Prep Genrl We've lost the Woodpile Report - RIP Ol' Remus

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I just learned this morning that - as of July 8 - we lost Ol' Remus to cancer. According to "friend of wife" - who herself had just passed over in March - Remus succumbed to cancer which had only been diagnosed 3 weeks previously. His last post was on June 9 and news of his death was first seen from WRSA and American Partisan, so he must've learned of his cancer diagnosis sometime the week after his last posting.

His Woodpile Report had become my favorite and most-looked-forward-to read for what seems like a long time, but now that time feels incredibly shortened. I am very sad this morning but thankful to our God for bringing Ol' Remus' work to my attention those years ago.

I'm missing church this morning because I want to write somewhat of a eulogy to his memory, but it won't hold a candle to his writings. I really hope someone has archived as much as possible of his reports so that those of us who didn't archive them already can be enriched by them again.


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I use to catch the "woodpile report" on occasions when I was a lurker. I really hope someone was able to archive his posts as well. I would definitely love to read his posts again. (Praying for any of his family and friends) cancer is a terrible disease. All diseases are but cancer especially so.
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