Prep Genrl Weekly Prep Thread: March 21 ~ 27, 2021


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DD went on a prep run and did good. Got a couple more cases of canning jars/lids. Bunch other stuff. We are prepped to the gills.
I took the plunge and ordered a small solar kit for my cabin. Still need an inverter but DH says has one in barn, and I will get a marine battery. Excited to get it working!


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I had worn out my manual can opener a couple of weeks ago, and ordered a new one from Amazon. I got two of them. Somehow, I don't know how. Decided to keep them both, because they DO wear out, and with the one I already had on hand for back-up, we should hopefully be set for the rest of our lives! Or, one of the new ones could be used for trade goods someday, maybe.



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One of my can openers broke a few weeks ago, it was kind of reparable, but I doubt it will last long, its not easy to use. I have two back ups and one in the package. I looked when the one broke and didn't find one with a decent price. However, I just found a kitchen aid in aqua for 13.99, much more than I have paid in the past but I don't want to be without one.

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