Water Water Softeners


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Doing research into a water softener to clean up my well water a bit. I have a pretty high iron content and the water in general is about a 16 on hardness. Looks like there are only a few brands out there worth mentioning GE, Whirlpool, and Fleck but I'm having hell finding reviews on which one is the better of the group. anyone have any suggestions?


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Have installed quite a few.

I would only use Fleck controlled units. One piston does everything. Autotrol valves suck.

Look for a resin designed designed to function in high iron water.


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I have had good luck with the Kenmore (Sears) brand water softeners. 30+years at 2 homes with no issues. Don’t have one at the current home as the water is perfect. The best I have ever had in 60 years. It is truly unreal how good it is. I am so blessed.