Election Theft?


:kk1: Florida Again? Those little black boxes....looks as if the votes were switched between the Dems and Repubs in some counties. I remember thinking of this when the returns came in, but no one said anything, so I let it go, not being a Democrat...but then I saw this on Rense....I'm not sure what the rules are on posting other sites stuff, so I'll just list the link.


Of course it depends on which FBI agent comes to that Democratic candidates area for the investigation....as most of the intel agencies are infighting just now, and the major media has been completely silent since before 9-11. You would think that the truth would come out, but will it? Does it have to? Only NY Attorney Spitzer has the balls to handle that one...if even he does. :confused:


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I never doubted for a minute that there was voter fraud! There are so many Bush lovers on this site that you just as well give up. They don't care if Bush did steal the election, just as long as he won.


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You whining liberals are truly an insane bunch!

A conspiracy around every corner.


Voter fraud was clearly being perpetrated by the left and the Democrats in MASSIVE amounts that PALED any "alleged" fraud by the GOP - AND BUSH STILL WON!

We had crack-cocaine being given by NAACP workers for fraudulent registerees, intimidation at polling places in heavily Democratic precincts. Moveon.org agents pretending to be poll workers intimidating and manipulating voters inside the polling places, prisoners voting, provisional and Absentee fraud, towns with more Absentee ballots cast than population etc., etc., etc.

The hatred you people have is becoming a comedy to watch and listen to. Get over yourselves - your crowning of Queen Hillary is just 4 years away. But I would be very careful you people don't push us "Jesus Land" people from disgust to anger or the peasants with pitchforks shall rise up again.....only it won't be pitchforks we are brandishing.
Easy, Invar - let them express their boundless negativity.

Sooner or later they'll successfully regroup and leave their tattered and grossly out-of-step agenda behind and we'll have a decent two (or more?) party system again...which would be healthy.


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IMO, the cause and effect relationships the author of the article is looking for aren't due to electronic voting machines and small county irregularities. The relationship that probably exists is that the people in the smaller counties might be more conservative and tended to vote more for Bush - more Dems in the small counties switched and voted for Bush.

Try reading the article again with that in mind....and notice that electronic voting wasn't used in ANY of the small counties. The author seems to imply that there is also a relationship between the irregularities and the type of voting machine used. You just can't make a case for that when the small counties only used paper voting - it's not a fair comparison.

Statisticians can find lots of relationships in numbers, but they're not always true.

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Has Dan Rather run with this as his lead story - IF no then there is NOTHING to it.

If YES, than that opens the door, but just a crack, to further investigation.

Dan Rather tried so hard to crown Kerry and unseat Bush. His silence on "election fraud" suggests strongly that this is "crying in ones beer". Time to move on.

RE: Conspiracy Theories for election maniuplation

I do think both sides pulled out all the stops to manipulate the electorate:

Kerry's side bought oil futures in bulk to spike oil prices and poison the economy.

Bush's side held interest rates low and allowed the money suppply to expand beyond prudent proportion to stimulate the short term economy.

Bush won, Kerry conceded. By 11/13/04 - 11 days after the vote the vote is final and the results undeniable.

Sorry DEMs your guy lost a tough race.


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Fraud?? The elections are fixed. Here's a link that explains:


If you don't believe the content at this site (I've read the book) you might as well believe that the Easter Bunny collected all the votes and took them to Santa Claus to be counted.

The elections are controlled.



Story has finally broken main stream (sort-of) - Keith Olbermann did his lead-in piece on incidents suggesting election fraud, especially in Ohio and Florida. This could get very interesting. Interviewed a reporter in Ohio and Rep. Conyers of NY re letter he and 5 colleagues in US House wrote to the GAO requesting an investigation. I'm thinking the fat lady's aria has been delayed...



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A good friend and co-worker of mine came in the office this morning and said there were over 4000 votes cast in Ohio somewhere where there's only 600 some odd registered voters?


Breeta said:
A good friend and co-worker of mine came in the office this morning and said there were over 4000 votes cast in Ohio somewhere where there's only 600 some odd registered voters?
Yup, machine "mascalculated" and gave Bush an extra 3500 votes or so... and this is just ONE of the many discrepancies found so far (all in Bush's favor!).