Weaving Weaving in the Warp Ends ~ How To???


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Okay, the one thing I suck royally at when it comes to weaving is weaving in the ends, and the person who used to help me with this has now left this mortal plain.

So my question to my fellow weavers is what is your favorite method for weaving in the warp ends. Do you have an article, book, or video recommendation, or could you just talk me through the process?

I'm getting ready to empty out my office and turn it into my weaving, spinning, and carding, room. It won't take long for me to get it warped up and get a practice piece of cloth woven up... so I'd like to start thinking about this now.


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I've only worked with the inkel, but I just thread the ends, and weave back up. Otherwise, tie off as fringe, or hem.

I expect this is why decorated narrow bands were popular, esp. with groups that would have had somewhat coarser weaves. A band sewn on would be much stronger, and take abrasion better than a hem. Linen does not hold up well to abrasion; "tape" protected edges would prolong the life of a garment, or cloth.

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I either tie as fringe, twist as fringe, or hem the ends so there are no warp strings to weave. Too much of a PITA for me to have to do that.


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I either thread them back in with a needle (loose bits and color changes), weave them back in (depends on where they are and if it messes up the pattern) and for ends, I just hem stuff for fabric or fringe the edges if it is a shawl or something.


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I do a lot of towels. I start with sewing machine weight thread as weft for the header. when I take it off the loom, I zig zag and wash the whole series of towels. Then I cut between and turn under and hand hem. On things like scarves, shawls and runners, I hemstitch after a few rows. I do the hemstitch at the other end when I have completed weaving and cut off to include fringe. Then I twist and knot the fringe at the end.

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Finishing and Hemstitching (Download from Interweave) s19256.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/Hemstitching.pdf

Lattice weave of fringe: https://www.interweave.com/article/weaving/weaving-lattice-fringe/

Tips on making fringe https://www.interweave.com/article/weaving/tips-fringe-hemmed-edge/

Twisting fringe interweave.com/article/weaving/better-ways-twisting-fringe/
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