GOV/MIL "There's Poop Everywhere": San Francisco's Office District Not Only A Ghost Town, It's Also Covered In Sh*t


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That city must be full of stank!

The worst stank I've ever experienced was in Africa. You might think it'd be someplace in the jungle humidity of central Africa, but it was actually in Cairo in 1974 when I got out of an air-conditioned taxi in front of the Meridian Hotel.

WWHEEEWWWWWW! I like to fell over right there on the street. And this was a reaction of a Montana ranch kid who'd mucked out many a barn stall. What I learned later that evening over a giant bottle of Egyptian beer (which wasn't bad, btw) confirmed what I'd observed coming in from the airport. When it was time to go, men or women on the street - and there were thousands all over, it was a crazy busy city - just squatted down and let 'er go. No TP, of course, there were convenient water hoses and such around, which just turned into juicy flowing sewer streams in their own right.

Don't ever shake hands with an Arab left-handed.


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if all of this is true which im sure it is why are the property values so high? who would want to live there? wait till an epidemic breaks out. hep a, hep b you name it. human shi+ carries diseases.

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The same reason they’re so high in Austin. It’s a tech hub (still). It takes a great deal of money for companies to move their facilities, so many of them are still there.


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The best way to clean up messes like that is with a flame thrower!


Takes care of the poop and the POOPER!!


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That is starting to change. I just saw an article in the English Press (sorry don't recall where exactly) that some tech firms are moving to London of all places because although it is one of the most expensive cities over here, it is now cheaper than the US for both IT executives and the engineers they hire. I think the pay in San Francisco for IT workers was three times that of London, which boggles the mind. Some already have bases in Ireland, but that is as much about having an EU base (for legal reasons) as they want an English Speaking Country. Prices in Dublin are worse than in London.


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Ironic that Nancy pooped all over this country too. Where is that big earthquake that is supposed to dunk California into the sea it could sure use a good cleaning.