USA USS Kearsarge makes port visit in Finland


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Link: USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) visiting Helsinki
The ship will berth in the Hernesaari harbor. Exercise activity will continue in the Northern Baltic Sea and off the coast of Western Uusimaa. The USS Kearsarge and its crew will continue exercising in the Northern Baltic Sea and the region of Hanko and Upinniemi with the Finnish Navy 8-19 August.

The USS Arlington and USS Gunston Hall as well as components of the US Marine Corps (22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit) will also participate in the exercises.

*Well that was quick since their application to join NATO. The Finns playing with the US Navy is going to seriously piss off Putin. :chg: :fgr2::lkick:

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The Fins have reason not to trust Russia. They haven't forgotten Russia invading during WWll.

I'm wondering if this will push Sweden to join NATO as well?

Fair use. History review of Russo-Finish war
The Winter War (1939-40)
May 24, 2017
The ‘Winter War’ of 1939-1940 or the Russo-Finnish War was fought between the Soviet Union and Finland.

The Soviet Union claimed parts of Finnish territory mainly to create a buffer against a German attack as the Finnish border was close to Leningrad.

Stalin demanded that Finland cede parts of its Karelian Isthmus territory in exchange for other Soviet land in the center of the border.

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