POL BREAKING: Maricopa County Elections Officials DELETED ENTIRE DATABASE from Voting Machines – Including “All Election Information” from Main Database —


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BREAKING: Maricopa County Elections Officials DELETED ENTIRE DATABASE from Voting Machines – Including “All Election Information” from Main Database — With Copy of Senate Letter

By Patty McMurray
Published May 12, 2021 at 10:27pm

Last week, the Gateway Pundit reported about the emergency meeting that was called by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, after the County was reportedly unable to provide passwords to the auditors performing an audit of the county’s 2020 Election results. They also did not provide access to the routers which were requested in the audit as well.

This afternoon, it was discovered that “the entire database” for the 2020 General election, showing the “Results Tally and Reporting,” has been deleted!

100 Percent Fed Up reports– President of the Arizona Senate Karen Fann has written a letter to Chairman Sellers, demanding answers.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann

Here is the letter to Maricopa County Supervisor Chairman Jack Sellers from Arizona Senate President Karen Fann:
Dear Chairman Sellers:

I am writing to seek your assistance and cooperation in the resolution of three (3) serious issues that have arisen in the course of the Senate’s ongoing audit of the returns of the November 3, 2020, general election in Maricopa County.
I. Ongoing Non-Compliance with the Legislative Subpoenas
The first issue concerns Maricopa County’s apparent intent to renege on its previous commitment to comply fully with the legislative subpoenas issued on January 13, 2021, which, as you know, Judge Thomason found were valid and enforceable.
To date, attorneys for Maricopa County have refused to produce virtual images of routers used in connection with the general election, relying on a conclusory and unsupported assertion that providing the routers would somehow “endanger the lives of law enforcement officers, their operations, or the protected health information and personal data of Maricopa County’s citizens.”If true, the fact that Maricopa County stores on its routers substantial quantities of citizens’ and employees’ highly sensitive personal information is an alarming indictment of the County’s lax data security practices, rather than of the legislative subpoenas.
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Similarly, the County’s assertion that producing the internet routers for inspection would cost up to $6,000,000 seems at odds with Deputy County Attorney Joseph La Rue’s prior representation to Audit Liaison Ken Bennett that the routers already had been disconnected from the County’s network and were prepared for imminent delivery to the Senate.

Nevertheless, in an effort to resolve the dispute regarding production of the routers, we propose that agents of CyFIR, an experienced digital forensics firm and subcontractor of Cyber Ninjas, review virtual images of the relevant routers in Maricopa County facilities and in the presence of representatives of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.
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Such an arrangement would permit Maricopa County to retain custody and monitor the review of router data while ensuring that the Senate may access the information it requires—and to which it is constitutionally entitled—to successfully complete its audit. The Senate has no interest in viewing or taking possession of any information that is unrelated to the administration of the 2020 general election.
Separately, Maricopa County has refused to provide the passwords necessary to access vote tabulation devices. Its attorneys’ insistence that the County does not have custody or control of this information is belied by the County’s conduct of its own audits, which, if they were as comprehensive as they purported to be, almost certainly would have entailed use of the passwords to examine the tabulation devices, and it strains credulity to posit that the County has no contractual right to obtain (i.e., control of) password information from Dominion.
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II. Chain of Custody and Ballot Organization Anomalies
As the audit has progressed, the Senate’s contractors have become aware of apparent omissions, inconsistencies, and anomalies relating to Maricopa County’s handling, organization, and storage of ballots.
We hope you can assist us in understanding these issues, including specifically the following:
    1. The County has not provided any chain-of-custody documentation for the ballots.Does such documentation exist, and if so, will it be produced?
    2. The bags in which the ballots were stored are not sealed, although the audit team has found at the bottom of many boxes cut seals of the type that would have sealed a ballot bag. Why were these seals placed at the bottom of the boxes?
    3. Batches within a box are frequently separated by only a divider without any indication of the corresponding batch numbers. In some cases, the batch dividers are missing altogether. This lack of organization has significantly complicated and delayed the audit team’s ballot processing efforts. What are the County’s procedures for sorting, organizing, and packaging ballot batches?
    4. Most of the ballot boxes were sealed merely with regular tape and not secured by any kind of tamper-evident seal. Is that the County’s customary practice for storing ballots?
    5. The audit team has encountered a significant number of instances in which there is a disparity between the actual number of ballots contained in a batch and the total denoted on the pink report slip accompanying the batch. In most of these instances, the total on the pink report slip is greater than the number of ballots in the batch, although there are a few instances in which the total is lower. What are the reasons for these discrepancies? For your reference, please see several illustrative (i.e., not comprehensive) examples in the table below:

For your convenience, images of the corresponding pink report slips are attached in Exhibit A.
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III. Deleted Databases
We have recently discovered that the entire “Database” directory from the D drive of the machine “EMSPrimary” has been deleted.
This removes election related details that appear to have been covered by the subpoena. In addition, the main database for the Election Management System (EMS) Software, “Results Tally and Reporting,” is not located anywhere on the EMSPrimary machine, even though all of the EMS Clients reference that machine as the location of the database. This suggests that the main database for all election-related data for the November 2020 General Election has been removed. Can you please advise as to why these folders were deleted, and whether there are any backups that may contain the deleted folders?

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The image below shows the location of the files known to be deleted. In addition, the main database for “Results Tally and Reporting” is not present.

* * *

I am hopeful that we can constructively resolve these issues and questions without recourse to additional subpoenas or other compulsory processes. To that end, I invite you and any other officers or employees of Maricopa County (to include officials in the Elections Department) who possess knowledge or information concerning the matters set forth above to a meeting at the Arizona State Capitol on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. in Hearing Room 109. Chairman Petersen, former Secretary Bennett, and I will attend the meeting, which will be live-streamed to the public.
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Please let me know at your earliest convenience whether you accept my invitation and, if so, which Maricopa County personnel will attend.
Thank you for your cooperation on these important issues of public concern.


Karen Fann, President
Arizona State Senate
When inspectors received the boxes of ballots where the audit was being performed, the tamper-proof tape was cut on the boxes and the number of ballots inside the boxes was not the same as what was reported by the County reporter, and what was turned over to the Senate don’t line up.

A week before the machines were turned over, records were deleted by an administrator—this has to be treated as an act of intentional cover-up!

The Maricopa Arizona Audit team has also tweeted about the breaking bombshell:

Breaking Update: Maricopa County deleted a directory full of election databases from the 2020 election cycle days before the election equipment was delivered to the audit. This is spoliation of evidence!


Why would the database be deleted unless there was something massive they were trying to hide? This article is for everyone who’s been trying to convince Americans that no voter fraud took place in the November election and that it was the safest and most secure election in modern history.
Nothing to see here!

UPDATE — Here is the letter from the Arizona Senate to the Maricopa County Supervisors Scribd doc on website


Exclusive Letter to Maricop… by Jim Hoft Exclusive Letter to Maricopa County Board from Arizona Senate on Deleted Database in Voting Machines | Databases | Justice

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Depending on file structure, this should be ALL recoverable. Perhaps easily, if nobody shredded the disk data (think use of SLATEWIPER or some such), or difficult if they disks were shredded via a wiper program. Though now we are into legal forensics and Grand Jury territory (both State and Federal).

CLEARLY the plan was to blame the AUDITORS just as soon as the DOJ gumshoes with their hobnail boots got there and "found" the "lost" data.
Glad the auditors were pro-active in their data checking.
Were all the ballots mail-ins, subject to being folded for mailing? It would seem that auditing those ballots will give the answers needed.
Depending on file structure, this should be ALL recoverable. Perhaps easily, if nobody shredded the disk data (think use of SLATEWIPER or some such), or difficult if they disks were shredded via a wiper program. Though now we are into legal forensics and Grand Jury territory (both State and Federal).

CLEARLY the plan was to blame the AUDITORS just as soon as the DOJ gumshoes with their hobnail boots got there and "found" the "lost" data.
Glad the auditors were pro-active in their data checking.
What did Hillary use to wipe her ass?


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I suspect The County (or whoever did this) may be in for a shock when someone either White Hat Hackers or an actual agency suddenly "finds" the information.

We had a similar (but much less dire) situation in Ireland recently where women who were interviewed about their experience in Mother and Baby homes (homes for unwed Mothers) where so many children died and babies taken from them involuntarily were told "oh, so sorry we erased on the interviews, totally impossible to get back."

There was such a public outcry, I wondered for a time if there would be a "snap election" and I suspect without COVID there would have been.

Finally after a few weeks of insisting that "they were gone forever and could never be retrieved" it was a "miracle" and of course good IT people were able to recover all of the material and restore it.

While I sure some high-level agencies like the NSA may really be able to make such information "disappear" it is very difficult for cities/counties or even States to pull it off.

This will be "interesting" to watch...


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If our premise is that they stole a national election, what makes us think they wouldn’t/couldn’t mess with this Maricopa investigation? The latter would be a whole lot easier to accomplish.

Don’t expect justice and truth from the minions within the domain of satan. You will be bitterly disappointed.


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The tap dancing to explain this is going to make their shoes and the floor smoke.....
One could say that this should GALVANIZE the Republican MAGA resolve in Arizona.

One imagines the Democrats will not control policy in AZ for a generation afterwards.

Or it will be reason for Kennedy's observation about the veracity of elections.

Light poles and hemp are not ruled out YET.


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Makes it official that there is no proof of a Biden victory. No proof of a Senate victory which flips the Senate. Do I think this will stop the commies? No. But they will become less and less relevant to the people and looked at more as a target then a government. What comes next should be prison for those involved. We all know that won’t happen so it becomes a guessing game for the next play.