Dem DNC eMail

NC Susan

Of course I'm on the democrat eMail list to keep up with their lies

I get 3 or 4 solicitations a quiet day usually asking for one dollar
Since Kavenaugh hearings tho , it's been a total meltdown

This one is from Nancy today
A survey

Are you voting Democrat on Election Day in 8 weeks?

Do you agree that America needs more leaders with strong Democratic values?

Why are you voting to elect a Democratic Congress?
(Check all that apply)

To hold Donald Trump accountableTo protect DREAMers and immigrants

To protect Obamacare and health care for pre-existing conditions

To protect Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security funding

To raise the minimum wage to $15

To pass gun violence prevention

To improve on the economy built under President Obama

To protect and expand LGBTQ rights

To protect voting rights for all Americans

To block Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court

To protect Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation

To protect the environment

To protect women’s rights and Roe v. Wade

Do you think Democrats will take back the House in 8 weeks?

Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to elect a Democratic House?

Great! We need you now more than ever before.

Please pitch in $18 (or more!) to help the DCCC support Democratic House candidates nationwide:
$3$10$18 << Most Democrats choose this amount$25Another amount


Life is better in flip flops
I believe in nothing, absolutely nothing, the Democrats believe in according to the list above in that email.