PRYR RQST Baby on the way Update post #47, shes here!


Guys.. my son's wife is in active labor (her water broke early this morning) with their third baby. We're planning on a home birth, since they turned the birthing center in the nearby city into a COVID ward (but they were told when they called a couple weeks ago to preregister, "oh, but you're welcome to have your baby here!" Um... NO!)

So, grandma got called this morning, and drove 220 miles across the state. I've spent the day playing with the active 2 and 3 year old granddaughters, checking on two sets of newborn lambs (the 3 year old said, "see, grandma! That yukky stuff hanging from her vagina is the placenta. It fed the babies when they were inside her") yeah... she's very precocious!

Anyway, prayers would be appreciated for a safe birth and healthy baby. I had two of my four born at home, but I'll admit... it seems sketchier than it did 40 years ago! When their younger one was born, she literally had her in the wheelchair, catching her herself and handing her to the doctor (who promptly announced, "and that's how it's done!). So I don't expect it to take too long... but every one is different.

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Prayers and congratulations! I'm sure you're all ready for the baby to get here before anything really crazy happens in this country! Having a kiddo during times like this can be super stressful!


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I gotta tell ya, when I first read your head line, I thought, "But how? I thought she was past that in her life." Then I saw it was DIL who was doing the work. Whew. I thought the elderberry extract was an anti ageing agent. I'll let Mrs. G. take that again. She just turned 73.

And you have to know I'm praying for you and the family. God Bless you and keep us updated.


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How exciting and wonderful. Hoping and praying everything goes smoothly for a healthy baby and momma! Take care Summerthyme!

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And babies are born clean and innocent and then on the first day they get their hepititus B vaccine. Most live, but some die or get very sick. My friends daughter has 7 children and just had one more a little over a month ago. A girl. I saw her a couple times. In the hosp. they gave her a hep B shot. (i asked the mother). A month later about 2 wks ago the baby girl died. She had blood coming out of her nose. The hosp denied it was the shot. I can't ask any more questions cuz i'm not close to the young mother. It could have been something else caused it. I don't know if they did an autopsy. Better to be born at home these days to avoid that shot.


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Praying for all of you! Just think of all of us in the hospital waiting room. :)

What a sweet memory for your son and DIL to have you deliver their baby at home. And, of course, a sweet memory for you.