The Full Prep 101 Series


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Prep 101: Table of Contents

PREP 101: Part 1, (for newbies, not vets)
PREP 101: Part 2, Food and Water
PREP 101: Part 3, The Medicine Chest
PREP 101: Part 4, Suggested Equipment To Purchase
PREP 101: Part 5, Emergency Lighting
PREP 101: Part 6, Personal Hygiene
PREP 101: Part 7, Bug Out Bags
PREP 101: Part 8, Emergency Heat
PREP 101: Part 9, Clothing
PREP 101: Part 10, Laundry & Cleaning
PREP 101: Part 11, Hurricane/Storm Prep
PREP 101: Part 12, Cabin Fever
PREP 101: Part 13, Death: Prepping for the Ultimate, Death
PREP 101: Part 14, Flu/Illness Preps
PREP 101: Part 15, Your Prep Library
PREP 101: Part 16, "This is only a test": Hold a Drill
PREP 101: Part 17, Birth in Your Shelter
PREP 101: Part 18, Spirituality/Stress/Depression
PREP 101: Part 19, Prepping for Pets
PREP 101: Part 20, Car Kits
PREP 101: Part 21, Prep Toolboxes/Hardware
PREP 101: Part 22, Dealing With Freeloaders
PREP 101: Part 23, How Much to Prep?
PREP 101: Part 24, Death in Your Shelter
PREP 101: Part 25, Transportation
PREP 101: Part 26, Communications
PREP 101: Part 27, Health Essentials
PREP 101: Part 28, Documents to Secure
PREP 101: Part 29, Family Disaster Plan
PREP 101: Part 30, Growing Your Own (food)
PREP 101: Part 31, Homeschooling
PREP 101: Part 32, Home Invasions - we all need to be prepared for them
PREP 101: Part 33, Barter


Thank you FL...this will help with the curriculum on the class I'm developing. Thanks...


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Wow, you put a lot of work into that. Great job. This is really helpful for the newbie, and seasoned preppers as well. There is always something we have missed. By reading other's viewpoints of what is needed to be ready my preps constantly evolve. Thanks for taking the time to do this.


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Fruit Loop , Thanks for posting this . It is a wealth of information that is well appriciated.


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Thank you very much for sharing all of that. It was very helpful and brought up things that I hadn't thought about.


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Wow! Thank you so much for this!

I printed up a few copies to hand out to family members. You never know, if the message comes from someone else. They might just listen!


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You mentioned CB's....A Shortwave Radio my prove hand. They be bought to include AM/FM for an inexpensive amount. You can spend as much or as little as like and you can customize them with an attenna.

They use less energy.

SW can provide news from outside the country, of course it has to be taken with a grain of salt. There are relible broadcasts.

Hope this adds something

I am very interested Preparedness Issues



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My gosh there is a WEALTH of information on these 2 pages. Even a seasoned prepper can find something they missed. Highly recommend!


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Bumping in case TSHTF post election. We all need a refresher course JIC. I feel the outcome is not going to be good for either candidate. Excellecent information in this thread!


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How would I print just the prepping information without the extra avatars, member comments etc..?


How would I print just the prepping information without the extra avatars, member comments etc..?

You high lite what you want to copy then go on the high lighted part and right click and hit the print button then when the print page comes up look for print high light only or print selected only which ever one comes up. and click on that

that should do it for you.