Author claims Tea Party best thing that happened to the Demos in the election.


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The tea party was born as an angry response to the person and policies of Barack Hussein Obama. Now that he has been reelected, what can the tea party learn from these very bitter leaves at the bottom of their cup?

First, that they have had a huge impact on the election – but not the one they sought. They have kept the Senate in Democratic hands by nominating far-right candidates in states where simple conservatives would have won. And they pushed Mitt Romney so far to the right that a badly damaged President Obama beat him handily in the swing states.

In 2010 and 2012, the tea party took over Senate primaries in Delaware, Indiana, Nevada, Missouri, and elsewhere, rejecting sure winners like Sen. Richard Lugar and nominating likely losers. That is the only reason Republicans do not control the Senate today. Harry Reid should have been bankrolling the tea party, because without it, he wouldn’t be the Senate majority leader.

These political revolutionaries tossed many crates of tea overboard, ending the careers of incumbents. It’s just that the majority of those tossed were Republicans.

And the exit polls are clear: Governor Romney didn’t lose because he wasn’t conservative enough. He lost because he couldn’t get enough moderates, independents, women, and Hispanics in states like Ohio, Nevada, Virginia, and New Hampshire. He should have been a natural for some of those voters, based on his background.

But he became a different Romney in the Republican primaries, because of tea party voters. This Romney was trying to “self-deport” Hispanics by the millions, pledged to defund Planned Parenthood, and promised a gigantic, unfunded tax cut that favored the wealthy.

The tea party was also the biggest force keeping Republicans from cooperating with Mr. Obama on any of his major initiatives. Congressional Republicans all knew that their career could easily end if they voted with Obama, even once. A tea party challenger in a primary was a far greater danger than a Democrat in the general election.

That cemented the image of the GOP as the party of “no.” Look at America’s collective positive response to the picture of Republican Chris Christie, New Jersey’s governor, cooperating with Obama on storm relief. The tea party didn’t let any national Republicans take popular, bipartisan steps.

The tea party, as a force in American politics, is largely finished now, barring another economic collapse. The millions of supporters of that movement are not going to vanish, though, nor will their very real issue of government spending. What the GOP needs is a unifying figure who can moderate the extremism of the tea party without squelching its fervor or its cause of lower deficits. In short, Republicans need a Bill Clinton.

The “comeback kid” took over a party that had just gotten badly beaten in three straight presidential elections. He came from the small moderate wing in his party, and somehow managed to convince the left-wing elements that they should unite behind him. Many did not trust him initially, but his political skills convinced them that he was their only hope if they wanted to return to power.

Who is that figure in the GOP today? We can learn a lot from where the tea party hurt the Republicans worst – social issues.

In Missouri and Indiana, it was ill-tuned remarks about women, rape, and abortion that turned likely victories into painful defeats for Republicans. But the tea party, at its core, isn’t a social-issues movement. Its supporters of small government and radical spending cuts, though, include many figures who hold hard-right social views. The unifying figure the party needs is a moderate on abortion who can speak the language of social conservatism fluently – and carry the spending-cuts torch.

Right now, that person seems to be Gov. Christie, who is pro-life but with exceptions for rape and incest. And just as Mr. Clinton came from the region where his party was weakest (the South), Christie comes from the Northeast, where the tea party is most ridiculed, and where the GOP has become almost irrelevant.

Parties often take a while to learn hard lessons. And many tea partiers are lamenting not that Romney was too conservative, but that he wasn’t conservative enough. If that mistaken interpretation of what went wrong in the 2012 election persists, it will be a big assist to whoever has the Democratic nomination in 2016.

Another of the Left frightened that the Lesser Classes have wised up. Obviously hoping the TP will go away so the GOP can go back to being a solid FDR/New Deal party. That way, they know that if they lose an election, the GOP will do nothing to roll back 'progressive' gains.

I think he also wrote the job on the NRA that I posted.


Faithful Steed
What the author pines for is a "good old days" of the 1970s where the leftists still had room to grow and expand the welfare state - and the Repubs willingly let them.

Unfortunately now the economic feed bin is nearly empty. Even should the Repubs adopt a "regain the middle ground" positioning, the Owner of record (i.e. the American Taxpayer) cannot/will not pay the bill - and this they know.

Instead the "hidden taxation by inflation" card is wont to be dealt. It's they're only way out.

And in the process they will split the country socially, ruin even more surely the chance at an economic recovery, and in effect sell off Mt. Rushmore to foreign interests.

Dire times ahead methinks.

The tea party, as a force in American politics, is largely finished now, barring another economic collapse.
No bars across that gate. Gate wide open. It will happen. It always has.



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Interesting that it's always the fault of the Tea Party and NOT the influence of the Socialists that brought down Republicans. All the blah, blah, blah accusations of Republicans being the "Party of NO," failing to "reach the middle ground" is typical in the blame towards the Tea Party. Other than Romney not reaching out to hispanics he stuck to some very important promises NOT popular such as defunding Planned Parenthood and undoing Obamacare. Both are very, very important to the Socialist disguised as Democrats. But he lost. Not just because of those and other ideals not popular. He lost because that meant no more FREE STUFF if he won....simple as that and end of story!!!

Another interesting fact is that the Tea Party hit that "Socialist Nail on the Head" LONG before the Republican Party knew or even acknowledged if they knew! The TP knew what they were up against and it was daunting to say the least. Marxism was fully intrenched in our society so how are we to deal with them? Is the way capitulating to their designs? Is denying that compromise INCH after the Demosocialists have already taken a whole MILE such a crime? Was that the crime of saying "No" resulting in the loss of the election? Well, if that's the case then even if one loses it's still better to not only say "NO!" but "HELL NO!!!"

Boise Rocker

Conservative Rock Guru
The Tea Party is one of the keys to saving what's left of our Republic -- BUT -- it has to go back to what made it a force to be reckoned with in the first place. The TP has to be loud, visible, in the streets, in the parks, forcing the American Sheeple to take notice. Additionally though, it and the rest of the conservative movement has to learn how to be "cool", because that's all the youth of the nation respond to.


Has No Life - Lives on TB
How can the Tea party be the key to saving the republic if it's the reason that the GOP crashed?

By reducing the influence of the GOP, keeping Obama in office for another four years; I suppose that is something to be proud of if you're a Democrat....


Has No Life - Lives on TB
How can the Tea party be the key to saving the republic if it's the reason that the GOP crashed?

By reducing the influence of the GOP, keeping Obama in office for another four years; I suppose that is something to be proud of if you're a Democrat....
The GOP crashed because they DIDN'T take up the Tea Party Cause except when it became expediant! When an unknown Obama FIRST came on the national scene and all sorts of "red flags" especially Obamacare crept up, it was the Tea Party sounding the alarm!! Did we hear a loud outcry from the Republicans? No. Libertarians? No. Independants? No! Who marched almost a million strong to DC? (I know, I was there.) It was the Tea Party with their demand for our country to return to it's God fearing and Constitutional Government!

So, no John, had the Republican Party fully embraced the Tea Party it would have been a FIRESTORM and the Marxist wouldn't have a chance!!!! Instead, the Tea Party was denegraded, criticized and blamed. Even so, I and many others voted with the GOP to get Obama out. No one is perfect but Romney did have qualities I admired even if it wasn't the total package. But anyway it didn't matter because we lost and not because of us I assure you. We lost because we have a country who abandoned God and common sense. We can't compete with fraud and dirty playing but most importantly we can't compete with the gimmedats and the gimmedats want their "stuff."

Amazing that it comes down to something so simple as that.