VIDEO this is TT race speeds on free way with traffic ( The famous Uppsala run ) Sweden..


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Passing between two cars "side by each" is daring. Passing between two trucks "side by each" is a death wish.

295kph = 183mph

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The gene pool has a way of reaching equilibrium over time; this is as good a method as any for one segment (called organ donors by ER personnel, I'm told).


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A classic, deshaked. One of the comments says it was done by the devil himself. I don't know. That guy had a serious speed-demon though.


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you thought the guys racing in the TT race were nuts check out this guy. i give you the ghost rider .
r/t 15:18
I'll go on record with the following comment, "while I am an actual licensed AMA motorcycle racer, this is ignorant and unacceptable." (just to clarify, that doesn't make me any better than anyone else, doesn't make my opinion law . . . I stated it that way just to show that my opinion is based upon some related experience.)

The danger to himself - fine, whatever. I'm OK if he has a death wish for himself. Decisions have consequences.

But, to put others (regular drivers) UNWITTINGLY into this situation is both dangerous and negligent.

There is a HUGE difference between closed-course competition/speed . . . and zipping through unsuspecting drivers.

Additionally, it unnecessarily paints a negative picture of all motorcycle riders. :(

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He's got a couple of kids now, so has stopped ghost riding. I have heard he was a movie and motorcycle stuntperson at one time in his life.