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Mission statement: A Stitch in Time... a place where fellow stitchers and crafters can gather to share and/or seek information about various handcrafting skills that involve stitching be it knitting, crochet, embroidery, weaving, etc.*

Lurkers are welcome! Conversation must be craft and/or stitch related. No politics or religion unless it applies directly to the stitch, garment, or piece you are currently working on… aka historical context only.

If you are into photography, woodworking, painting, ceramics, sculpture, etc., check out the Artistic License forum here:

You are allowed to advertise once per week in our advertising subforum, that thread may be bumped only once per day so as to not be obnoxious.

Please be courteous towards those learning a new craft, remember we were newbies once as well.

COPYRIGHT RULE: When posting a pattern or image of someone else's work please include their name/link, etc.


What some of the prefixes mean/include:

Advice (Got a hack to make a stitch/technique easier, need help with a project?)
Bead Work (bead embroidery, bead weaving, etc.)
Equipment (sewing machines, looms, spinning wheels, etc)
Fibers (Cotton, flax, silk, wool, bamboo, synthetic, mixed)
Historical (the history of stitch, clothing, quilting, knitting, etc., to also include re-enactment period pieces)
Quilting (block piecing, paper piecing, hexagonals, strips, applique - needle turned and fusible, ruler work, free motion, walking foot, longarm, domestic, finishing, thread painting, machine embroidery, landscape/art quilts)
Spinning (spindle, foot pedaled spinning wheel, electric spinning wheel, charka, cotton, wools, combing and hackles, hand paddles, blending board, wool picker and processing, carding, dyeing, linen, etc)
Tools (not the same as equipment, this would be needles, rulers, scissors, etc.)
Weaving (4 harness, 8 harness, complex, inkle, tapestry, rigid heddle, back strap, bead weaving, etc.)


Copyright details for postings in this room

This area of is subject to specific usage terms and conditions, which are as follows:

By posting your creative works within this forum you are agreeing to give TB2K, Inc. a permanent, non-revocable, non-exclusive license to display and archive your posted creative works. You as creator retain all rights to the ownership of your creative works. As is the case with the rest of the board, staff has the right to edit or remove content at their discretion.

Posts advertising items that are for sale must be placed in the advertising subforum here.

Creative works posted herein may encompass any form of artistic work legally permitted by the laws of the United States of America. As such, this can include material that is unsuitable for minors. Neither the creators of any posted creative works nor TB2K, Inc. nor the board's staff shall bear any liability for exposure of adult content to minors.
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Couple of Admin notes:

I'm working on the prefixes and rules for the advertising subforum and will have that done tomorrow afternoon.

I'm planning to host a weekly fireside chat where we can discuss the projects we're working on.

Dennis Olson

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Hi everyone!

My thanks to PDW for spearheading this effort to give folks an alternative to Ravelry.

A couple things you should know:

- This forum (in general) is a Conservative/Christian one. That doesn't mean others aren't welcome, but be aware that Sky Screamers aren't going to be very popular if they go out to Main and start spewing Marxist/Communist talking points.

- This room is politics-free. Anyone of any stripe is welcome in this room. Your material will not be removed or censored based on your political views, be they conservative or liberal.


Thanks so much for starting this! Deleted my Rav account yesterday as soon as I read their ludicrous manifesto. Anywho, I weave, spin, sew and dye, so this is great that a place is being provided for us to discuss our creative pursuits and learn from each other. Looking forward to being a part of A Stitch in Time :)


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:):)Thanks pw for this forum! I taught myself to embroider some years back and would love to learn new crafts and to improve my embroidery. There are so many talented people on Tb. I'm looking forward to hanging out and learning new stuff:)


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Thank you from me too!

At the moment I'm busy with the farm and putting up food etc. but come Oct/November I'll be back to knitting and spinning. I have all but one sheep sheared (lots of rain this year so had to keep putting it off) We have just a small flock of Jacob and Jacob/Scottish blackface crosses. Small because we keep getting ram lambs and they go in the freezer. (Seven years of raising sheep and I still only have 4 ewes! Lost two to a bear last year and ended up buying two Jacob ewes to replace them.)

I enjoy spinning the wool from my sheep, on both wheel and spindle. I knit mostly sweaters, hats and socks in the natural colors of the sheep but also scour our woods for downed lichen-encrusted tree limbs. It makes a lovely mustard yellow dye. I do very little processing of the raw fleece. Just put it in net bags in the creek to get the majority of the dust and dirt out of it then hang on the fence in the sun to dry. Once dry it gets a quick comb ( I have the Benjamin Green English wool combs and love them!) then wash the skiens in very warm water with shampoo and they're back on the fence to dry. Rugged, rustic and hard-wearing. :) This is my first year with purebred Jacob ewes. Their fleece is much finer than the blackface crosses so I may have to be a bit more particular in how I handle it.