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Nov 10, 2022 at 10:33pm
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Central Christian voting machines in Mesa, Arizona are also broken .37 min

Central Christian voting machines in Mesa, Arizona are also broken​

SettingBrushfires Published November 8, 2022

Misread Ballots Showing Up All Over The Place - The Pill Is In Electronic Voting! .43 min

Misread Ballots Showing Up All Over The Place - The Pill Is In Electronic Voting!​

SettingBrushfires Published November 8, 2022

Electronic Voting Machines "Malfunctioning" - When Will People Wake Up? 1:46 min

Electronic Voting Machines "Malfunctioning" - When Will People Wake Up?​

SettingBrushfires Published November 8, 2022

Election precincts in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania are LITERALLY RUNNING OUT OF PAPER .39 min

Election precincts in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania are LITERALLY RUNNING OUT OF PAPER​

SettingBrushfires Published November 8, 2022
The wife and I have already decided that the next time we vote we're putting in for a mail-in ballot and will just take it to our polling place on the day of the election. That way we eliminate the US postal service and any ballot machines they happen to be using. I voted on 8 Nov 22 at our usual place and they had the usual OCR to read in my ballot. As always it's not readily apparent which way it should be inserted and the election officer indicated it didn't matter. The lady behind me just inserted here's facing up and the officer said, no, turn it over and insert it. Seriously?! I went back and asked her about it and she doubled down saying it doesn't matter, either way will work. I finally just left and will contact the Va/Fauquier County election board if once I find out their contact info.


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"Is This Fraud?" – What Is Certain Is That the Mechanics of Our Elections Are NOT Working 11:10 min

"Is This Fraud?" – What Is Certain Is That the Mechanics of Our Elections Are NOT Working​

Red Voice Media Published November 10, 2022

"Can you tell us, Mr. official, Mr. election official, when we might learn who won the election? 'Maybe — as long as you don't hold me to it.' That was the chairman of the Maricopa county supervisors," reported Tucker .

"So, for the price of five Hoover Dams, Maricopa County can't even count the ballots in a single statewide election in a country that claims to care about democracy."

The estimated results: "maybe" Monday — but "don't hold me to it."


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Cameras Go Dark At Vote Counting Facility In Key Nevada County​

FRIDAY, NOV 11, 2022 - 07:50 AM
Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Cameras at the vote counting facility in a Nevada county still counting midterm election votes stopped broadcasting overnight, officials said on Nov. 10.

The livestream computer application that provides the feeds “lost connection with” the cameras at 11:24 p.m. on Wednesday, according to Bethany Drysdale, a spokesperson for Washoe County.

All staff members left for the night about an hour before the issue and none returned until 7 a.m. on Thursday morning, county officials said.

The connection was restored just before 8 a.m. on Nov. 10.

The Washoe County security administrator was said to have reviewed security cameras at the building, which run on a different system. The cameras showed that no person entered the ballot room or Registrar’s Office while the live feeds were cut off.

Security personnel are working to make that footage public.

A review of staff badges also indicated that no one entered the ballot room or office.

In the future we will look for a solution that would prevent software disruptions or simply not offer a courtesy livestream feed,” Drysdale said in a statement. “Washoe County has been at the forefront of trying to innovate election transparency, but we have moved from an election night to a much longer election timeframe. The technology we are using to provide this livestream cannot keep up with these demands. We suggest enhancing transparency with security cameras rather than courtesy livestream cameras in future elections.”

Washoe County is among multiple counties in Nevada that have not yet completed tallying for the midterms, even though polls closed on Tuesday night.

Some 100,000 ballots, all cast by mail, remained uncounted as of Thursday afternoon, the Reno Gazette Journal reported. That included more than 50,000 ballots in Clark County.

State law requires election officials to count absentee ballots as long as they were postmarked by Election Day and received by Sunday.

In the latest tranche of votes, reported Thursday by Washoe County and other jurisdictions, Democrats Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) and Nevada Secretary of State hopeful Francisco Aguilar gained more votes than their rivals, former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt and Republican Jim Marchant, according to KOLO-TV.

Laxalt still leads Cortez Masto by about 9,000 votes while Aguilar has about 5,350 more votes than Marchant, according to results posted by the office of the Nevada Secretary of State.

Laxalt and the senator have each said they’re confident they will be the winner when the vote count is finally done.

That race could end up determining which party controls the Senate, which is currently split 50–50. Democrats can break ties through Vice President Kamala Harris, the president of the upper chamber.

Two other races—Arizona and Georgia, the latter heading to a runoff—remain uncalled. The race in Alaska is uncalled but Republicans have the top two vote-getters.


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Gregg Phillips Explains Why He and Catherine Engelbrecht Were Sent to Prison: “we have irrefutable evidence that the entire PA voter registration file is living on a server in China—serial numbers, ballot bundle numbers”​

By Patty McMurray
Published November 11, 2022 at 6:00pm

100 Percent Fed Up reports – On Election Day, President Trump ripped into Pennsylvania for reporting that it could “take days to determine the winner” of their races.​

Three days later, Pennsylvania is STILL not finished counting all the ballots. Not surprisingly, in the crooked city of Philadelphia, where Black Panthers once stood guard outside of a polling place, the Democrats have 82% of the vote, and Republicans are at 16%. Meanwhile, the majority of the state is red.


Democrats were desperate to save John Fetterman from his dumpster fire campaign, as the Trump-endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz was pulling ahead in the polls. But somehow, on the day after the election, it was announced that despite the polling showing the cognitively challenged post-stroke victim John Fetterman falling behind in the polls, he somehow managed to receive more votes than his Republican opponent Dr. Oz.

Should Pennsylvania residents accept the results of the 2022 election?​

After everything we learned following the 2020 election, Americans are increasingly less likely to accept election results that don’t make sense.

Following the 2020 election, mountains of evidence of voter fraud was ignored by the courts, and legitimate reports of voter fraud, as well as hundreds of reported incidents of poll challenger intimidation and threats, were shared with lawmakers who discounted their accounts and refused to call for forensic audits in their states.

Several months later, True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips revealed evidence of what appeared to be a massive ballot trafficking scheme in several swing states, including Pennsylvania. Their investigations of the multi-state ballot harvesting operation became the subject of Dinesh D’Souza’s wildly popular ‘2000 Mules’ movie.

The release of the 2000 Mules movie was just the beginning of True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips’ fight to expose voter fraud in America. In July 2022, they invited a group of journalists to Arizona, where they hosted an event called “The Pit.” The event was created to reveal information they discovered about US election-related data that was allegedly being sent to China by E. Lansing, MI-based election software company Konnech, where it was being stored on servers in China.

Konnech almost immediately sued Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips for defamation.

On October 31, Federal Judge Kenneth Hoyt, who is the judge hearing the defamation case, unfairly held True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and True the Vote investigator Gregg Phillips in contempt of court over their refusal to identify a confidential informant who helped them obtain information that led to the discovery and, later, evidence that Konnech was storing election-related data on servers in China.
After Yu’s arrest, DA Gascon thanked the investigators on the case and said, “Data breaches are an ongoing threat to our digital way of life. When we entrust a company to hold our confidential data, they must be willing and able to protect our personal identifying information from theft. Otherwise, we are all victims.”

Yesterday, the charges against the Konnech CEO were mysteriously dropped.


Konnech CEO Eugene Yu

Now, Yu is free of all charges. After dropping the charges, DA Gascon made a statement in which he said, “We are concerned about both the pace of the investigation and the potential bias in the presentation and investigation of the evidence. As a result, we have decided to ask the court to dismiss the current case and alert the public in order to ensure transparency.”

On Thursday, True the Vote investigator and election fraud hero Gregg Phillips shared some interesting information on his Truth Social account that may explain the unexplainable Fetterman victory for in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. In his post on Truth, Phillips focused on Allegheny Co., PA, telling residents, “your leaders sold you and America out to China.”

Phillips explained, “More than that, we have irrefutable evidence that the entire PA voter registration file is living on a server in China—And, machine serial numbers, ballot bundle numbers, and—They didn’t steal it. They gave it to the CCP and PLA.”

He explained, “This is why we were put in prison. They had to silence us.”

A defiant Phillips said, “We will not sit down. We will not shut up.”

He signed his message:

for freedom,




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New Mexico Election Results Make No Sense – Numerous Instances of the Drop and Roll
By Joe Hoft
Published November 11, 2022 at 7:00am


When you look at the map of the 2022 results to date for the US House you would think that New Mexico is a blue state. However, people who live there say it isn’t so.

The problem in New Mexico is Democrat election corruption similar to the problem in other blue states.

Erin Clements, who worked alongside her husband David Clements and many others in the state to perform election audits in the state of the 2020 Election results said earlier this year:

We have found mountains of red flags in the data and multiple failures on the part of the SOS to ensure the “the purity of elections [to] guard against the abuse of the elective franchise.”

After the midterms she shares:

The 2022 General Election that just transpired shows a continuation of these anomalies and violations of the law. New Mexico can no longer continue to gloss over these issues. They must be dealt with now.

In her team’s analysis of the midterms, there are many issues, including the following shared in the report below:

In the 2022 General Election, multiple violations of the election code were observed and reported. Poll workers intimidated voters concerning the use of their own marking devices, even though doing so is allowed by the SOS’s own guidance document.

Moreover, election worker trainees reported that Otero County Clerk, Robyn Homes, directed them to take down names of anyone that used their own marking device and then refer them to the District Attorney. A voter in Dona Ana County reported that she was present when a poll worker publicly cussed at and humiliated a voter who had brought their own pen to mark their ballot. Both instances are clear violations of the law and extremely inappropriate conduct for election workers.

Voters were given ballots even though they could not remember their own addresses.

But the biggest issues in New Mexico were related to Significant Evidence of Manipulation in Election Night Reporting

Initial review of the election data shows that serious anomalies occurred, and the results were not consistent with polling data or registration trends. Since 2008, Democrats have steadily been declining in percentage of registrations, while Republicans have continuously gained registrations. Yet, the 2022 election results showed a net loss of Republican seats from the top to the bottom of the ticket in New Mexico.

Election night data is reported by the SOS and sent to Edison Research which pushes results out to media outlets across the country. Edison data was available for the governor, congressional, attorney general, and secretary of state races. All but one of these races showed serious anomalies consistent with manipulation of the election.

The governor’s race was the worst with multiple instances of the drop and roll. Huge drops occurred with the Democrat governor always benefitting the most, which were offset by ballot decreases.


US House races also made no sense. Huge ballot increases benefitted the Democrats and then ballots were taken away later in the election process. This is what we’ve labeled the Drop and Roll.


Whatever spin the Secretary of State and clerks may offer, we know these vote injections cannot all be legitimate. Because if the ballot uploads in the congressional races were real, there should be large corresponding increases in the votes for governor, SOS, and AG. The only increase in the congressional races that corresponded to races at the top of the ticket was the 22:08 November 8th upload. The other three large vote increases in the congressional races do not show large corresponding vote increases in the races at the top of the ticket. Therefore, those vote injections are not consistent with legitimate reporting from counties, but are consistent with fraudulent manipulation of these races.

The AG and Secretary of State races are also not reasonable with large data drops in the process that set them up for the rest of the election. None of this appears legitimate at all.

There is much more in the report provided below:

New Mexico Results 2022 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Download this PDF


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Woman Reports Finding Completed Election Ballots in Ravine in the Santa Cruz Mountains 2:25 min


The United States Postal Service and the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters are investigating after a woman reported finding a bag stuffed with valid and completed Santa Clara County ballots in a ravine in the Santa Cruz Mountains NBC Bay Area 11/11/2022


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FIX IS IN: Arizona Ballots Make Stop at Runbeck Printing Company to Scan Ballot Envelopes Before They Are Sent to County — WITH NO OBSERVERS​

By Jim Hoft
Published November 12, 2022 at 11:05am

This is a developing report.

Arizona Ballots Make Stop at Runbeck Printing Company to Sort Ballots Before They Are Sent to County — WITH NO OBSERVERS

Ben Bergquam was outside the Maricopa County election center and followed a Penske truck leave the center and return to Runbeck. Once at Runbeck, the gate is closed.

Every mail-in ballot that is returned in the county is sent to Runbeck first.

Runbeck is scanning the Maricopa ballots before they are sent to the Maricopa County Elections Center.

1:52 min


Maricopa County’s Unique Process in Handling Ballots Exposes Added Opportunity for Fraud

Maricopa ballots from the August 2022 primary election.

Maricopa County is the only jurisdiction in the country that picks up completed ballots at USPS Processing Distribution Center, but doesn’t bring them back to the election department or tabulation center.

Maricopa County picks up mail-in ballots and takes them directly to its print vendor Runbeck Election Services, which is headquartered in Phoenix.

Every single completed mail-in ballot, whether mailed or dropped off at a polling place, goes to Runbeck. All mail-in ballots collected on election day, and the previous few days, are sitting at Runbeck headquarters. Maricopa has no idea how many ballots are in their possession because the ballots are at their print vendor.

Maricopa allegedly uses Runbeck because they have “high-speed scanners.” Runbeck scans the ballots in batches to create a digital image of each envelope signature area. This batch of images is given to the Maricopa tabulation center (MCTEC) for poll worker review. MCTEC notifies Runbeck if any of those signatures don’t match. Runbeck separates out those bad envelopes, then delivers both sets of these envelopes by van to MCTEC, which is 6 miles away. MCTEC then opens the envelopes and starts the tabulation process.

This “batch” process is repeated until all “mail-in” ballot envelopes are scanned at Runbeck. This takes 10-12 days after every general election, and ballots envelopes are delivered each day by Runbeck vans. Runbeck uses the Bluecrest Vantage mail processing machines to scan these ballot envelopes.

This machine can process 40-50,000 ballots an hour. These machines can also automatically scan the ballot signatures using embedded commercial-grade check cashing signature software from Parascript. But Maricopa continues to use its slow manual “batch” process of reviewing signatures.

These Vantage machines cost $1.06 million each, Detroit just purchased one in early 2022. Maricopa could purchase two of these machines and process roughly 90,000 ballots an hour in-house. But Maricopa continues to re-sign contracts with Runbeck, which prevents them from bringing all this in-house.

This is a travesty.


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Maricopa County Door #3 Ballots: Where Did They Go?​

By Wendi Strauch Mahoney
November 12, 2022


Maricopa County Election Judge Karla Sweet says she was asked to put 93 “Door #3” ballots in the black duffle bag with all of the other voted ballots at the end of the day on Election Day per the instruction of county Election Inspector Mark McCall. Sweet sent a letter to UncoverDC on November 11. The letter documents her observations and some of her thoughts throughout the day. Sweet worked at the Grace in the Desert Adventist Church poll location in Peoria, Arizona, in Maricopa County.

*The link posted by UncoverDC seems to have been removed from Scribd, so screenshots of the letter are provided in the gallery below:

Karla Sweet Letter
1 of 3

Sweet Letter Page 1

Sweet Letter Page 2

Sweet Letter Page 3

Notably, UncoverDC spoke with another Election Judge, Michele Swinick, who worked at another voting center. Swinick says every poll location was instructed by “the supervisor at Election HQ to place Door #3 ballots in the black duffle bags.” However, the request for where to put the Door #3 ballots in Swinick’s case was slightly different. Swinick reports she and others were instructed to put her Door #3 ballots in a separate black duffle bag. She personally marked a label on the duffle bag zipper with the words “Misread Ballots.” Both Sweet and Swinick expressed earnest concerns the Door #3 ballots might not ever be seen.


Election Procedures: 2022 Training Manual for Poll Workers​

As indicated by Sweet, page 127 (134 in pdf format) of the 2022 Training Manual for Poll Workers from the Maricopa County Elections Department specifically instructs poll workers to put Election Night Door #3 ballots in the “Misread Ballots Envelope with location label” in the “BLUE transport box.”

Blue Box/Maricopa County Election November 2022/

Sweet was asked to put her voting center’s 93 ballots in the Misread Ballots Envelope (Door #3 ballots) and put the Envelope containing the rejected ballots in the black duffle bag with the voted ballots. The manual specifically stipulates that the “Packed and sealed BLACK ballot bag(s)” should only contain voted ballots and tabulator results reports.

Black Bag/Voted Ballots/Maricopa County Elections/

Unfortunately, it was only the next day, when Sweet checked her manual, that she realized she had been instructed to put the Door #3 ballots in the wrong container for counting later. McCall asked Sweet “three different times” to place the Misread Ballots Envelope containing Door #3 ballots in the black duffle bag. She believes he wanted her to put them at the bottom of the bag. However, she told UncoverDC she wanted to “organize the voted ballots first,” so she was careful to place those in first. She then put the Misread Ballots Envelope on the top of the bag so that they would be seen.

Chairman Bill Gates seems to confirm in his press conference on November 9 that Door #3 Ballots should have been put into a “secure box (Door 3) on-site.”

.32 min

Additionally, she and the Democrat Judge both witnessed Inspector McCall’s placement of the security blue zip ties into the black bags. This is significant because extra security zip ties could later be used to reseal unlawfully opened bags without detection. Sweet wonders in her letter “if the machine malfunction in particular areas was at all planned.” Her letter states her belief that the Door #3 votes “will not be counted” because they are in the black bags.

Sweet Letter/November 9, 2022/Peoria Arizona
It should be noted that Inspector McCall sent a post-election email to Sweet and the other volunteers with the final tally from the day. Sweet had looked at the tabulator counts and the tabulator tapes on Election Night at the end of the day. McCall’s email indicates a total number that jives with her recollection of the breakdown of ballots processed. McCall’s email indicated the final count was “1357 in-person voters (and the countless ballot drop-off).” To clarify, McCall’s letter also explains he gave them their earned 2 hours of pay that was not indicated on the Sitebooks’ time clock. The Sitebook had to be packed up before all the poll workers actually left at around 9:30 p.m. and therefore did not reflect the actual hours worked.

Sweet’s email to UncoverDC shows calculations that correspond with McCall’s total. Specifically, her email provides her recollection of the breakdown of ballots tabulated or in Door #3, hours worked at the location, and the number of poll workers at the location:

Karla Sweet Email/November 12, 2022/UncoverDC/Maricopa County Election November 2022

Other Election Day Observations​

Arizona voters showed up in droves, earnestly hoping their votes would count, according to Sweet. Both Swinick and Sweet told UncoverDC there were long lines, with voters waiting for hours in the heat in some cases. The on-demand ballots were long and took time to fill out. Sweet writes:

“We had a daughter bring her mother on a rolling bed to the vote center to vote at the poll on election day. We had elderly people in line with walkers who were alone, wanting to vote on election day. We had American citizens who cared so very much. I feel it is unacceptable that these people had to deal with tabulators that randomly rejected so many of these voters’ votes.”

In her letter, Sweet talks about Inspector McCall’s instructions to voters concerning their misread ballots. According to Sweet, he instructed voters throughout the day to put their ballots into Door #3 if they were rejected and the “3 of us would count those ballots at the end of the day.” Sweet eventually asked him “whether it was true” those votes would be counted at the end of the day. He answered, “it was not completely true, but it was too complicated to tell the voters what will happen.” He also told Sweet that he, Sweet, and the other Judge would “run the ballots again through the tabulators” at the end of the day, adding, “if they were again not accepted, we would package them into an envelope and send them ‘downtown’ to be counted in a couple of days.

Other Maricopa County poll workers seem to corroborate the issues witnessed by both Swinick and Sweet.

.49 min

Once Sweet realized the Inspector wasn’t giving accurate information to the voters about the timing of the counting of their ballots, she took it upon herself to encourage voters to spoil their rejected ballots, mark their ballots again, and scan their newly marked ballot in the tabulator with the hope that the new ballot would be accepted. Sweet writes, “Most of the voters chose to spoil their ballots” despite the fact that it was a time-consuming option. Sweet says there would have been many more misread ballots in the envelope had she not encouraged voters to vote anew. Sweet writes:

“I had spent 13-14 hours with these voters at the tabulators, doing my very best all election day to help them vote while I dealt with a tabulator that did not function properly most of the day. I watched their faces of discouragement as their ballots were rejected by the machine and saw their resolve to be sure their vote would be counted that day, election day. There were 93 misread/tabulator rejected, uncounted ballots for the two tabulators at our vote center by the end of the day. There were many other misreads during the day that we were able to send back through with success. It absolutely breaks my heart to think of the voters’ perseverance and resolve to make sure their votes counted, each giving hours of their day to get that done, sometimes repeating their ballots.”

Swinick and Sweet both told UncoverDC that in several voting centers, the divider between the voted ballots and the Door #3 ballots was missing, which means “ballots from the tabulator and Door #3 were co-mingled.” Sweet described the setup:

“The tabulator sits on top of a big plastic box that’s on rollers and when you open the box, it has a divider, one side for the tabulated ballots and another for Door #3 ballots. Ballots are either tabulated or they are dropped in by the voter in Door #3.” (The tabulated votes drop into their own designated side.)

Confusion About Ballot Status​

Maricopa County voters have been encouraged to utilize the Be Ballot Ready website to check the status of their ballot. Both Swinick and the people behind AZinformer on social media have told UncoverDC that there has been a campaign by the Maricopa Board of Elections to inspire confidence in the vote, using the website to verify whether a voter’s ballot has been “counted.”

Voters have expressed confusion about the status of their ballots when checking after they voted on the 8th.

A Maricopa County voter gave UncoverDC his email correspondence with Ilene Haber, Director of Communications and Constituent Services at the Office of the Maricopa County Recorder. It seems that the vague language about ballots having been counted is responsible for the confusion.

As confirmed by an email from Ilene Haber, when a voter checks the website after having voted, the information provided on Be Ballot Ready about a “ballot being counted” means only that the voter has gone to the poll as a registered voter and a ballot has been printed and issued to the voter, period. Haber provides the correct information below:

Haber/Voter/Board of Elections/Maricopa

Haber also provides correct information on when a (Box) Door #3 ballot “will be tabulated.” Her email to a Door #3 voter indicates that his “ballot will not need to be adjudicated” but will go directly to tabulation” in the FIRST run Wednesday morning [November 9].”

Haber emails

Ballots for Arizona’s election are still being counted. Officials there estimate it will be early next week before the full results are reported. However, the media has already called several top-of-the-ticket races in the state.
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THE STEAL: It Happened Again – Votes from Third Party Candidate Disappear From Totals Hours After Being Reported​

By Joe Hoft[/URL]
Published November 12, 2022 at 10:00am

After the 2020 Election, we found numerous instances where thousands of votes disappeared from President Trump’s column and landed in the Joe Biden column. This was never addressed over the past few years. Of course, it happened again in the midterms.

In 2020 we reported on an incident that occurred in Pennsylvania where votes from the third-party candidate mysteriously disappeared and appeared to move to the Biden column.

EXCLUSIVE: Votes Moved to Joe Biden in Pennsylvania on Election Night Were Labeled “Accidentally Awarded” to Libertarian Party and Given to Biden

Remember, we are not dealing with honest people. The Democrat Party is now the party of communists.

Vote switches happened again in this election. Ms. Diane Sare was the Independent candidate for US Senate in New York.

On election night, third-party candidate Diane Sare lost more than 25,000 ballots in the New York Senate race.


Ms. Sare also reported additional reductions in a tweet on Wednesday. Sare commented that in one county she identified nearly 6,000 votes decreased from her totals by the morning of November 9, the day after the election.


Here’s the comparison.


The voting machines used in the 2020 Election were still in use in this election. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Is the Republican Party part of the election steal? This must be considered since they say and do nothing about these obvious election anomalies.


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Poll Pads Caught Adding *Hundreds* of Voters in Real Time as Poll is Being Closed​

By Brian Lupo
Published November 12, 2022 at 6:17pm

The Election Oversight Group, who has been investigating and documenting Georgia’s election problems since the 2020 General Election, has provided The Gateway Pundit with more evidence that our election system should not be trusted. This time, it’s direct from Texas but has implications and evidence of occurrences in many other jurisdictions.

In a shocking video that seems to confirm many of the things we knew but couldn’t prove, poll workers in Dallas, Tx captured the number of checked in voters on their poll pads jumping higher and higher right before polls closed. The poll pads are used to check in voters and are the electronic version of the paper “voter roll”, which also keeps a running tally of the number of voters who have been “checked-in” on that particular device. While we only have confirmation of this one precinct because of the video, The Gateway Pundit is told by an individual present that his happened county wide in Dallas County.

As you can see in the shorter of the videos, the poll pad in the screen jumps from 1,080 voters to 1,139 to 1,191 and finally to 1,259. No one or nothing is touching the poll pad as it is doing this. The poll pad displays “Poll Closed” to the left of the count. For full screen video, visit or click here and here. Be sure to turn the Quality up to 720 so you can read the numbers in real time.

Video on website 1:01 min

In the other full length, you can hear other poll workers in the background talking about their poll pads jumping by exorbitant numbers as well.

Video on website 4:29 min

The group claims that they have been working with poll watchers and workers in another state with evidence of the same phenomenon occurring in several counties. The poll pad voter check-in numbers suddenly jumped right before the polls closed.

The Gateway Pundit will be exclusively covering this story and case as it progresses.

You can see their findings here.


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Election Fraud In Oklahoma? - Republicans Denied Ballots - Admission Caught On Tape 2:40 min

Election Fraud In Oklahoma? - Republicans Denied Ballots - Admission Caught On Tape​

Red Voice Media Published November 12, 2022
"Not only a video but information that the pollsters there, were not giving yellow ballots, which would be for the City Council race to Republicans and that they were only being given to Democrats, independents, and libertarians." - Sheriff Vic Regaldo

"Received calls from two individuals stating they were denied ballots because they were Republicans."

Article: Tulsa County Election Board Investigating Ballot Irregularities At Tulsa Precinct


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Another Democrat Miracle! Maggie Hassan Wins 1,100 Votes from Town with Population Under 700

By Jim Hoft
Published November 13, 2022 at 11:10am

According to the blind conservative pundits out there all that is needed in the next election to win is hard work, more likable candidates, more door knocking, and an early Get Out The Vote plan.

They just don’t get it.

Some day they will. Until then they are dangerous people.

Maggie Hassan had an amazing night on Tuesday. The unpopular Democrat Senator routed her Republican opponent. She had such a good night that she won 1,100 votes in a community with a population under 700.

It was another Democrat miracle!

Granite Glok reported:

We’ve got something for you if you’re looking for irregularities in your local elections. Columbia, New Hampshire. It’s way up north. A tiny little town that, according to the 2020 US Census, had 695 residents. But according to the Secretary of State, Maggie Hassan received 1,106 votes from the same town.

Don Bolduc had 193 votes.

The State Website reports Columbia, NH, had 735 residents in 2019. Columbia, NH’s website says the population in 2010 was 798. Wikipedia cites a decline based on the 2020 census to 695.

How were over 1300 votes cast in a town with a population under 700 at least and under 800 at best?

Someone up there might want to request the same-day registration list. Your town doubled in size overnight.

Local officials are now calling this a “glitch” and they corrected it locally. But the number is still being reported in the totals.

Being a Democrat has its perks.


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Maricopa County Election Judge Believes the Machines Were Programmed to Reject Ballots on Election Day​

By Jim Hoft
Published November 13, 2022 at 6:45pm

Michele Swinick was an election judge in Maricopa County on election day last week. Following the election Michele stepped forward to discuss what she experienced in Maricopa County on Election Day.

Michele worked at a center in a heavily Republican district. According to Michele, the tabulators worked perfectly well the night before the election. Then on Election Day they quit working. Only 1 in 10 ballots were accepted through the tabulators. The officials were told to put the defective ballots into a different section called “Door 3.”

Michele believes this was all planned. The election officials knew that republicans were going to come out in force on election day as they did in the primary. This was a planned operation.

UncoverDC reported:

Election judge Michele Swinick has come forward to report what she experienced in Maricopa County on Election Day. She worked Election Day as a judge at the Islamic Voting Center in Scottsdale, AZ. She reports that the center is heavily Republican, with “no party” designated voters as the second most populous demographic, followed by very few democrat voters, evidenced by the fact that she checked in very few of them on Election Day. She reports she spent the entire day checking in voters.

Swinick says that the tabulators all worked “perfectly” during the test the night before the election. The problem with scanning began immediately with the first ballots. Voters scanned their ballots between 4 and 12 times with very minimal success. Poll workers estimated about 1 in 10 ballots were being read for the first three hours of voting.

Voters were given options to either spoil their ballots and try again or drop them into a different section called “Door 3.” As per Swinick, their inspector had to empty the ballots from “Door 3” three times throughout the early afternoon because of the volume of ballots. Typically, ballots aren’t supposed to be removed from that box until polls close, but they made an exception because the box was jamming and became too full.

Swinick reports that the technician came to the center between 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm MT and rebooted the machines. After this, there were no further issues with ballots being run through tabulators. She reported that one of the poll workers told her, “Everything is now going smoothly with the tabulators.”

Per Swinick’s inspector, an offsite supervisor had advised “Because of the situation” to put all “door 3” ballots that had not been scanned through a tabulator into a separate black bag and to label them “misreads.” As a judge, Michele told UncoverDC that she personally signed the sticker placed over the bag’s zipper, and then these bags were sent to the tabulation center to be counted. Michele informed us that the normal process for a ballot that is “unread” is for poll workers to run the ballots through the tabulators one more time before sending them to the center. As per Swinick, this was not done.

The County had set up a website to give voters the ability to check that their vote was counted. The problem is Michele has proven that the website isn’t correct and seems to be using a voter’s “check in” as evidence their vote was tabulated rather than the actual tabulation of the vote. Michele offered her first-hand proof of this.

“My roommate ran his ballot through the tabulators 15 times as one of the 1st voters at the Islamic Center. It did not read the ballot. He was forced to drop it in door #3.
About an hour after I arrived home at 9 pm MT, my roommate checked the website to see if his vote had been counted. The website reported it was. It is mathematically impossible for his vote to have been counted by then since only an hour before, I left the center, and the ballots had not been taken from the center to the meeting point where the ballots are hand exchanged to another transport team, which takes them to the tabulation center. For his ballot to have been counted, it would have also needed to be sorted and hand-counted by a team at that center and reported into the website —all within that hour.
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