Livestock Too many roosters


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So, this year I got some chicks from a local source. A homeschool teen that was trying to make money for a trip. Anyway, over half of the chickens I have are roosters. I am so upset.

Is it too late to order some online? If not, where do you guys like to get them from.

Samuel Adams

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Word to the wise.

NEVER walk into an office staffed entirely with women, and bring up the topic of “too many roosters”, even if the office is very rural, even if the business is agricultural.

Don’t ask me why—just.....never again.


You should be able to order some online, although breed selection may be limited. I like Welp hatchery, but there are others which are good. FYI, Welp's prices include shipping.

But unless you need 25 birds, I'd ask at Tractor Supply or your l9cal equivalent first... they *may* be able to order some yet.



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Unless they sold them as pullets, you got straight run chicks. Straight run is un sexed out of the incubator which is about 50% roosters. I bought 10 straight run chicks at Atwoods and only got 2 hens.


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Well the “law of averages” tells us that about half males (roosters) and half females (pullets or hens) should be expected. A little bit of an allowance either way should be expected. Look online for a hatchery near you. Lots of places, Murry Mcmurry, Ideal Poultry, way more than I can think of at the moment. Maybe look at somewhere like craigslist for some locally. I don’t know what stores you’ve got around your area, but it’s a bit late in the year for most places to have chicks in the stores. Depending upon your area, that could be different for you.