RACE WAR White People Own 98 Percent of Rural Land. Young Black Farmers Want to Reclaim Their Share.

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This is the same thing they did in Zimbabwe and S Africa. The do-gooders wreak havoc, destroy everything and act like they are morally superior. Rhodesia used to be called the 'breadbasket of Africa' now it is a complete sh**hole. The same type of people who helped change Rhodesia to Zimbabwe are now at work in this nation.

Leah Penniman, left, tends the crops at Soul Fire Farm.Courtesy of Soul Fire Farm

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Black people have largely been expelled from the US agricultural landscape. In 1920, nearly a million Black farmers worked on 41.4 million acres of land, making up a seventh of farm owners. Today, only about 49,000 of them remain, making up just 1.4 percent of the nation’s farm owners, and tending a scant 4.7 million acres—a nearly 90 percent loss.

Starting in the 17th century, European slave traders who forcibly moved Africans to this continent stole not just their lives and labor but also considerable agricultural knowledge, she said. The rice empire that developed in the early-US Carolinas, for instance, flourished on the farming traditions of the Senegambia region of West Africa.

After the post-Emancipation promise of “40 acres and a mule” crumbled under the weight of President Andrew Johnson’s racism, Penniman noted, Black agriculturalists were relegated to sharecropping, an arrangement that generated considerable wealth for the white planter class but saddled farmers with poverty-inducing debt.

“It wasn’t until the early 1900s that Black farmers began to save just enough money here and there to start to purchase meager parcels—usually 2.5 acres, five acres,” she said. Over that time, Black farmers innovated methods that remain at the core of sustainable agriculture today. George Washington Carver, a pioneering professor at Tuskegee University in Alabama, has long been trotted out during Black History Month for his achievements in finding new uses for the peanut. He’s actually a towering figure who should be known for much more than peanut mastery.

The whole reason Carver wanted farmers to grow peanuts was because he was trying to convince them to plant nitrogen-fixing legumes into diverse crop rotations, which would improve the soil in a region that had been burned by decades of mono-crop cotton farming. Carver also developed a system for disseminating his university’s research to surrounding farmers through workshops and demonstrations, as well as helping them troubleshoot problems they were encountering. Carver’s system would later take form nationwide as the US Department of Agriculture’s extension program, Penniman said.

Black farm ownership peaked in 1920. Around that time, the Ku Klux Klan and other groups led a “swift and severe backlash” to terrorize independent Black farmers, she added. These vigilante efforts went along with a set of US government policies—detailed in this great 2019 Atlantic article by Vann R. Newkirk II—that effectively expropriated Black-owned farmland, pushing it into the hands of white people. During the 20th century, the price of farmland rose by a factor of 52—making it yet another vehicle for wealth-building that African-Americans were systemically denied access to. The steady rise in land values, which has continued into the 21st century, makes it prohibitively expense for new farmers to break into agriculture, meaning that white dominance of farmland maintains plenty of momentum.

Farmers work the land at Bayou Bourbeaux Farmstead Association, a cooperative in Louisiana, August 1940.
Penniman is part of a growing movement to reclaim Black farmers’ hard-won place in our country’s agriculture. Soul Fire Farm, the project she co-directs in Petersburg, N.Y., “focuses on training the next generation of Black and brown farmers, as well as providing food and medicine for our community,” she said. The farm is part of a coalition of groups “claiming sovereignty and calling for reparations of land and resources so that we can grow nourishing food and distribute it in our communities.”

Soul Fire Farm also leads the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust, which calls on “good-hearted, good-minded people” to donate land, which will then be farmed by people of color. She said the trust has “several hundred acres” in the New York/New England queued up for transfer over the next decade; and that several other similar trusts are setting up nationwide.

Penniman said she realizes that such grassroots efforts, relying on the goodwill of white landowners, are just a beginning—not nearly enough to undo the racist legacy of land theft and agricultural-labor exploitation that dates to the origin of white settlement on the continent. Making a significant amount of farmland available to people of color and Native Americans whose ancestors were dispossessed will require a serious reparations program that includes land reform—that is, transferring some territory from wealthy, white landholders and huge investment funds to young farmers of color.

“I doubt the existing power structure and the existing status quo will go so far,” Penniman said. “It would require a fundamental shift in our relationship to the earth.”



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Worked on several farms. The veggie farm did hire one black guy. Lousy worker. We were all glad when he left.
Wanna farm? Either hire out, and learn from a farmer, or start small and put a few chickens in the back yard.

Nobody is holding you back!

"Expelled from landscape...." Jeez Louise what stinking Bullshit!
It is always, always someone else fault!
So tired of this crap.

Jeff B.

What is left when honor is lost?
I heard it on urban talk radio, 20 years ago.

"We want houses, and we want land".

One big part of slavery reparations, will be the taking of houses and land,
from White peoples.

Just like in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Please be safe everyone.

Regards to all.

You may well be right.

I'm waiting.

Jeff B.


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What a doofus photo of that black woman with what looks like an adze over her shoulder and an "I'm gonna get what I want" smirk of cockiness.
Does she think she is gonna plow with an ox too?

Some people take a "what could be so difficult?" cursory look at farming without REALLY knowing anything at all about it and declare "I WANT IT!" Without the smarts, the money, the work ethic, the ability to deny themselves,(and the members of their family) to "go without," and defer satisfying their OTHER wants in order to make a go of a farm when the physical work is 18-20hours a day for everyone in the family who CAN physically work/7 days a week and the actual profits and income are so low you need a second job to carry you for the first seven years UNTIL and unless you have grown the operation to the size that makes ANY profit possible, it just becomes a money pit that puts you VERY deep in debt for the rest of your life paying for the opportunity to have TRIED FARMING.

They just tried that in Zimbabwe and South Africa and IT DOESN'T WORK for blacks who have been raised with black cultural and social values and priorities and with no years of intensive experience, training and background with agriculture. The weather, Plant and animal disease, or insect swarms, can suddenly, overnight, destroy any hope of making any money from a YEARS worth of hard labor and self-denial and leave them with no way to repay the humongous debt they have accrued in loans based on a harvest that will NEVER COME, due to bad weather, sometimes several years in a row.
Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Some few small farmers can make some pocket or extra money raising herbs and spices on a very small farm and marketing them locally, but that doesn't work and drives the price they get down when too many people with small acreages try to do the same thing, especially in the same area.

One of the big things DEMOCRATS, hoping to own and run farms have no idea they will face, is all the government taxes, and burdensome and expensive regulations that DEMOCRATS have enacted to provide better wages, working conditions and homes for any farm workers they might want to hire to help them, and environmental regulations and animal protections, regulated access to the water they need for their crops/animals, and noise, odor, farm waste rules, chemical handling, pollution, and food safety laws, and required documentation of absolutely everything they do on the farm, even if they are NOT making a profit yet.

They should be careful what they wish for. I predict if any such arrangement did get them awarded "farm land" they would just quickly sell the land to (WHITE) developers to build more suburbia and take the money and run back to the nearest big city when they found out the above truths about owning a farm.
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Um. Federal land is being held in perpetuity for what purpose. Maybe this purpose?

I mean humans have squandered more than one National Treasure getting us to this point anyway - what's one more?

You want wasteland - you'll get wasteland.

I fear for the wild horses. Kind of like sending the treated grain seed to poor nations - and they bake bread with it. 1971 Iraq poison grain disaster - Wikipedia

Owner calls it "[can't be mentioned here] rich." As in wealthy, but doesn't know or care how to use the wealth well.



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blacks don't farm.
That would require work and planning, something they are incapable of doing.
Also a fair degree of self-directed education. I could provide a reading list...can think of maybe twenty books off the top of my head. Better save up some money, because the local library probably won't have most of them.

Nobody is going to hand that to them; its actually not even possible. And...farmers don't take sick days.

Magical Thinking. Even if they steal it, they still won't have it.


Res ipsa loquitur
Das wut de wite debils be foe. Dey all bez in dem work camps an’ den go to de bruthas’ farms an do dat work & sh*t.
wite debils dun took 'vantage alla dees po blak folk - dun stole alla dey tings - dun kikem offa dey lan . . . den dey dun foce em inta da hood wif alla dem bad peeples - hos n' pimp n' shit lak dat . . . ifn dey hab a fam dey cud bees rich gain - lak dey wuz bafo - bak on dat plan tayshun . . . oh . . . way a min naw


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Wasn't it Bloomberg that claimed farming is easy...just put a seed in the ground and cover it with dirt. Right? Apparently there are an awful lot of idiots out there that actually believe him. First month that they have to get up before the sun, they will be running away in droves.


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One of her parents is white, and the other is probably half white and she probably lives in an upper middle class neighborhood.

That hoe is brand new.

All that jury (jewelry)

Shirt/dress is straight from the cleaners.

Cornrows in her hair is the closest she's ever been to farming. No hat, wait 'til that scalp gets a striped sunburn. :lol:
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I am pretty sure you can go to the Republic of the Congo or any other of the lands of the history you are using for the claim and tell the locals in this very stable and picturesque location your here to claim your ‘free land’.

Just a warning sometimes things like wifi and air conditioning and Starbucks are in short supply, but you go make it happen.

Go start your new life in the lands of the ancestors I am sure the people already there will process your claims with great haste.

The problem with the redemption and cleansing of history you have to be selective of the period and conditions. Since there were black slave owners who also owned slaves in America and black tribes in Africa who procured slaves from other tribes to sell to white slave traders in the coastal market does that historic fact mean that blacks must also be shunned and must publicly show contrition for their dark past?

Also since Egyptians enslaved the Israelites guess anyone from an area of the Egyption empire needs to find some jewish feet to wash (not holding my breath on this one).

Those Italians and the slaves from throughout the Roman empire guess that would be about everyone. I should head out to the nearest Italian restaurant and get my free pizza.

The noble native Americans who sometimes took slaves from other native Americans and white settlers creates a confusing mix of
woke cultural debt to repay.

I am always fascinated that the arguments from the historians in our institutions of higher learning require a complete ignorance of history to be accepted.

I sometimes can’t decide if these professors are just morons themselves or know they are lying and do it anyway. The useful idiots who choose ignorance and demand free stuff are just morally bankrupt morons.

These idiots actually think life owes any of us anything but what we can build or earn. I am starting to realize the term useful idiots may not be an accurate term.


Has No Life - Lives on TB
I heard it on urban talk radio, 20 years ago.

"We want houses, and we want land".

One big part of slavery reparations, will be the taking of houses and land,
from White peoples.

Just like in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Please be safe everyone.

Regards to all.

And, they'll sell the equipment and supplies that are on the farm, sell or kill (by neglect probably more than to eat) the animals, and the following year the farm will lie fallow, the fences falling down.


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So these folks want land????

Here you go.... Detroit has 15,360 acres rotting away


Social media is arguing about how much vacant land is in Detroit — and the number matters

For those who don't follow this question, estimates of Detroit's vacant land range from a low of about 24 square miles to a high of about 40 square miles of abandoned land in the 139-square-mile ...

Released in 2013, the report laid out a bold vision to reuse much of Detroit's vacant land that has once been residential or commercial as "productive landscapes" — urban gardens, tree farms and similar uses. Urban farming was already a popular idea with the city; thousands of residents had been planting neighborhood gardens for years.

An evening garden party at Detroit's Dequindre Cut, an urban recreational path connecting Eastern Market to the Detroit River.

An evening garden party at Detroit's Dequindre Cut, an urban recreational path connecting Eastern Market to the Detroit River. (Photo: John Froelich, Special to the Free Press)

While still mostly an idea in the embryo stage, greening strategies have grown more common in Detroit in recent years. Recreational corridors like the Dequindre Cut and the RiverWalk now run where little or nothing stood before their creation. And a 22-acre parcel of vacant former industrial land on the west riverfront is in line to become the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Centennial Park in a few years.

1593477943018.png 1593477993403.png


1593478073595.png 1593478088867.png

Heck, in the past I've read articles where folks have bought entire blocks of empty with a few condemned houses on it in Detorit for peanuts... these people who are griping and wanting a handout could surely work some kind of deal to give some of those enterprising black wanna be farmers 40 acers and some implements to get-r-done.

… plus the've also complained many sections of Detroit are food deserts, they could kill two birds with one rock.

I have a HS age grandson that wants to be a farmer in the worse way. On his mom's side, his grandfather sold his grandmothers ground shorty after she died (his grand mother had intended it to be his) and has been spending it on his new wife, new house, cars, trucks, etc.

Good ground around this part of Illinois goes for $8,500 - $9,500+ an acre!

Who knows what his maternal Grandfather will do with his remaining land, but my grandson's mom is supposed to inherit a full 1/3 of it if her father doesn't p*ss it away before he dies.


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Working off memory here which is totally unreliable but WTH.

Black sharecroppers on the old plantations ran up into the 1930's. Then Roosevelt's National Recovery Act fired up. And pretty soon sharecroppers started disappearing to the point that the NRA was known in certain quarters as the N....r Removal Act. What happened? Somebody invented a machine that would pick cotton. Didn't need no sharecroppers after that. By the end of the WWII, sharecropping was obsolete.


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I was told when I was young that I can have anything I can pay for and I no reason they cannot do the same.
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Today, only about 49,000 of them remain, making up just 1.4 percent of the nation’s farm owners, and tending a scant 4.7 million acres—a nearly 90 percent loss.
That sounds just about right:

While farmland may stretch far and wide, farmers and ranchers themselves make up just 1.3% of the employed US population
They are free to buy all the farms they want, just like everyone else.