What YOU can do to get better stories

Kathy in FL

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I was writing a lot for a while and it seemed that I was just not doing any good work. Stopped to do a little editing on my three completed attempts at books. Now I just can't get back into the groove. Any suggestions from this group of great writers?
Set a series of small goals.

1) Go back and write down a character list with their attributes, talents, personalities, connections to other characters to help you get back their "voice" in your head.

2) Write one paragraph, just one to start.

3) Go back and edit a chapter or so

4) Add to and/or create a timeline of your story

Once you start, once you get that "voice" back in your head it will start to flow. It may not flow to the finish but you at least get something going.


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Think of the characters. Don’t get too many of them. Then try and think what they would do in a certain situation. Then it’s as simple as describing what they would do or act or think. The rest of the writing is to get the characters from one scene to another
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The groove has many aspects, one just needs to "get into it." To get back into it, I reread my story and then look for relevant movies, television shows, magazine articles, etc.

Instead of a stall, use it as a break and then read your stories as if you were reading them for the first time. The story will get back to you and if it is a mood thing then the frame of mind is what must be revisited. That's what I do, but I write some sci-fi, historically based fiction and a combination of mystery, suspense, action conspiracy operations and go with that.