Prep Genrl Weekly Prep Thread: July 5 ~ 11, 2020


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Made oat tincture today - the oats have to be at a particular stage to get the best medicine. Also made a couple flower essences. Got the broccoli weeded and a load of peaches in the freezedryer.


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I can outside on my covered deck on a camp chef gas stove. Been doing that for about 5 years now. Before it was done inside on an electric stove. I MUCH prefer gas. When we remodeled the kitchen this past winter that was my main request, a gas stove. I got it. It runs on propane. I picked the first of our corn today. Got 9 pints of it canned and had just enough for me to have a bowl.


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Dang, after two good size shops in the last few days i watched a utube video (
) by Alaska Prepper. He reminded people of things not to fall short on and there are a few things that I'm not well stocked on. I know I'm down to about 75 pounds of dog food, so I need more of that. Dish soap, I looked at that at DT, I'd gotten a big bottle from there in the past and its only better than nothing, but not much. I'm in very good shape with canned foods and enough peanut butter to sink a battle ship. In an effort to rotate bottled water, I've let my supply get down to just a few cases. And my gallon bottles of water is way down. And I need to up my supply of apple cider vinegar, I use it in my bath and DH has used it to make can his cucumbers and onions.

Actually when I went to walmart the other day they were out of all gallon bottles of apple cider vinegar and only one gallon of the water I like, so I could not restock those two things. I did get the one gallon of water.

The dumb ass governor has now mandated masks to worn every where you go starting on Monday, I need to go to walmart tomorrow so that I can shop without being miserable. I think the POS considered going back to phase 1, but maybe common sense kicked in.

God is good all the time,

ETA I'm buying the Goya brand when I can find it in products I usually eat.



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Our local Sam's has a sale starting July 15. Dawn dish wash is one item I use regularly. It's on sale, and I buy it by the 90 oz jugs, and dilute it. I've got several jugs in stock, but when it's on sale, I buy more. I use it for several purposes besides washing dishes. Chinet paper plates are also on sale which I use regularly. So many things I use on sale this time around, but no toilet paper or paper towels are on the sale items list which is unusual. No coffee of any type on sale, either. I plan to hit the sales, and hopefully, everything I want to buy is still in stock when I get there. This is the first sale Sam's has had, since the C-19 outbreak started.