HATE “White Lives Don’t Matter” Academic: “I Resist Urges to Kneecap White Men”

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“White Lives Don’t Matter” Academic: “I Resist Urges to Kneecap White Men”

More hateful tweets surface as Cambridge University continues to back Priyamvada Gopal.

Published 8 hours ago on 29 June, 2020
Paul Joseph Watson
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More racist tweets by Cambridge University Professor Priyamvada Gopal have been unearthed, including one in which she spoke about her urge to “kneecap white men.”

Gopal caused controversy last week when she tweeted “white lives don’t matter,” prompting a petition demanding she be fired. However, Cambridge University responded by promoting her to a full professorship, despite the fact that the tweet was censored by Twitter for hate speech.

The media’s reaction was to portray Gopal as the victim of bullying while feigning infinitely greater outrage over a “white lives matter” banner that was flown over a soccer match in Manchester.

More hateful tweets have now been discovered, including one discussion where Gopal states, “I resist urges to kneecap white men every day. So, no **I** am the hero.”

“Can @Cambridge_Uni please recognise that this is completely unacceptable and indefensible? How are her students supposed to feel safe?” asked Emma Webb.

“She’s racist. I think we need to stop this dumbass spiel that minorities cannot be racist because they absolutely can. She is racist and is getting away with because she’s not white. That’s just the fact of the matter,” remarked Dominique Samuels.

Maybe these messages will lead to another petition demanding Gopal’s removal. The first one was deleted by Change.org after receiving over 20,000 signatures.

Cambridge University has stood by Gopal despite previously dismissing Noah Carl after 500 academics signed a letter challenging Carl’s research on race and intelligence.

The institution also previously rescinded its offer of a visiting fellowship to Jordan Peterson after a woke mob complained about his stance on political correctness and after he appeared in a photograph with a man wearing a t-shirt that said “I’m a proud Islamophobe.”



Has No Life - Lives on TB
If I made statements like this about kneegros I'd be facing 'hate crime' charges. Funny how that works.....
Agreed. A LOT of nonlibtard whites likely had to resist the urge to do something nonconsensual to Hussein Obama when the latter illegal alien infested the White House. This event made me think that God may not yet have given up on the U.S.:



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Every day, I resist the urge to fly through the computer and smash people like her in their ugly snot lockers.

And then bang their head on the concrete sidewalk like I did to Judy when I was 13.

Same here. Although, when I was 14, I slammed a Coke bottle across another girls face. Knocked her front teeth loose. Served her right, too. I might be petite, but I know how to take care of myself if push comes to shove.