GOV/MIL Wow, are changes happening fast here in Australia for C-Virus

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Things are going mad now. I'm in the countryside near small cities. You would probably call them towns for there size.

A local caravan park (trailer park} told everyone staying there to get out and go home if they had a home to go to. They do have permanents that are allowed to stay.

Two doors up from where I live the clean up crew that were doing a clean up on the block after the fires have shut down after one of the crew was found to have the corona virus.

All the banks have closed and one can only use ATMs.

Churches are shut and bible study groups are no longer meeting.

The pubs and clubs are all shutdown.

Lots of charity shops are closed but not all.

State borders are closed.

Lots of stuff is out of stock in shops especially in the cities.

The shops have signs up on social distancing. Police are seeing it gets carried out.

Oh, and today we have been asked to stay at home as much as possible.

So life is very different.....
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I give up.
Yup, just like here. I haven't heard of fines here yet, although that's probably coming because they said it would:



China Connection

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Yep, it is again a dry country buy but this time it is not rain that has gone.

On another subject I have not been able to burn off for a month now as it has been too wet...