PLAY Ellie Mae or Mary Ann?


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ok, we know most guys pick Mary Ann over Ginger, but the questions is......Ellie May or Mary Ann? Which wholesome farm girl do you pick?


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This is a tough question. Ginger is an easy no, but mary ann vs elle may? I would have to stick with mary ann because she is a classy girl next door type of vibe, whereas elle may despite her millions and obvious charms, is a fish out of water and could'nt function in society.


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At least one o' ya cave men should note that Ellie Mae is as dumb as those rock-loaves- o-bread- she buries, and since boobs, $, hair colour etc can all be PURCHASED, you are o' course goin with the brunette... coz she has the inner and outer accouterments, some o' which no amount o' $ will buy.

No? Notta one?! Hmm.

:: shakes head in bewilderment, wanders off laughing ::


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Let's just say I'd put a widow sticker of Mary Ann on my truck right next to Bigfoot. Only difference is May Ann is real and you can see her every Sunday afternoon on MeTV.