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Whither America?
The Moment the Republic Died

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"The moment Donald Trump drove through the MillionMAGA march to play golf was the moment America’s fate was sealed. It was as if the Continental Army had marched to Valley Forge, only to see Washington saddle up and head back home for the winter, giving his men a kind word and dismissive wave as he rode away.

First the positives. Despite widespread attempts at sabotage by NGOs, law enforcement agencies and Democrat activists, the turn-out was fantastic. In Britain and online, the absolute silence by the right-wing flagship the Daily Mail, and the sneers and absurd lies about numbers from the Guardian, Independent and the BBC, spoke volumes for how shocked the liberal elite were by the endless convoys and the vast and enthusiastic crowd. And, at the end of a great day, despite waiting until they could pick off stragglers, the paid and cowardly thugs of Antifa frequently got the painful lesson they so richly deserve.

But we have to be realistic; the historically significant highpoint of the day was the President’s failure to join his vast army of loving, angry and motivated supporters. This was a terrible and tragic error which will cost Donald Trump and America dear.

What should have happened? At the very least, the President should gave given up an afternoon’s golf and spent a couple of hours with his crowd, chatting and giving the lucky few the selfies of their lives. A couple of hours returning the love and telling the faithful to be on standby and to get organized. This isn’t exactly political rocket science, it’s just common sense and decency.

You can measure the missed opportunity and the mentality of the man by asking: what would George Washington have done? Or Teddy Roosevelt, or JFK, or even Reagan or Obama? Anyone of them would have stood on the back of a pick-up, taken a bullhorn and given the speech of his life, the speech that made all the difference. Donald Trump gave a few waves and went off in his armored limo to play golf.

Purple Revolution

It was vital to seize that opportunity. This is not a time for golf, or any other game. We are in the middle of the moment that is set to end America as a free Republic under the rule of law. Not just Donald Trump, but the whole of the USA faces a shattering colored revolution.

Soros, Hillary and the rest of the core conspirators have already even picked the hue; it’s to be named after the favourite, preachy liberal movie, The Color Purple. But the real color is red, the color of the innocent blood that will flow when their rough beast sinks its fangs into the exposed throat of the old America these people hate.

The colored revolution road map has already been tried and tested by the Washington liberal Deep State, most dramatically and bloodily with Victoria Nuland/Kagan taking the steering wheel in the Ukraine. There too, nearly half of the population wanted the ‘revolution’ against their democratically elected government, while the other half were strongly opposed to it. But the ‘revolutionary’ side were backed by the lovely Victoria with her bag of cookies. Plus George Soros and the Deep State machine which “invested $5 billion to promote democracy in Ukraine”.

On the other side in Kiev was a hesitant, slothful and – it has to be said – corrupt, President, who failed to rouse and organize his supporters. Which is why they put up no resistance to the mob of neo-Nazi thugs who did for the elite in Maidan Square what their Antifa and BLM counterparts are on standby to do outside the White House.

Only once the capital had already fallen, and once the black block death squads had murdered scores of the defeated President’s supporters in Odessa and elsewhere, did a disorganized resistance emerge. The result was civil war and secession by the eastern core of the anti-liberal block.

In the case of Ukraine, the anti-liberal rebels were able to hold their own, largely thanks to the help of their Christian big brother in neighboring Russia. Ordinary Americans driven to attempt secession from the coming Harris tyranny would, by contrast, face not just cowardly but highly organised Marxist militias, but a highly politicized and weaponized FBI, and a military in which the purge of traditionalist officers initiated by Obama will go into overdrive the minute Joe Biden is sitting in the Oval Office wondering where he is, and why the dusky tea lady keeps giving him papers to sign.

America and her people face an existential danger. And if Donald Trump wants to avoid an Epstein-style death in prison, he needs to do much, much more. The revolutionary time calls not for golf, nor even giant but essentially aimless protests, but for real leadership and a counter-revolution.

A Moment to Organize

The huge pro-Trump march should have been used to create instant grass-roots organization. Speaking to the crowd, President Trump should have announced that his mass communication to his followers would from then on be not enemy-run and –censored Twitter, but Parler, Telegram, Gab and at least one free speech Facebook alternative.

He should have had teams out there making direct contact with pick-up truck drivers, collecting names, phone numbers, emails and social media handles. These men are the natural officers and NCOs of a grass-roots movement. They are already self-selected not only for loyalty but also for personal competence. They are overwhelming self-employed businessmen with drive, respect and track records of success. Between them they own the biggest fleet of go-anywhere, do-anything vehicles in the world.

He should have told them to choose delegates there and then, and got them to an organizational meeting. It would have been huge and difficult to handle; making absolutely the right contacts would have been hit and miss, but those who stepped forward would all at least have been truly onside. If Donald Trump belatedly sees the need for a nationwide network of Stop the Steal clubs, he now has little choice but to call for volunteers through Twitter. Even if Jack Dorsey lets him do it, it’s guaranteed that those responding would include a pack of Fed stooges and Democrat trolls.

The President should have co-opted Stop the Tire truckers’ movement by calling for a short, symbolic total lockdown of fuel and supply chains to Democrat-run cities – to show that whatever chaos BLM can bring, it’s nothing compared to what Middle America can do if the elite and mobs of parasites steal the last majority presidency before demographic change finishes the job anyway. Even if the truckers’ protests leaders proved reluctant to make such a political move, some of their rank-and-file owner-drivers would certainly answer such a call – as would thousands of pick-up drivers.

Donald Trump should have spoken to the vast crowd of the fate of America’s farmers at the hands of a climate-obsessed, meat-averse, fuel-taxing Democrat junta. The farmers have the means and motive to make an enormous practical contribution to a conservative revolutionary struggle. But only if they are asked and organized, and there will never be anyone with the authority and pulling power the current President of the United States had that day and with that crowd in Washington DC.

While creating such a sword of Damocles to hold over the heads of his opponents, Trump should have concentrated primarily on announcing a rolling series of giant rallies, four or five a day, criss-crossing the country, building the grass-roots machine.


Has No Life - Lives on TB

Missed Opportunity

All this and more was there for the taking but, as we know, the priceless opportunity was missed. Could the man responsible suddenly wake up, learn from his mistake and seize the moment next time? In theory, yes, and if Donald Trump happens to read this and belatedly decide to act, all those thousands of people – and more – would come again if he asked them personally.

But we must be realistic. Why would he change? It was a revolutionary moment, and a revolutionary leader would have seized it. Imagine Paul Revere, Smedley Butler, Father Coughlin, Huey Long, or even Martin Luther King – what they would have done? But Donald Trump is a populist, not a revolutionary. And we have to assume that he is incapable of change.

He’s not a revolutionary, he’s a businessman and naïve patriot who rode- at great personal cost – the last desperate wave of anger and worries over the elite’s murder of America. Or – just possibly – he does actually get it, but doesn’t want to get shot, although in fact that would surely beat dying in prison.

Whatever the underlying reason for his missing the great opportunity, he let it slip through his fingers. Instead of resolute action we saw a flurry of tweets, blaming the Democrat mayor for failing to protect his supporters from the jackal packs of leftists who came out once most of the protesters had left.

It’s the same behavior pattern as his referencing the Proud Boys while letting the Feds jail patriots for defending themselves. The repeated complaints about liberal social media censorship, followed by doing nothing to stop his support base being massacred online. Or that Wall, which was then going to have gates through which illegals could pour to undercut the wages of his poorest and most needy voters. Bluster. Promises. Inaction. The pattern has been set for a long, long time.

So if he now does anything at all, it is clear that Donald Trump is going to rely in the first instance on courts. His calculation is presumably that three of the nine Supreme Court justices are his appointees, while Clarence Thomas was viciously slandered by then-Senator Joe Biden during his 1990 confirmation. If Chief Justice John Roberts, once upon a time an arch-conservative, goes for Trump, that is 5-4.

It would be wonderful if The Donald manages to get a decisive set of actions into the Supreme Court and if the arithmetic worked out like that. Then we’d just have the question of the Purple Revolution Maidan mobs to answer.

But this, remember, is the legal system which – despite now supposedly being in the hands of ‘conservatives’ – specifically opened the way for the mass mail-in ballots which facilitated the Great Steal in the first place. They have already sold the legal pass to fraud. And that was without the huge psychological weight which would be thrown at the judges by gigantic and ultra-violent Antifa/BLM demonstrations if a couple of unexpected decisions in Trump’s favour began to put Biden’s supposed majority in jeopardy.

In a similar vein, Trump may still believe he can win through the constitutional procedure where each state casts one vote in a contested election outcome. After all, goes this line of thought, 31 of the 50 states are Republican-controlled. True, but how many senior Republicans are actually on the side of the populist President who commandeered their vehicle four years ago? It’s not just the open Never Trumpers who will stab him in the back if it comes to this.

Others who still have faith in President Trump are pinning their hopes on recounts. I can inform this debate with personal experience. During my time electioneering with the British National Party, I spent years fighting leftists who were armed with swamping quantities of mail-in ballots. One of the key reasons we horrified them by winning elections against the odds for ten solid years was that we made the effort to master the same techniques and, as far as possible given our very limited resources, to use them ourselves.

Legitimate Use of a Rotten System

As such, I can tell you from personal experience that the system is wide open to large-scale fraud, especially among certain ethno-cultural groups. But I must also tell you that it is a system which the left push also because they have mastered its legitimate exploitation.

Throughout the election, Republicans pointed to the huge difference in size between Trump and Biden rallies as a sign that the challenger lacked committed activists. I’m sorry if I hurt you by being blunt, but that belief owes far more to the lazy, technically incompetent and amateurish approach of so many on the right than to reality.

The Democrats had an army of highly motivated, highly trained, and massively financed activists. But rather than waving flags at giant rallies they spent every hour Satan sent them knocking doors. Picking undelivered ballot papers up in apartment lobbies. Helping illiterate morons fill in mail-in ballots. Collecting them. And making sure they got posted or delivered to the counts.

Harvesting every possible vote by fair means or foul. And here’s the biggest problem: most of the foul ones are now untraceable. The ballot papers have been taken from the envelopes and separated from the signature sheets; not even a forensic recount can now sort out the genuine ballots from the fraudulent ones which tipped the balance in so many places. Most of the recounts will confirm the result of all that hard and skillfully directed work – majorities for Biden/Harris.

Look, if anyone seriously believes that the legal or recount approaches will get anywhere, then please contact me, because I have a stunning bridge in Central London – and I’m willing to sell it to you for a bargain price!

What Next?

The lack of grass-roots mobilization and reliance on courts and recounts already heavily stacked against him means the most likely outcome now is Trump trying to do some sort of deal to save his skin.

Vindictive though they are, the Democrats might be pragmatic and let him go off unindicted and unharmed to form TrumpTV. If they think with their cynical heads instead of their dark hearts, they may well conclude that this will keep the masses entertained and pacified while they hammer the nails of amnesty and immigration, gun control and hate speech laws into the coffin of America.

Following their leader’s example of criminal inaction, the mass of Republican voters would settle down to watch TrumpTV, while licking their wounds and saying ‘wait until 2024’. While the Democrats amnesty millions of illegals and open the gates to thirty or forty million ‘climate refugees’ from South America, Africa and the Middle East. And they will give them homes and handouts not on the Blue coasts where they live, but in the swing states and in the Red heartlands. The biggest gerrymandering operation in the history of the ‘democratic’ world will see the American Republic die, not with a bang, but a whimper.

When the window of legal opportunity is slammed shut, Donald Trump’s supporters will place their last desperate hope on the possibility that their hero will declare martial law and call out the Army and the National Guard. By turning his back on the opportunity to organize a grass-roots movement which would have been one short speech away from being a genuine militia, he has already painted himself into a corner where the use of force to defend the Constitution (just as force was used to bring it into life) would have to rely the professionals.

Is there any chance that this would work? As a Brit, I know far, far less about the institutions involved than my American readers, but I doubt it very much. Most National Guard commanders and units probably would follow orders to get tough with mobs of looters and arsonists from Black Lives Matter. But Donald Trump would not be asking them only to do that. He would be demanding that they crush not just gigantic Antifa-led demonstrations and autonomous zones, but the entire System.

He is not just up against the Democrats, but the plutocracy and the woke liberal corporations, the mass media and the Beltway Republican elite, who will queue up to stab Trump and the American people in the back. And what are the generals and the military-industrial complex, if not part of the elite?

Just look at the behavior of the US Army during Obama’s utterly disgusting and truly wicked war against secular, democratic, tolerant Syria. The generals and the intelligence services were delighted to arm and train thousands of cut-throat Islamist scum, knowing full-well that their precious ‘moderate rebels’ would use their Operation Timber Sycamore arms bonanza to slaughter Syrian Christians with even more enthusiasm than they would murder other minorities and pro-Assad genuinely moderate Muslims.

While the top brass went along with the revolting plan, it was ordinary Green Beret non-coms who did what little they could to salvage a shred of moral decency for America by deliberately sabotaging the training operations they were ordered to run in Jordan for Secretary of State Clinton’s pet Jihadis. But not even they openly disobeyed orders; they merely did as little as possible while obeying them.

Destroy it to Save it?

But since looking into the future necessarily involves speculation, let us take a moment to imagine what would happen if, against all the odds, Donald Trump takes decisive action to call on the military, and that they respond in his favor. Let us imagine for a moment that enough of corporate America is sufficiently worried about the Harris/Biden economic suicide plans to support a reactionary coup to defend the Constitution. So that the declaration of martial law is successfully imposed on the smoking ruins of dozens of American cities even as it is welcomed over vast swathes of Middle America.

And, while we’re going off on a flight of fancy, let us further assume that President-Dictator Trump manages both to retain the loyalty of the generals and to avoid being JFK’d for four more years. What then?

The truth is, we’d be back to saving those villages in Vietnam. In order to ‘save the Constitution’, Trump and the Generals would have smashed it to pieces. Such a counter-coup could only possibly succeed by stripping millions of left-leaning Americans of their 1st, 2nd and 14th Amendment rights. Given that a Harris/Biden victory will do the same to millions of right-leaning and Christian Americans, the prospect of El Caudillo Trump would be by far the lesser of two evils. But while White Terror is less evil that Red Terror, it would be Terror nonetheless. The people who built America would be happier and safer for a while, but the Republic and the Constitution would be dead.

It gets much worse. The military men and far-right Zionists who would dominate such a regime would push for war, especially war against Iran. Given Iran’s pivotal role in the defeat of ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq, that would not only be a monstrous injustice, but an ‘American’ victory would also be an unmitigated disaster in the Middle East. The cost in taxes and body bags that would fall upon decent Americans would dwarf the far smaller and easier war on Iraq.

And, to tell a particularly bitter truth, it is by no means certain that US forces would ‘win’ anyway. Iran is a regional superpower, with highly sophisticated missiles which could probably sink every US ship and devastate every American base within at least 1,000 miles. Not to mention the 40% of the world’s oil on tankers chugging their way through the Straits of Hormuz.

Gung-ho ‘patriots’ may take refuge in the ability of America’s nukes to ‘turn Iran into a glass carpark’, but to do so would be to turn the USA into the pariah of the world and make every American abroad for the next thirty years a target for brutal retaliation.

Provided such a conflict didn’t spark World War Three and get us all blown to Kingdom come, the dark forces of the military-industrial complex, Saudi Arabia and the Eretz Israel lobby would be perfectly happy to have Donald Trump do their dirty work. The even more bonkers dispensationalist Christian Zionists would die in delirious happiness even if the conflict did spin out of control into nuclear Armageddon.


Has No Life - Lives on TB
Part III of III:

But assuming the conflict stayed regional, the Democrats would be delighted to see a nominally Republican Trump regime do their Masters’ dirty work, both abroad and in taking a wrecking ball to the Constitution.

Demographics is Destiny

Because, lacking in revolutionary aims or attitudes, a Trump martial law regime would only hold back tide for four more years at most.

By 2024, the election will follow further demographic shift, four more years of media hysteria and endless mass violence, the brewing post-lockdown financial shambles, the economic and social price of the globalists’ insane Great Reset, and the price in gold and blood of another series of no-win wars for the Likud fascists in Tel Aviv. It would all mean a real blue landslide, with or without the fraud.

Demographics alone make it inevitable. Even if Donald Trump shut the borders, it wouldn’t stop the demographic lurch that’s already under way as dying boomers are replaced by brainwashed liberal graduates and minority welfare recipients. Plus, as we have already seen, when it comes to immigration, the interests of the big corporate employers, meat packing plant bosses and agribusiness giants will always be put before those of the American working class or even the electoral interest of the GOP.

As the demographic winter draws in, some patriots draw hope from the idea that a second Trump term would lead California to secede and put back the date at which the demographic balance shifts decisively against white America. But the Democrats know this too, and the Democratic machine and its plausibly deniable Communist militias are highly disciplined. They don’t just want California, they literally want the world, and grabbing the whole of America is a vital station en route.

So the Democrats would resist any referendum and will fight tooth and nail to preserve the territorial integrity of the nation they detest. A real nationalist regime with revolutionary vision and intent wouldn’t give them the choice. It would point out that Blue and Red mixed becomes a sludgy brow shit-show, and act decisively to break the whole thing apart and to create a huge and completely viable Christian, white ethnostate. But we already know that Donald Trump is not a national or Christian revolutionary; he is a brave but tragically flawed populist, surrounded by traitors and self-serving fools. So, pretty dream though it is, it’s not going to happen.

Accelerationists will say that all this is in fact good. Whichever way this ends, the Republican Party is going to be disgraced, leaving the way open to build a new Third Party. After all, the one demographic in which Trump’s vote fell was white male independents.

Put off by Donald’s Platinum Care promises, enthusiasm for cheap labor immigration, focus on the value of stocks they have never owned, interventionist saber-rattling abroad, YMCA enthusiasm for the GlobalHomo project, and of course demotivated by the destruction of the pro-Trump online motivational machine, many of them stayed at home this time. Enough to do serious damage to his re-election chances even without the glitches in vote-counting technology supplied by Democrat donors.

Now, please pay very special attention when I urge enthusiasts for an election-oriented third party: Don’t do it! Yes, build new organizations, and make one of them a political party if you can win local contests whose outcome gives your people a platform in local communities. But steer clear of childish fantasies about taking national power through the ballot box.

As the most electorally successful white nationalist leader in British history, and one of the most successful in the entire English-speaking world, please believe me when I say that I know what I’m talking about. For the large number of very good reasons I set out in the recently published book ‘Deus Vult – handbook for resisting the Great Replacement’, the electoral road is blocked. It is a counter-productive dead-end.

On top of the general reasons set out in that book’s chapter ‘Tooth Fairy Politics’, there are two additional key factors at play in the USA specifically. First, the Republican Party won’t go away, so an effective Third party (assuming it could be organized, financed and turned into a real force) would only split the anti-left vote and hand the Democrats virtually every seat in the entire American system.

Even if such a new party could grab the entire white vote, it will, by 2024 and even more so beyond that, be much smaller than the coalition of died-in-the-wool leftists, liberals, sexual deviants, anti-white racists and welfare system clients that the Democrats can bring to the electoral battlefield. The America Republic as a functioning nation is finished, and there can be no electoral resurrection.

Not the End

This crisis will not end in any revolution, except a leftist one. Exactly when it takes over is still in question, but its ascendancy is sadly guaranteed. That is how the old America is going to end. But our people will not end. Our faith will not end. Our struggle will not end.

Rather, it now enters a totally new phase. A phase in which who runs the White House makes no lasting difference to you. The far bigger difference for your family is who runs YOUR house. The TV? The local education board? Hollywood scriptwriters? Or you as head of the household, your wife as chief home-schooler, you as role-model for your sons and protector of your daughters, not just from immediate physical danger but from the drip-drip of poison from every orifice of the System that hates you, your children and our entire civilization.

You will not be alone. A Harris/Biden presidency will galvanize and unify conservatives and Christians more than anything in recent history. It will not lead to an electorally-driven swing back of the pendulum in 2024. Those innocent, peaceful, decent old ways belong to an age which we have just seen pass. So mourn for the old America, but do not pretend that it will spring back to life.

Millions of ordinary Americans at present still believe ‘their’ President has a master plan to snatch victory back from the thieves. When they find out he has not, when they wake up to find the enemy in power and getting to work to dismantle their country and reset their world, they are going to be very angry indeed.

A minority will do stupid things, which the new regime will exploit with brutal and cynical ruthlessness to silence, disarm and intimidate other potential rebels. But the majority will form the largest, most radicalized and most disenfranchised block in the history of America. That is a force with which people with the right ideas, tactics, strategy and faith can and will write a new chapter in that History. What happens in the years ahead will not be pretty, but the end result is already sure: Our time will come!

A Word to the Wise

If, by some miracle, despite everything written here, Donald Trump finally wakes up and takes the sort of actions set out above, go to his aid. But when he continues to fail to mobilize effective mass resistance, don’t throw your freedom or life away in a futile effort to stop the inevitable lurch to disaster. Concentrate instead on staying out of trouble, keeping your family safe, and building networks to sidestep, resist and endure the coming time of trials and oppression.

Just because one man has shown he doesn’t have what it takes to be a revolutionary conservative, doesn’t mean that revolutionary conservatism is not possible. It is. And it is most definitely necessary. But this revolution may be a long time coming. The first imperative is that there will be enough young men, with the right attitudes, skills and organization to make it happen. So stay safe, get together, have children, and rear them right. And keep your powder dry!

The coming death of the Federal Republic will bring hard and truly historic times to North America. Trump has thrown away the chance to save it, for at least a few year years, through action which, it has to be admitted, could have led to civil war. But the fact he did nothing does not mean that civil war may not come. The irreconcilability between the two sides probably already makes it inevitable.

The hardline Marxists at the core of the Democrats’ revolution, and the arch traitors who have taken over the FBI know this. That is why they will exploit every act and incautious word of incoherent rage that is going to emerge from the shocked and angry Trumpers to bring in salami-style gun confiscation by Executive Order.

Just as they already have done with social media censorship, they will go for the most ‘extreme’ and indefensible first, while each group just to the moderate side of the latest victims stay silent for fear of guilt by association. “Then they came for the delete as applicables, and I did not speak out, because I was not a delete as applicable.”

Please don’t shoot the messenger, but this is now inevitable. Trump’s failure to lead a counter-revolution means is that America will have to suffer the left’s revolution and all the horrors it will produce. Only then will the men and women who have made the USA work and who always pay for the Democrats’ ruinous social and economic fantasy measures, be driven to think and act collectively in defense of their families, their culture, their race and their Faith.

In the time of darkness now settling on America, everyone is going to be a ‘minority’. But the largest, hardest working, most practically competent, minority will be Christian Americans of European descent. With every year that goes by, they will feel more and more painfully the pressure of discrimination, injustice, exploitation, and every form of abuse up to and including murder. The experience will collectivize our people. The endearing by deadly tendency to think and act in terms of ‘I’ and ‘me’, will turn into an unbeatable habit of thinking in terms of ‘we’ and ‘us’.

Many will fall by the wayside. Many will sell their souls in a vain effort to ‘integrate’ and to be forgiven for the Original Sin of their skin color and their heritage. But great pain is a great teacher, and great pain is on the way for the people who built America and then carelessly let their elected and unelected leaders hand it over to a coalition of forces who hate, despise and still fear them.

When the pain reaches a tipping point and the trouble really begins, those who have tried so hard to destroy us will discover that they were right to fear. And those of our people who put their trust in the Lord, in large families and in hunkering down in all sorts of communities, organizations and grass-roots institutions with other likeminded kinfolk, will discover that they were right to hope."

Nick Griffin, a graduate in History & Law from Cambridge University, is a former Member of the European Parliament and one-time leader of the British National Party.

Sid Vicious

Veteran Member
Trump was a good catalyst, but not the hope that everyone was looking for. The sooner he removes himself from the right wing movement the sooner a more radical leader can speak up.

What comes after MAGA is going to be interesting. Also the whole demographics thing is kinda dumb. Plenty of non-white people that are conservatives.


Senior nut
Problem is that the Capital building was breached (mostly by FF players) one hour before Trumps speech ended. And was planned that way by enemy actors. And Trumps security team found a credible threat of his assassination by the vary Capital Police that helped make this crap sandwich.

Just saying.


Has No Life - Lives on TB
the republic was fatally injured during clinton
went through emergency surgery that failed during bush
went into a coma with obama
rallied during the first 3 years of trump
fell back into a coma one year ago
and was suffocated with its own pillow on Nov 3

since then it has only been the exwives and offspring arguing over the inheritance.


Veteran Member
We died when we allowed the following..................

1) A private cartel of Anglo/Zionist elites to create and control a central banking fiat money supply and their implementation of that into a fractional reserve lending instrument to the US government and as a result control our economic cycles and policies both home and abroad.

2) Turned the public trust of a corporation into having a private personhood retaining all such rights within to manipulate society for profit without concern of any consequences of those goals to society at large.

3) Allowing the marriage of both entities listed above to lobby congress for their own goals separate from the health of its host nation and its citizens.

The above led to the oligarchy control of the governing of this nation.............which resulted in the death of the constitutional rights of we the people in so much as to be a patriot of the United States today is to be in contempt of that control and labeled as a domestic terrorist.

Samuel Adams

Veteran Member
Amen, Panther.....and that happened a long time ago.

The Republic still exists, but it lies barren and very sparsely populated.

It’s former injabitants have, by and large, domiciled in the D.C. complex, as federal US citizens.

.......and they all suffer under the common delusion that congressionally-granted 14th Amendment benefits, privileges and immunities are God-given rights.

To exercise the God-given, you have to exit club fed.

Any takers ?


Veteran Member
Amen, Panther.....and that happened a long time ago.

The Republic still exists, but it lies barren and very sparsely populated.

It’s former injabitants have, by and large, domiciled in the D.C. complex, as federal US citizens.

.......and they all suffer under the common delusion that congressionally-granted 14th Amendment benefits, privileges and immunities are God-given rights.

To exercise the God-given, you have to exit club fed.

Any takers ?
You might find this sadly humorous............but your poster name is the street I live on (Samuel Adams)........and nowadays when I talk to people (especially younger people) and they ask me where I live and it becomes a more specific conversation to the point where I tell them the name of the street I live on they usually reply back saying......"oh you live on a street named after a interesting"

Samuel Adams

Veteran Member is good ?


Wonder how many youthful Sam Adams in spirit might wake up, say, a year or two after socialism becomes painful for them.


Contributing Member
I like the article and how he notes that January 6 was a revolutionary moment, wasted. It could have been a turning point for the better but I think instead it sealed Trump's fate and the election was lost. Could have gone the other way.


Veteran Member
Good article.

It is always productive to consider uncomfortable truths.

One might even push further into the darkness by suggesting that Jan 6 was worse than just a missed opportunity. It effectively gave cover to the election certification vote, and it blunted any further outcries prior to Biden’s inauguration.
Jan 6 was such an epic victory for the deep state.

We have the Left propaganda (Trump as villain). We have the Right propaganda (Trump as hero). Divide and conquer.
CNN tells lies to one side. Q-anon tells lies to the other side. Fairytales.

If the deep state could assassinate Kennedy 60 years ago, why didn’t they knock off Trump? If they stole the 2020 election, why didn’t they steal the 2016 election?

Do you really think the deep state was surprised or unable? Caught off guard? The most likely case, and the most uncomfortable, is that DJT has been playing a role to implement the agenda for the deep state. I know you don’t want to believe that; neither do I.

Or to frame it from a different perspective. If you an unbelievably powerful AI at your disposal, and you asked, “What is the best way to establish control of the entire world?” Wouldn’t you get an unbelievably detailed step-by-step plan? Couldn’t that plan have included a populist US President? A Brexit? A Q-anon? The Jan 6 storming of the Capitol?

Doesn’t it all feel a bit staged?

Dark, but possible.


Good article.

It is always productive to consider uncomfortable truths.

One might even push further into the darkness by suggesting that Jan 6 was worse than just a missed opportunity. It effectively gave cover to the election certification vote, and it blunted any further outcries prior to Biden’s inauguration.
Jan 6 was such an epic victory for the deep state.

We have the Left propaganda (Trump as villain). We have the Right propaganda (Trump as hero). Divide and conquer.
CNN tells lies to one side. Q-anon tells lies to the other side. Fairytales.

If the deep state could assassinate Kennedy 60 years ago, why didn’t they knock off Trump? If they stole the 2020 election, why didn’t they steal the 2016 election?

Do you really think the deep state was surprised or unable? Caught off guard? The most likely case, and the most uncomfortable, is that DJT has been playing a role to implement the agenda for the deep state. I know you don’t want to believe that; neither do I.

Or to frame it from a different perspective. If you an unbelievably powerful AI at your disposal, and you asked, “What is the best way to establish control of the entire world?” Wouldn’t you get an unbelievably detailed step-by-step plan? Couldn’t that plan have included a populist US President? A Brexit? A Q-anon? The Jan 6 storming of the Capitol?

Doesn’t it all feel a bit staged?

Dark, but possible.
This popped into my brain housing group last night, as far as the possibility of Trump being part of a more complex plan, that leads to our subjugation. It would make him one hell of an actor and one evil son of a bitch imo.


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From The Reichstag Fire to a Berlin 1945 Moment
by Brett Stevens on January 13, 2021

"America died at 3:00 AM on the morning of November 4, 2020. At that point, we changed from being the most respected of all democracies to a warning sign for the future. With the death of America came the death of faith in democracy, and it was all done by the Left.

Many of the talking heads bemoaned what a divided country we have become, not realizing that two factors influenced this: first, we saw how terrible Leftist policies were working, and second, the Left drifted away from anything close to the center and now seems entirely comfortable with full-blown Communism.

If we were not divided before, now we are polarized. The Left and Right want nothing in common; they desire entirely different types of civilization. They cannot compromise on this. There will be breakup or war.

The world admired American democracy because its Constitution found a way to limit democracy, thereby avoiding the tendency of democracy to mob rule and tyranny. As the Left radicalized, they wanted nothing short of mob rule, and quickly corrupted and tore down that system.

In the end, it was easy to destroy the USA: bring in mass diversity and the center of society collapses, standards suspend, and everyone does whatever they want with the expectation of getting away with it unless there is popular outrage, so the country gets stolen out from under you.

Somehow the voters slept through a century and a half of this, then blamed politicians before essentially giving up and turning to black pill or accelerationist strategies, both of which involve doing nothing until the secret police knock on your door.

When Trump rose, he revealed all of this; he showed how we had been living a lie and ignoring the enemies in our midst, both international Leftism and China, in our pursuit of easy scapegoats and justifications for more equality, and thus more power transferred to the mob and its leaders.

This panicked the system so much that they cheated in three elections, produced dozens of fake scandals, spied on him with a WaterGate-style black op using government resources, impeached him (twice now), threatened to invoke the emoluments clause, tried to get him removed for mental incompetence, investigated his finances, and otherwise attempted to bully him out of office.

On November 3, the election showed Trump in the lead; after a 3:00 AM vote jump in which votes switched to Biden from Trump, and Biden mysteriously gained millions of votes, Biden was leading in battleground states. This is the classic profile of a stolen election, especially since media refuses to mention it.
At this point, the Democrats have wrecked a nation. No one respects a banana republic, no matter how many nuclear weapons it has; Americans no longer trust their government or media; the world realizes it got a weak leader in Biden, and is already making plans to circumvent him.

The Trump team has now compiled the Navarro, Lott, and Pulitzer reports as well as an extensive database of vote fraud incidents, and yet courts, media, Congress, and even the GOP refuse to listen.

This shows us a rotten system, defending itself, so that the careers of those involved can advance at the expense of the nation. In other words, this is how things usually go wrong with humanity, but now it has happened in the USA too.

In that instant, the goodwill and reputation of our Constitution went poof! and our superpower status ended. We are no longer the good guys who won WW2; we are a fallen country, controlled by Chinese manipulation of our voting machines as the Pulitzer report indicates, trading on the past.

In that moment, much was revealed. No longer do our leaders look like these inspirational people who are striking out for justice and equality; they are manipulations seeking power for themselves behind the shield of altruism, which is what always happens when your system focuses on symbolic goals rather than adaptation to the real world. Once America believed its own propaganda about freedom, equality, diversity, and tolerance, nothing could save it; the con men and carnies took over.

Trump has achieved the “Berlin 1945 moment” for democracy, liberalism, and diversity. He has debunked his opposition and effected the dissolution of the Old America, and he will now offer a new option for us to defect to as the old spirals into oblivion. The Left brought us a fake “Reichstag Fire” with the mob event at the Capitol, and now we have begun the war that ends with a Communist flag waving above a ruined landscape. American democracy has failed, and America the country has collapsed.

As I have said elsewhere, if we believe Trump is competent, he has this one in hand. He used the advanced resources of the United States government to spy on those who were stealing its elections, spying on presidential candidates, cracking down on conservative groups through the IRS, and campaigning for the Democrats from government jobs and offices. He has used contact tracing to identify the people responsible and will bring them to trial on charges based in RICO, espionage, and national security laws.

Only this will be satisfying. America needs a hard reset; it has gone so far off the rails that it has reversed its founding goals, replaced its heritage population, and created a new group united only by racial grievance to the point that they are not concerned that America has been conquered by Communist China.

No one wants to say it, but the USA is done. All of the privileges that you enjoyed once as a member of the most respected country on Earth, with the most functional government, are over. The numbers in your bank account will not change, but your purchasing power and ability to get credit certainly will.

You have nothing to look forward to at this point except a continual retreat from quality into the opposite of quality, equality. Everyone will become equal at the point where nothing is valuable, and that is what these Leftists want to do. They are agnostic to results, and only care about status.

In doing so, they have set up a situation where they cannot win. Even if they gain all of their goals, they lose, because what they have conquered is not what they wanted to capture, by the very nature of what they had to do to conquer it. This is a failed state and a failed civilization. No one respects it, and its fortunes will proportionately fall.

With leaders like this in charge, the American military cannot be respected. With an economic system built on debt and affirmative action, its economy cannot be trusted. Welcome to the Clown World where people are chosen for being good Leftists who memorize the right things in the meritocracy and build careers of spending all their time doing meaningless stuff. They are incompetent for doing anything but making the system bloat, and hiding their own misdeeds by always pursuing unattainable non-goals (anti-poverty, anti-racism, anti-drugs) while pursuing “good optics,” namely the advancement of equality, diversity, homosexuality, transgenderism, feminism, socialism, compassion, altruism, and other code-words for an anarchic society based on deception and ruled by tyrants. These people are the problem, and they have taken over our system and run it for their own benefit at our expense.

It turns out that we do not need the telescreens from 1984 or the “soma” from Brave New World. As Bradbury pointed out, people will sell everything for a feeling of being in control through entertainment and ideology. You do not need to repress or drug people when you can rally them to the cry of “freedom” and “equality” over and over again, since every human loves the idea of getting something free at the expense of someone else that they hate and scapegoat for their own woes. We have achieved perpetual war through our crusades for equality and diversity, which always give us someone to destroy so that the herd feels better, and this keeps the cynical types who are good at the unrealistic symbolic tasks for which meritocracy tests.

We had had to hit rock bottom in order to see that everything is destroyed. This country would function as a hundred million ethnic Western European Nordid-Cromagnid-Dalofaelid (EWENCD, pronounced “evinced”) people; it cannot function as an ethnically-, racially-, and religiously-diverse society that exists for individual freedom, group equality, and pluralism or an “agree to disagree” attitude that leads toward compromise with the dominant paradigm.

It is over. Our new way does not work, and we are going to have to break this place up, repatriate the ethnic (Southern, Eastern, Irish, and Mediterranean European) and racial (African, Asian, Hispanic, Indian) diversity back to its homelands with some reparations, and then carefully purge our population of the weak, insane, criminal, perverse, retarded, neurotic, and other deleterious mutations. We have hit rock bottom and things only get worse from here, even if they are unbearably bad now and have been for sixty years; the only solution is to sort the population and choose a model that thrives.

Obviously, that model cannot include democracy, because that got us here. Whatever the Constitution did, it was not enough. That model cannot include diversity, since even small amounts of diversity destroy social trust and abolish social norms, standards, aesthetics, interactions, and mores. It cannot include any kind of theory based on equality, whether “equity” or “meritocracy,” because all of these default toward subsidized outcomes, creating a massive bureaucracy and increasingly incompetent citizens with mental health problems. All that old stuff broke.

In my view, Donald Trump the consummate showman has a few more things to show us. Some will be leaks on the level of SolarWinds, showing how incompetent our government is and how heavily all of our systems, including voting machines, have been compromised for years. Others will be the type of stuff from which one can make criminal charges. Joe Biden will be crowned president in a pretentious and entirely fraudulent moment, after which he and his cohorts are going to spend some time in orange jumpsuits. Revelations that will shatter what is left of America will come. Trump is going to reveal to us how utterly over America is, and how we have nothing in common, and nothing left to do but tear it down and start anew.

Those who thrived in this system, jumping through its hoops and advancing their own careers, are not necessary. If all of them died tomorrow, nothing would be worse. On the other hand, the heritage Americans who keep this place functioning — ethnic Western European Nordid-Cromagnid-Dalofaelids, or WASPs (English, northern German, Dutch, Scots, Scandinavian, and northern French) — cannot be lost, or America loses everything that made it powerful.

The end is near. All praise the end! We were living a lie, and now it has been revealed. All that remains is for us to finally break ourselves out of the pathological denialism in which we have been living, face the problem honestly, and make sane decisions about it. Not just American government but the American people ignored what Trump put before them, and many are content to live a lie, which means that those people must go elsewhere and America must be rebuilt through the model that has always worked for us.

Burn it all down, and in the ashes we will build something better than this corrupt Clown World with its endless puny bureaucrats trying to destroy all that is good, organic, beautiful, natural, logical, sane, and enjoyable in our world."


The end times are here.
I love these articles that assume way too much. It's armchair quarterbacking at its best. They don't have the intel to make their outrageous claims, they really don't know what's going on except for what is easily observed. The scope of this operation are way too big for the OP to even comprehend. He doesn't know what classified activity is and has been occurring behind the scenes.
Trump has all the cards and all the intel that will bring a great victory. It's happening, but some have faith only in what they are allowed to see, not in the actual workings of the Trump team which is hidden from them.


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If the civil war does start:
* The "man" who wears a pink silk night gown and whose walk emulates Zsa Zsa Gabor's, what kind of soldier will he make?

* The pasty faced young man whose whole life revolves around an electronic game and whose exercise program is limited to the movement of a mouse, what kind of soldier will he make?

* All the splinter groups that make up most of the Democrat party and don't want to do anything for the "stuff" the Government gives them, their exercise program consists of running their mouth, jumping to conclusions, flying off the
handle and walking to the mail box, what kind of soldiers will they make?

There will be enough real fighters on the left to go around, but their hatred of rules and anyone telling them what to do, weakens them.

The other side will be made up of people who work for a living and do things and make things and raise a garden or hunt for food. There is very little food in cities. So, when the left comes for food, they will be visitors on the deplorable home court. Industry is primarily based in cities and that is a problem for replacement tools, parts, etc. just like the last civil war.

The military, of course, will be a huge factor and it appears the breakout of that will be an unknown until it happens.


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I hope you are right, Blackjeep. We now have less than a week for Trump to pull this rabbit out of the hat. Whether he does or doesn’t, we must still deal with this “corrupt clown world” as the article from MS so aptly states.

We are about to see the roller coaster disengage from the chain that pulled it to the top.


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This country was seized by the elite long long ago.
the very minute that the elections were held and made ambitious common men the ‘Congressmen and senators’, they grabbed at becoming more superior than everyone else.
These current events of today have been brewing a for quite a while. With the political elite’s playing one group of the popular against the other creating division in the populous.
As much as the many voters hoped, Donald Trump was never truly the great white hope. He was just a grasp at a branch out of reach, by a population sinking in the quicksand of blind political faith and trust.