CORONA Why is New Orleans' coronavirus death rate 7 times New York's? Obesity is a factor


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You would be right in assuming the state I live in has higher than normal heart attack and diabetes rates.

Much higher.

But I do NOT live in Louisiana.

I live in Tennessee.
My bad, I thought you were a N'awlins refugee. But my point about them being sick and those underlying issues doing them in still stands. All the ventilators in the world won't help.

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You made my point, snack artist.

There are folks - just like you - who worship the New York folks, and either just ignore the folks in Louisiana, or else show downright hatred towards them.

either way, it is the wholesale neglect of the health needs of the folks in Louisiana - and NOT their weight, diabetes or even skin color - that is killing them in greater numbers than New York now.

And that is true, even if your hard heart and miserable attitude try to paint things in a different light.
One needs to take care of ones self. You reap what you sew.


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It’s a combo of diet & lifestyle. Both black & white culture in the area eat a lot of rich (delicious) food and drink heavily. These are generalities of course but are basically true.
As a New Orleans native I can attest that the above is true. Food is New Orleans! Also, the city is known for its large booze consumption. As I was growing up all of this seemed perfectly normal. That's the culture. It's really no different than French kids who grow up drinking wine from childhood. That's their culture.

I was on a motorcycle trip in Canada one winter ( don't ask. It's a long story) and was freezing my butt off. By mid-afternoon on a weekday, I decided that I wanted to sit, have a quiet bourbon and warm up. Understand that I almost never drink anything alcoholic during the day, but between freezing and being tired and sore it seemed like a good idea. I pulled into a nice looking establishment that billed itself as a restaurant and bar. I walked in and went to the tiny bar. The bar area was empty and eventually a lady came behind the bar and asked if she could help me. "Yes," I said. "I'd like a bourbon over ice."

She looked at me like I had three heads and asked, "Wouldn't you like some food with that?"
"No ma'am," I replied. "Just the bourbon." She just didn't want to serve me a drink without something to eat. That's their culture.

In New Orleans, as others have observed, there's a very large homosexual population. That no doubt contributes to the death rate from corona, as many of these men have various comorbidities. As far as food goes, the White population tends to eat rich, fattening foods. The Blacks often just eat fast food crap and cheap groceries. It all adds weight. That's their culture.



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I don't worship New Yorkers. I grew up in a small town in Western MA - people from "The City" tend to piss me off.

Never visited Nola. Yeah, demographics. Nothing there I'm going to care about. Tough cookies. I will decide what I care about and what I don't care about. No White guilt about that either.

ETA: One more note about that particular demo.: No matter what led to the crappy outcome of whatever particular situation, It is never ever, EVER their fault.
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But it is NOT just the lack of a hospital ship for New Orleans that is driving their death rates so much higher than New Yorl, California or Seattle.

It is the complete lack of EVERYTHING - including some basic compassion and empathy for those who in Louisiana who are suffering from and dying of, this illness.

Just look at the overall tone of this thread. It is totally hostile - classic blame the victim - instead of the compassion that is typical of TB2Kers towards virus victims who live elsewhere.

If you folks would show a little compassion for those in Louisiana who are suffering - just the same compassion you have demonstrated for New York - that would be a start.

Back up that compassion with at least a single ounce of the physical HELP that New York victims are being freely GIVEN by other folks around the country - and maybe Louisiana death rates might lower to New York levels.

Louisiana virus victims need the same compassion and physical HELP that is being given to virus victims who live in other states. But all I see demonstrated in this thread is hatred.

Is that really what TB2K is about nowadays?
I know the rest of the world has sunk to that level.

But here too?

Meantime, one infutible fact exists when it comes to death rates with this virus -- those victims who are denied basic lifesaving supports are going to be the ones most likely to die.

And right now, the lions share of support is going to victims in New York, California and Seattle.

Support that is NOT being offered to virus victims in Louisiana at the present time.

Which is why a greater percentage of the folks in New York are living, while a greater percentage of Louisianians are dying.
Two words. Tiger King.


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i know this is very off topic, but can someone PLEASE explain to me what the heck that means, and what is everyone's obsession with tiger king?
Figured it was a local fast food chain. Looked it up, and only came up with a guy who has an exotic cat business (Tiger King guy) and a lady he allegedly tried to murder who owns Big Cat Rescue. He said/ She said accusations of copywright violations and animal abuse. Never heard of any of it before. If that is indeed the ref., don't know how it relates.


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Figured it was a local fast food chain. Looked it up, and only came up with a guy who has an exotic cat business (Tiger King guy) and a lady he allegedly tried to murder who owns Big Cat Rescue. He said/ She said accusations of copywright violations and animal abuse. Never heard of any of it before.

ok, thank you. i don't think it is something i really care enough about right now to look further lol