Flag-waving Nazi shows up at Bernie rally tonight.


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Heil Bernie.

Neh. Doesn't have that *POP*!!! No zing. No stickiness.

That ner'dowell only appeals to the unlearned, and the free crap seekers who are either burnt out by their failed life or have no belief in anyone but an inaccurate daddy figure.

Christ called us His flock ...sheep.....for a very pointed and perfect reason. Always needing a shepherd.

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But Hitler had a great highway system. Probably wonderful health cayuh too.

Just like Fidel's educational system was top-notch...


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i dont have the time or want to watch the video, but from the single frame i have seen in the tweet, is the white bernie sign at crotch level real or edited in to hide bernie's reaction to seeing the flag behind him?

von Koehler

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And a Nazi a National Socialist
Marthanoir is correct, the official name was "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" or National Socialist German Workers' Party, translated into English.

However, what the NSDAP actually stood for was a mish-mash of ideas ranging from supposed Teutonic history and mysticism [Thule], crony capitalism [Krupp became rich from armaments], socialism [especially popular in Berlin], a one-party government, but perhaps Hitler's main objective was for the elimination of the Juden. It differed from the socialism of the U.SS.R. in that private property was accepted, at least during the pre-war years.

This morphed during the war years with ever-increasing controls, regulations, and rationing into a martial law government.

von Koehler


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Wow, I guess the actors posing as Nazis finally learned not use a flag with "just taken out of the bag" crease marks when they conduct this kind of agitprop.


sad thing is that the guy isn't that far off - most people don't know that Stalin and the Commies were part of the early AXIS - NAZIs accepted them and cooperated in attacking & occupying Poland - crazy Hitler decided to backstab Stalin and end the alliance ....

more similarities than difference there ...
The only real difference between a Communist and a Nazi is that Nazis tend to dress better.

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A truer symbol of Sanders’ ideas and philosophies has never been displayed, along with the hammer and sickle.

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I understand the optics are really bad but, doesn't Bernie advocate for National Socialism? He should be flying his freak flag high! The NAZI's were and are the epitome of National Socialism fully implemented.