Earth Chgs Video: How Doggerland Sank Beneath The Waves (500,000-4000 BC) // Prehistoric Europe Documentary


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How Doggerland Sank Beneath The Waves (500,000-4000 BC) // Prehistoric Europe Documentary
•Jan 26, 2020
Run time 49:58

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eating-popcorn-smiley.gifOh I <3 those glacial melt n change o' the lay o' the land vids ; )- I either get smarter, or caught up on my sleep...2+hrs o' this is almost a whole night's worth.

.. Was just out by the "great inland sea of KS", try as I might, though, I really wasn't getting a feel for it in that time period, n didn't even stumble upon a souvenir from 'the shore'. :shd:

( :: crossin' fingers for oliphants :: )