FOOD Tonight’s bread attempt: whole wheat + bran

Dennis Olson

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Since there won’t be bread available for weeks, I’ve had to fall back on the bread machine once again. Tonight’s effort 100% wheat with wheat bran. I haven’t decided what nuts I might add yet. Just started it.

ETA: I’m adding pecans, hazelnuts and dates.
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Do you wanna do whole wheat/bran when the water is off? :hmm: :whistle::shr:
..or hopefully you have it back now eh?


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If you don’t already have the LDS bread baking book you should see about getting a copy, my bestie sent me a copy when I got married.

Dennis Olson

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...was going to say that that sounded real healthy, but the fruit and nut additions should make it good, too.
I always like to add a little something special unless I’m doing a straight white loaf. To this one, I also added a few white raisins and a tsp of cinnamon. Not more than 1/3rd cup of additions.


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Sounds delicious Dennis. I can eat 2 slices of whole wheat bread a day. And the molasses will pair well with the nuts and fruits. Sounds very tasty and hearty.

The bread sounds really good.


I always like to add a little something special unless I’m doing a straight white loaf. To this one, I also added a few white raisins and a tsp of cinnamon. Not more than 1/3rd cup of additions.
It's so easy for "healthy" to turn into another word for "awful." You're really making an effort to turn that around!


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Well done, Dennis. Back in the 70s my late husband and I ground wheat and I actually kept us in cash by selling bread and buns. I can't believe now that it really happened but it did. I still absolutely love to make bread...all by hand. Even if I do not eat it, I have family who love it. The blue ribbons at the state fair are nice too. Glad you are doing this, it's a nice skill to develop. :) BTW, I still get my whole wheat from Natural Pantry in Anchorage, where I first started in the 70s.


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I'm drooling here! This makes me think of when my grandma used to bake bread every Monday. She would sometimes give me a treat of home made bread and quince jelly. So good! And mom baked the best cinnamon rolls and hot cross buns. But...I think the bread baking gene skipped me. I can bake a lot of things, but bread isn't my strong suit. I have often thought about investing in a bread machine, but I don't personally know anyone who has one. Could someone maybe recommend a good bread machine? I would like to use my own ingredients instead of having to purchase a bread machine mix. Reading about Dennis's home made bread has made me hungry for some. There is nothing quite like some home baked bread fresh out of the oven. I must admit, I love my carbs...too much sometimes! I'm perhaps spoiled, but I wouldn't want to have to wait for weeks before I could enjoy some bread. And your's sounds delicious Dennis:)

Dennis Olson

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If you like spending money, a Zoriuchi is considered the best on the market. But in the end, any machine will work. I had 6-8 failures before I figured out what to do in terms of doughball consistency. Once I figured that out, every loaf has been successful. But it was definitely a learning process. If you get one, expect a bunch of failures initially.

ETA: I don’t use a Zoriuchi. Just a regular machine.


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Anadama bread is alike to Boston brown bread...I've cooked it before....I think there's even a yt vid which shows how to cook in mason jars for long term storage.


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I bought a used Zojirushi in AZ one year - but since I eat most of the bread around here, I don't tend to make a lot. I it is nice having the 2 paddles though.


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It sounds like you are having a really good time with that machine.
Tasty too!

You taking orders yet?
Seems friendly to ask.


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I picked up a bread machine in a thrift store in AR for 5 dollars, complete with owner's manual; never played with it. When I moved to MI, it got lost somewhere among all the boxes and crates and barrels. Your bread machine threads make me want to dig it, and fuss with it. Or, I may go back to my favorite no-knead Peasant Bread recipe.

Mary Contrary

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The last time i made bread was 2 yrs ago. By hand. Used to use a bread machine and came out good, but hand is good too. I'm lazy so i just use white flour and throw in a cup of wheat bran i get at the large market. It is SO good with butter, but SOO fattening and this is why i stopped making it. House too cold in winter anyway. I may try again in summer.

Dennis Olson

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I had to make this twice. The first try I used 3C of whole wheat flour as the recipe called for. It was a brick. The second attempt, I used 2C of white and 1C whole wheat. I also used 3Tbsp of molasses rather than 1 ½. Though still dense of course, it rose twice as much as the first attempt. Flavor is fantastic.