Medical Type 1 Diabetes and Insulin

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Regarding diabetics and insulin: Diabetes doesn't have to be a death sentence at TEOTWAWKI. Unfortunately, most diabetics and their families assume it is and do little to nothing to prepare to live.

However, it can be done. Insulin can be a DIY project, albeit a bit more involved than most. Insulin was first made in the 1920s, where researchers had nothing more unusual than what is found in a high school chemistry lab today. Type-1 diabetic Eva Saxl and her husband DIY'ed insulin in WWII China and saved her and about 400 other diabetics in Shanghai.

Here are two links to their story.

And here's how to make insulin:

The link below is to an article that claims insulin can be frozen. While my husband and I are a bit skeptical about this, it's important enough to give it a try. He's going to get some cheap insulin from Walmart, freeze it for a few days, and then try it out on a weekend when he doesn't have any outside commitments.