned goods to eat, I ain't much worried about them. Not like I'm worried about us. This is spooky, I wonder how long it's gonna last?"

"For sure, there's no traveling, this is the proverbial can't see my hand in front of my face blackout. We came straight west from your place, but without the sun to tell us where East is, it sure would be easy to get turned around and fall off the end of the earth." This time it was Andy that made the nervous joke.

"There's no wind, no animal sounds, no birds tittering, it's almost like this darkness is absorbing sound the same way it seems to absorb light.


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Hope all are well that are caught outside...Wait, this is just a story, right?
Thank you
Been following the Linderman tale so long, its easy to forget its NOT news from somewhere.
Ma'am, your fans await clarity on the current situation. A lot of issues could be resolved 'under the cover of darkness' couldn't they?

Well....or, maybe not; it's the clear light of day & Chlora's discernment backed by the clan's decisive
actions....Who am I kidding? Like most of the Linderman followers, I'm waiting for Ms. Pac to shine her light on the whole thing.

You will, won't you?
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We are getting ready for a hum-dinger of a party, Mr. KC's 80th. I have company and no time to write. Be back Monday evening. Thanks. Pac.
A definite milestone; give him my best wishes for as many healthy and happy years as he can add to that.
The L. clan need to get out from under the light sucking cloud and locate their appetites anyway.



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Please give my "Happy Birthday" wishes to Mr. KC, too!! Have a wonderful party and enjoy the family blessing time while you can! We'll wait for ya!