DEEP STATE The Trucker Convoy Gets A Spy Plane


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Meanwhile, Back In The FUSA – Western Rifle Shooters Association

Meanwhile, Back In The FUSA

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Author Concerned AmericanPosted onFebruary 23, 2022


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Your government is deploying the military against a peaceful demonstration
Yes. An adversary they know they can beat.

When your enemy claims peace and carries no weapons (except the truth) you know you can keep your agenda intact.

Of course popular opinion CAN be a larger force.

MEEDIA has got their back in this.

What popular opinion? There is a popular opinion?




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That thing is pulling and logging data from their cell phones and computers. Matter of fact, it is capable of planting files and programs on their electronics.
That sounds like Dale Brown writing, back in the day!

For those who love fiction and all things military jets
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any comm. Even talking to each other in the same vehicle.
Fascists. I hope the truckers remember Snowden’s warning. I hope most of them learned from January 6 to leave their personal phones at home. I hope they also learned a lesson from the Hong Kong protestors, Canadian police, and Antifa — wear a f-big mask to reduce facial recognition!