Misc Todays Junk - Sock Machine


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So today I finally got an 1920s sock knitting machine I have had for years cleaned up and running. It is one of 2 that I got in a box of parts. Just ordered new needles and a couple other parts s hopefully I can do a test run once they get here. If it works then I am going to make a base out of aluminum plate for it as part of the base was broken off and really get cleaned up and repainted. It is another gadget that I am not sure of the value in a disaster but hey I could make plenty of socks.



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That is so neat! Maybe when you've gotten it back in shape, you can find a youtube to show it in action like you did for the rope-making machine.


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That is probably worth hundreds of dollars, they are quite rare and the modern versions are usually made mostly of plastic (though they do work).

I saw a machine like this in Galway about 10 years ago, it was from about the same time period and it made lovely socks (including heals) in just a few minutes per sock.

That is a great find and I hope you have a lot of fun with it!