SOFT NEWS TRENDING: Libraries, called too white, are being decolonized


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You can keep them digitally. But don't leave them under the control of Kindle or the like.
Flash drive. Also "Islanding" your computer from "updates."

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Which work - but not so well always.



The answer to this is really simple:

Libraries are populated by whites because generally speaking, whites love learning. Blacks don’t.
Interestingly, even some blacks will point this out.

Read a Book, Bomani Armah, 2:46. Not even vaguely safe for work, but packed with a surprisingly large number of positive messages delivered in perhaps the most offensive fashion possible. Read books, buy land, eschew spinning rims, brush your teeth, wear deodorant, and raise your kids.



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I've been collecting old magazines, high school and small college yearbooks. I find and buy children's books and readers from before 1970.

I am amassing a collection to be able, in my own way, preserve the history of Whiteness when this nation was sure of itself and great.


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Something deliciously ironic in all this stamping out of cultural norms and "whiteness" in the name of "anti-racism, equity, and inclusion"

As was aptly noted, it's the information, particularly the history which is the target.
..they just continue to wrap their issues/evil in the cloak of racial polarization to keep us misdirected, and fired up about the wrong thing.

Going fwd, it should be less of a problem though, as they will concurrently focus on these kinds of efforts:
Simon & Schuster Cancels Plans for Senator Hawley’s Book
The publisher faced calls to drop the Missouri Republican’s upcoming book, “The Tyranny of Big Tech,” following criticism of his efforts to overturn the presidential election.


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Get your Laura Ingalls Wilder books, movies now while they can still be bought.

Gone with the Wind book and movie.

"1984" will be verboten.

Reproductions of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights.

Watch for online "lists" of verboten books to be published - and follow up.

Can we make our own list of books of "social negativity" for the aid of those less well read? Yunno - to warn one away from compromising one's social credit? (sarc)

Maybe make it a "sticky" or sub-forum?


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I own an antique shop. I've always had a selection of books, but over the past several months I have been expanding it. Eventually I hope to turn it into a used/vintage/antique bookstore with a selection of antiques. :) Yes, I feel there is definitely a place for used bookstores -- and this thread is one of the biggest reasons.
The problem is when the bookstore owner is a flaming frothing at the mouth liberal. She hates seeing me come in to order something she thouroughly despises. My living room IS a used bookstore. :lkick:


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Posted for fair use.....

February 21, 2021
With Libraries like These, Who Needs to Burn Books?

By Eileen F. Toplansky

Why burn books when libraries are doing the censor's work? On January 25, 2021, the American Library Association (ALA) Council reviewed the role of libraries in condemning white supremacy and fascism.

Lindsay Cronk, who helped develop a resolution to "condemn white supremacy and fascism as antithetical to library work," believes this work to be "urgent." Cronk bases this assessment on the January 6 attack in D.C.
Just a little more than two weeks ago, a mob, inflamed by misinformation and disinformation in the form of ideological rhetoric and carrying fascist and white supremacist symbols including nazi swastikas and confederate flags, attempted to interrupt and counteract democratic process. They were emboldened by inaction from American institutions.
Facts be damned as Cronk continues.

Furthermore, "Over the course of consecutive ALA conferences, white allies have interrogated our fragility, and we've had experts provide a vision of how we can become an antiracist profession. We've listened to and amplified the voices of our colleagues of color enough to acknowledge that diversity is not the solution to racism or fascism."

Finally, in impeccable radical leftist language, the ALA wants to explore "how we can do intellectual freedom and social justice work together."
In order to "disrupt whiteness in libraries and librarianship," the following titles are recommended.
  • Collins, P. H. (2019). Intersectionality as Critical Social Theory. Duke University Press.
  • Crenshaw, K., N. Gotanda, and K. Thomas. (1996). Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed the Movement. The New Press.
  • Zuberi, T. and E. Bonilla-Silva. (2008). White Logic, White Methods: Racism and Methodology. Rowman & Littlefield.

Parts of the actual resolution read as follows:
  1. Whereas libraries have upheld and encouraged white supremacy both actively through discriminatory practices and passively through a misplaced emphasis on neutrality,
  2. Whereas these practices and arising environments have prevented equity, diversity, and inclusion in libraries as workplaces,
  3. Whereas ALA's Code of Ethics asserts that libraries will safeguard the welfare of all employees and coworkers ...
  4. Whereas Interpretations of ALA's Library Bill of Rights notes that 'libraries should embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion in everything that they do,' and to do so we must reject practices, movements, and groups that oppose equity, diversity and inclusion,
  5. Whereas ALA has committed to acknowledging the past harms of racism and to works to encourage diversity through activities including ALA's Spectrum Program,
  6. Whereas the realization of specific ALA Core Values of Librarianship (such as democracy, diversity, and social responsibility) is contingent on putting those values in practice and accountability to integrating those values,
  7. Whereas libraries have a crucial obligation to provide access to accurate information which refutes white supremacist rhetoric,
  8. Whereas moving forward with the trust of our communities requires address of past harms along with decisive action and restorative practices,
  9. Whereas it is vital for ALA to manifest the courage and candor required by libraries and library workers around the world to reject and denounce white supremacy and fascism ...
Well, they certainly are not being neutral as they embrace an anti-American, anti-freedom agenda all gussied up with high-sounding verbiage.

In order to rectify these alleged past crimes, the ALA "[w]ill provide confidential communication channels for past and current BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) members, staff members, community members, and others to provide direct feedback." Once that is accomplished, the ALA Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion will work to "explicitly incorporat[e] existing and developing antiracist and antifascist frameworks, in internal and external communications, advocacy, events, and organizational design efforts moving forward." Lastly, the ALA will "establish a working group to review these areas ... to provide a list of recommendations for implementation that will explore opportunities for restorative and reparative measures."

In this brew of feel-good mea culpas is nary a word about what will actually be removed, made inaccessible, and twisted to fit the radical left-wing agenda. Will White students be forced to read only Black authors? Which authors will be removed from the shelves? Mark Twain? Will White librarians be required to sign confessions of guilt for being White? Will Black authors who despise Critical Race Theory be expunged from the library — e.g., Shelby Steele? Will Black authors who believed in personal responsibility be dismissed — e.g., W.E.B. Du Bois?

Will reading hour feature Golden Books or focus on Ibram X. Kendi's children's book titled Antiracist Baby?

Well, one answer can be found from the New Jersey Library Association (NJLA), which asserts that "Black lives matter. NJLA acknowledges the structural racism in our organization and profession, and NJLA must do better." Thus, "[t]he New Jersey Library Association stands in solidarity with the Black community, librarians, library workers, library users and with members of the communities we serve. We want our Black, People of Color and marginalized members to know you are valued, affirmed and supported. NJLA acknowledges that in order to continue moving forward, there needs to be consistent work towards recognizing our own biases, welcoming change and taking actions that impact policies and create positive change in the direction of equity and inclusion."

Some of the goals include "recruiting a diverse slate of candidates for the Executive Board[.]" Another action plan is to "[e]xamine the structure of NJLA that may prevent black and minority members from participating in NJLA leadership."

Ultimately, it is to "[o]ffer a diverse group of trainings for library administration. Example: removing systemic racism in your library policy, practices and processes that privilege or disadvantage people based on race, ethnicity, and/or socio-economic status." In addition, it is to "[o]ffer a diverse set of trainings for library staff. Example: dealing with individual privilege, unconscious and implicit biases and racism."

In essence, get as many leftists as possible into the system to dominate libraries and continue the work of censorship. In effect, people will no longer have access to all books and materials, except for those that thoroughly support radical left-wing, communist agendas.

That librarians have committed to a known Marxist group such as BLM is most revealing and shocking. In fact, "a co-founder of BLM's Toronto branch is a young woman named Yusra Khogali, who in late 2015 posted the following message on Facebook: 'Whiteness is not humxness. in fact, white skin is sub-humxn[.] ... White ppl are recessive genetic defects. this is factual. white ppl need white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because all they can do is produce themselves. black ppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to.'"

Couple this with the rabid anti-cop sentiment of the BLM leaders, and this is the new face of your once friendly library.

You have to hand it to the leftists — they never stop trying to destroy the country. They infiltrate sports, business, and now libraries. Heck, even math studies are guilty of "white supremacy [as it] manifests itself in the focus on finding the right answer."

Gone will be the days when students could travel the world through books "to take us lands away." Instead, libraries will be the next leftist venue. They will no longer bear the human soul, but instead will indoctrinate the upcoming generation to communism, "the deadliest ideology in history, imperiling not only minds but also souls."[1] What ugliness will abound.

Eileen can be reached at
Hat tip: PK.

Image: Movidagrafica Barcelona via Pexels, Pexels License.

Read more: With Libraries like These, Who Needs to Burn Books?
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Yet another facet of Typical Socialism™ rears its ugly head, as the Left once again goes after books. Will they be burned in big piles in the town square, like the socialists in Germany did, or will they in our advanced society be dropped into kilns set to the autoignition temp of paper for less ostentatious disposal by assigned government employees? We can call them "firemen".
I see you read Fahrenheit 451.
when blacks get out of jail or prison and go back to their neighborhood, they are welcomed and worshiped.
when a black person earns their masters degree and goes back to the old hood, comments like, so now you think you're my massa. They are alienated.
That's the way they are, for the most part. No law or feel good classes will change that.


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In all of these claims, replace whiteness with...negroes, african americans..etc.

I am white, more pink...but i could care less what color a person is. This crap is reaching a fever pitch. Soon the attacks will intensify, BE READY.


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I own an antique shop. I've always had a selection of books, but over the past several months I have been expanding it. Eventually I hope to turn it into a used/vintage/antique bookstore with a selection of antiques. :) Yes, I feel there is definitely a place for used bookstores -- and this thread is one of the biggest reasons.
I agree! Years ago, I was in a used bookstore in Breckenridge, and I scored a 1957 edition of Atlas Shrugged!


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estate sales and garage sales are a good source of books
Ebay is a good source for history books at reasonable prices for people that estate sales and garage sales are not readily available.

I've been buying anthologies of literature and history for quite a while. My latest are "Great Thinkers of the Western World, Masterpieces of World Philosophy, Great Thinkers of the Eastern World and Masterpieces of American Literature." And I've just ordered "Masterpieces of World Literature and Masterpieces of Women's Literature". All from Ebay at very reasonable prices.

Unfortunately no one in my immediate family are readers and I'm looking for someone who might be interested. Right now its looking like my young pastor friend.

God is good all the time



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Back when I worked for a large private medical school in New orleans, it was close to the New Orleans Public Library. I would go there often just to be with the books. One year in February (In the 90's) I was in there and there was a group celebrating black history month. I was disgusted by what the speaker said, I can't remember exactly what she said but it was very racist against whites. Black bitch. I avoided the library when they had meetings like this. I imagine Katrina destroyed all the older books they had stored in the basement. Sad.

God is good all the time



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People who cannot accept or even understand, what the saying below means:
”We stand on the shoulders of Giants.” and who are so willfully ignorant, (stupid), ungrateful, irrational, irresponsible, self-aggrandizing, arrogant, and mentally defective that they actually believe they can condemn and destroy the foundations upon which they stand, the laws, culture, history, and the contributions of great, honorable leaders and citizens, upon which are SECURED their own individual rights, individual freedoms, JUSTICE, and actual security, even proposing to destroy the very borders that define and establish this nation!

Because these Liberal extremists speak and think like unreasoning , petulant children and cannot defend their outrageous demands they now propose to “rightfully” destroy anyone who disagrees /opposes their agenda to destroy America Is “an enemy of the state”.

Then, claiming those who disagree and oppose their not only short-sighted, but totally dictatorial and punitive “reform” proposals, branding whole groups, nfact the MAJORITY OF Americans, some not even conservatives, COLLECTIVELY ”guilty” of “crimes” these extremists invented, guilty because of their white skin color!

They wish to force their madness upon us, or punish us, without trial, evidence, or opportunity to face our accusers in court, as they brand us as “terrorists”, “enemies of the state”, holding us and our most honorable founding fathers, collectively responsible for so called “crimes” they invent, ( that were NOT crimes in the time in which they lived ) and the decrying the acts of OTHER, honorable, wise, and notable people of integity, even long dead onss.

That is an ex post facto law, specifically forbidden in our Constitution, It is making new laws be RETROACTIVE, PUNISHING PEOPLE for doing what was perfectly legal at the time they did it. They have taken your Constitutional RIGHT to believe what you choose To believe, (freedom of Conscience) and utterly trashed it.
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The library professio was banking hard left when I was in graduate sxhook in 1975 and has only gotten worse. I would never join the ALA as a student, and did not for my entire career.

The launching pad for the long march in American institutions was in schools and libraries.