Prep Genrl Weekly Prep Thread: September 6 ~ 12, 2020


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DH got his lumber, but they were out of the 2x12x12, so they substituted 1x10x12 and he got five extra pieces. He's good with it.

I got my B&B, and was I shocked at the tiny size of the bottle @$26 a bottle, I did get two, it doesn't take much. I/m thinking it will help me keep my sanity on election night. In the bigger town we went to the Dollar Tree we went to had things I've never seen in DT before. I saw on line a suggestion for stocking up are the Velvetta Cheese packets at DT, so I got six. They did not have the sinus/allergy meds we like but I already have a good stash. One thing I've not seen before is Bumble Bee Tuna Salad in a pouch. I read the ingredients and it wasn't bad, so I got 6. If I ever see them again I'll get more. These would be a good thing (along with tortillas) for a bug out bag.

I had a small list for Walmart, the one we went to is huge. And oh my goodness, they had some Kerr canning jars, I got two quarts and two pints, first time I've seen pints in many months.

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I am kicking the power of praying into over drive. Men,women, and children caught in the firestorms. A boy died trying to save his grandmother with a broken leg. A man looking for his wife found a women and put her in his vehicle. Continuing to search and he had to be told the woman he found was in fact his wife. I guess 50 people are still missing.
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It's been a busy day or so. DH had to tweak (it involved welding and stuff) the potato digger we have for the tractor. The harvest is less than we had hoped, but some is better than nothing. Two rows were dug today and we'll do another 2 tomorrow.

I canned some banana peppers today, filled the freeze dryer with chopped bell peppers, made some stuffed peppers to freeze. Made a gumweed flower essence and harvested some gumweed and started a tincture. Gumweed is very sticky and resinous, so I can't percolate it like I prefer (as a method of making tinctures). I had to do it the old-fashioned way of weighing the herb (fresh), then adding 3 times more alcohol to the quart jar and letting it set for at least 2-3 weeks. I suppose I could have given it a whirl in the blender, but I was afraid it would end up a goopy mess. Gumweed is great for thick sticky coughs where you are having a hard time getting the mucus out. It is also indicated for cystitis (only short term) and dependent edema.