INSANITY This Maryland guy got sentenced to a YEAR in prison for throwing 2 outdoor parties at his home against COVID orders

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This Maryland guy got sentenced to a YEAR in prison for throwing 2 outdoor parties at his home against COVID orders
Doc Holliday Sep 28th, 2020 9:42 am

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Doesn't that seem a little excessive? A freaking year in prison!

Shawn Marshall Myers from Maryland threw two parties at his own home that violated the governor's social distancing executive order and now he's going to spend a full year behind bars.

They were at his own home and they were outdoor bonfire parties.

He threw one and the cops showed up and convinced him to break it up. He threw another less than a week later and he refused to tell his guests to leave when the cops arrived and told him to do so. He said he had the right to have a party at his house and told his guests not to leave.

And now he's going to prison for a year.

"He was given a warning," Charles County State's Attorney Tony Covington said. "It's not like the police just swooped in there and said you're going to jail. They gave him a warning. He had at least 50 people the first day and then two, three days later, he's doing the same thing. And the second day he's of a mind that he's not going to cooperate, he's going to tell people to keep the music playing."

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Uh oh. We're throwing a bonfire party at our place in 2 weeks. Fortunately we live very far away from any cities... ya just can't throw a proper party in the suburbs :D

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Gotta ask the question. Is that a patch of blue hair on the backside of his bald head? Other than that what is with a year in jail for throwing a party in your back yard? You can riot, burn, and steal all night and walk the next day.


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This was in Charles County, MD. These parties were right after Governor Hogan started with his executive orders which limited the number of people you could have in a gathering. If I remember correctly, the limit was 10 people, and it didn't matter if you were inside or out.

Do I agree with this, no, but the guy was obviously a jerk. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Also I did a Maryland state case search and his case is not showing up at all. Makes me wonder what is really going on, or they aren't using his real name.