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are there not any R’s at all that will take a stand In front of all media and DEMAND he be 25th for Dementia?
We need someone to step Up now and take a stand so we can all rally around him.
That's a reasonable request but please remember there's a process for that. Repugnicons - actually anyone in Congress of any party, the media and all the rest of us can be screaming to 25th him but it's not our call.

The Constitution (Article 2, Section 1) specifies the process by which this happens, and of course it was updated (passed by Congress in 1965 and ratified in 1967 after Kennedy was killed, ironically enough) by the 25th Amendment.

There's several sections to the Amendment dealing with various conditions of the President and his ability to lead the nation. (
An aside: it's hard for me to type "his ability to lead the nation" when I'm thinking of Joe Bai-Den)

Most of those conditions are voluntary transfers such as were done by Presidents Reagan and Bush the elder while they were under anesthesia from medical procedures, but there is an involuntary process in Section 4. The process can only be initiated by a majority vote of the Vice President and the Cabinet. (And there's a lot of sorta confusing back-and-forth stuff triggered after that happens)

The mind boggles when thinking of the crazy scenarios which could erupt when the 25th is activated. But if it were ever going to be, now would be the time. The horrifying thing is that the Demonrats would be absolutely, completely in control during that time; it'd be an internal power struggle going on in that party.


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Biden and Schumer just played Manchin. He got a little something for west Virginia and that will be the last time . How easy are these assholes .

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SCHUMER: "After 4 years of a President who relished creating chaos, Americans are seeing what it looks like to have a President & a Congress that's focused on delivering results that make their lives better. Mr. President, you’ve restored dignity...to the Oval Office.”
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I hurt something rolling my eyes that hard.