INSANITY Why would SO MANY Japanese women dress and act like prepubescent schoolgirls


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there wasnt anything sexy in what they were showing, but i did learn the look is called "Lolita" and gothic Lolita for the 1800's styles. The reporter was wearing something like this and had the pig tails too. a grown woman college grad.
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Cosplay has been very popular there for a long time and has a contingent in the US. I was pulling into Fred Meyer in Grants Pass one day several years ago and saw someone dressed in a cosplay outfit in the parking lot.


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Is it really any worse, their women dressing up in innocent styles, where our little girls dressing up like little boys (the homo thing totally apart from this), from moms dressing their little girls like little prostitots, like our high school girls dressing like boys or like sluts, of our young women dressing like boys or sluts themselves. It might be strange to us, but if they are trying to bring back innocence, more power to them (assuming they aren't doing it because they are like President Bidet).