VIDEO Video of the day Karma at its best!


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Call the cops!!!!!!! Did you see what that black and white car did OMG, CALL THE COPS. [/sarc

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money? whats that?
i think the revealing part is the OMG freakout. the idea that people wont fold or submit to them or that there are consequences to their reckless actions doesnt cross their minds.
It can't cross their minds. That would require admitting that they can make mistakes. Which of course we all know they can't do.


Kathy in FL

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Was it me or were the blacks in attendance the only smart ones that backed away from the moving car. That idiot kid reminds me too much of those twits that do those skateboard tricks and wind up in the emergency room due to stupidity.


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Heh heh! I could watch this 100 times. It always cracks me up - the screeching, "Oh, my God!" over and over. Stoopid response.

Dennis Olson

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And everyone there was surprised.
Not dumbasses. To date, there has been essentially ZERO action by the “authorities.” Thus, these people justifiably feel that they can do ANYTHING THEY WANT, completely without negative consequences. So far, with very limited exceptions, they’re right.


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What a bunch of num nuts. And they actually think they will win a war against us? Crybaby pussies getting ready to find out.
Num Nuts....that is what I called my German Shepherd when I had him fixed. Maybe that is the cure that all these num nuts need!!!