1. H

    OP-ED What ‘On Killing’ Can Teach Us About Mass Shootings

    For links see article source..... Posted for fair use..... https://warisboring.com/what-on-killing-can-teach-us-about-mass-shootings-d2b0c04bc0f1#.e4arwswxj July 13, 2016 What ‘On Killing’ Can Teach Us About Mass Shootings A 1996 book about how people learn to kill is a warning by ROBERT...
  2. Loretta Van Riet

    GUNS/RLTD Bug a salt...

    Has anyone tried one of these "asalt" rifles for insect pests? Looks like fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCOVzFaEpuk
  3. lgsracer

    GUNS/RLTD Thompson/Center Arms rifle safety RECALL

    DO NOT USE, one of these rifles (ICON, VENTURE and DIMENSION) till they have been inspected and/or repaired! http://tcarmsrecall.com/front/frontQuestionnaire.jsp PRODUCT: ALL Thompson/Center Arms ICON®, VENTURE® and DIMENSION™ rifles manufactured before June 13, 2013. DESCRIPTION OF THE...
  4. RunningMan

    GUNS/RLTD Remington Awarded Precision Sniper Rifle Contract with SOCOM

    SOCOM PSR contract awarded to Remington Defense MSR from Military Times URL http://militarytimes.com/blogs/gearscout/2013/03/07/socom-psr-awarded-to-remington-msr/ UPDATE (3/9/2013): SOCOM, Congressman Richard Hannah (R-NY) have confirmed the contract award, and now Remington have all...
  5. dstraito

    PREP 7.62x39 versus 5.56x45 rounds

    I'd like people's opinions on if you could only have one of the following two rounds, which one would you get. I know they are pretty different, one is more accurate at long distances so to set the preference, let's assume a TSHTF scenario and a prepper's mindset. Given the top performing ammo...
  6. D

    GUNS/RLTD Lefty Magazine-fed 308 wanted, please help ID options (H&K, RRA, ???)

    I'm looking to fill in the gaps, and I would really like to get a magazine-fed 308. Thing is, I'm very left-eyed and the compromises of using a righty rifle negate the benefits of this platform. I'll deal with the spent brass, but I don't want to have to break my entire hold and form to work...