Vote AZ State Reps in case of legislature elector selection without official pop vote.


There is a possibility that this year the state votes in the swing states are so fouled up that the winner is unclear at the time the vote has to be certified and the electors chosen. In that case the state legislatures will be choosing the electors without the direction of the (highly suspect) popular vote in the state.

These states all have Republican legislatures and there is a chance that they could choose the Trump electors in this case.

The following is a list of the Republican reps in Arizona and their phone numbers.

A gentle reminder of their constitutional duty might be in order. If you call, or pass this list on to those who call, PLEASE DON'T GET HEATED ON THE PHONE or pass the list to anyone who will.
We need to appear to be the reasonable side in this mess.

It is also better if only residents call, that way the reps arent getting pestered by people who can't do anything to their re-election chances.

I got this list off of a post on AR15 and wanted to pass it along.
John Allen R (602) 926-4916
Nancy Barto R (602) 926-5766
Leo Biasiucci R (602) 926-3018
Walter Blackman R (602) 926-3043
Shawnna Bolick R (602) 926-3244
Russell "Rusty" Bowers -- Speaker R (602) 926-3128
Noel Campbell R (602) 926-3124
Frank Carroll R (602) 926-3249
Regina E. Cobb R (602) 926-3126
David L. Cook R (602) 926-5162
Timothy M. Dunn R (602) 926-4139
John Fillmore R (602) 926-3187
Mark Finchem R (602) 926-3122
Travis W. Grantham R (602) 926-4868
Gail Griffin R (602) 926-5895
John Kavanagh R (602) 926-5170
Anthony T. Kern R (602) 926-3102
Jay Lawrence R (602) 926-3095
Becky A. Nutt -- Majority Whip R (602) 926-4852
Joanne Osborne R (602) 926-3181
Kevin Payne R (602) 926-4854
Warren Petersen -- Majority Leader R (602) 926-4136
Steve Pierce R (602) 926-5584
Tony Rivero R (602) 926-3104
Bret Roberts R (602) 926-3158
Thomas "T.J." Shope, Jr. -- Speaker Pro Tempore R (602) 926-3012
Bob Thorpe R (602) 926-5219
Ben Toma R (602) 926-3298
Kelly Townsend R (602) 926-4467
Michelle Udall R (602) 926-4856
Jeff Weninger R (602) 926-3092