Ill Imm The Darien Gap - here's part of the human side of the politicized border crisis (H/T to Michael Yon and BBC)


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I've never heard of the Darien Gap.

I firmly believe in securing and controlling our borders, including building whatever wall it takes to do so. I also have never blamed people for wanting to come to the USA - whatever it took to get here - especially if they intend to establish good lives and become citizens.

What is happening now is absolute hypocritical idiocy which is headed on a downhill trajectory to catastrophe. But here are a couple of incredible stories which cannot (or should not, perhaps) but affect any open mind.

The Africans risking death to reach the US
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The migrants risking it all to cross the Darien Gap
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Incredibly dangerous area. Migrants are entering to head to America. Chances that some will die and all the women be raped is extremely high. Am with Haitians and Cubans now.

Darien Gap: am with Haitians now | Michael Yon: America's most experienced living combat correspondent on Patreon

A Terrifying Journey Through the World's Most Dangerous Jungle
The Darién Gap is a lawless wilderness on the border of Colombia and Panama, teeming with everything from deadly snakes to antigovernment guerrillas. The region also sees a flow of migrants from Cuba, Africa, and Asia, whose desperation sends them on perilous journeys to the U.S.
Outside Online

MAR 3, 2021 AT 3:58 PM
Darien Gap: am with Haitians now
Who will begin this journey tomorrow. One brother and sister —12 and 16 — who seem to have no idea of the danger ahead. Their names are Michael and Madesey.

Michael told us to go in “Company of the Lord.” Madeisy said “God will take care of me.”

They seem to have no idea what Darien Gap is or the danger ahead.

They are with their mother. Said father is in Dominican Republic. They flew from Dominican Republic to Chile, stayed two years, and arrived today by bus from Chile.

Tomorrow morning they take boat to begin journey through hell of Darien Gap.

I feel very sad now.


Check Mike Yon 'sDISPATCHES.

He has 4 ish more on Darien Gap... UGLY doesn't come close to a description, just like it can't describe what WE are going to deal with before winter this year.

And for the record, Cory was a TAD off. It's happening slow enough that we can even see the gears move. Unless you take yer eye off the ball, then he was correct when he said blink and you will miss the change.

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ND, thanks for the nice reminder of our mentor and friend, Cory Hamasaki. ( founder of the DCY2K chat group )
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I have heard the reason they haven't put a train or a highway through there is that Colombia refuses. They don't want people coming in from Panama, which they regard with some disdain.

Colombia protects its border this way!


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Oh man, praying for those two kids :(

I'd never heard of it until a couple of years ago. Was reading a book of a diary written in the 1700s and there was mention of the "Darien scheme" and had to look it up. Anyway, here's some interesting history on the Darien Gap best viewed at the site:

Darien scheme
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New Caledonia
Colony of the Kingdom of Scotland
Flag of Caledonia

Darien colony.png
New Caledonia on a modern map
CapitalNew Edinburgh
• CoordinatesCoordinates:
8°50′02.47″N 77°37′54.47″W
• 16981,200
• 17002,500
Monarchy of Scotland
• 1689–1702, 1689-1694 / 1685-1701William II and Mary II /James VII
• 1698–1700Thomas Drummond
• January – February 1700Alexander Campbell of Fonab
Historical eraColonial period
• Landfall2 November 1698
• First colony abandonedJuly 1699
• Second colony established30 November 1699
• Second colony abandonedFebruary 1700
Today part of
The Darien scheme was an unsuccessful attempt, backed largely by investors of the Kingdom of Scotland, to gain wealth and influence by establishing New Caledonia, a colony on the Isthmus of Panama, in the late 1690s. To be located on the Gulf of Darién, the plan was for the colony to establish and manage an overland route to connect the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. From the scheme’s inception until today, rival claims have been made suggesting that the undertaking was beset by poor planning and provisioning; by divided leadership; by a lack of demand for traded goods, due to an English trade blockade;[1] by devastating epidemics of disease; by the successful collaboration between the English East India Company and the English government to frustrate it,[1] and by a failure to anticipate the Spanish Empire's military response. It was finally abandoned in March 1700 after a siege by Spanish forces, which also blockaded the harbour.[2]
As the Company of Scotland was backed by approximately 20% of all the money circulating in Scotland, its failure left the entire Lowlands in substantial financial ruin and was an important factor in weakening their resistance to the Act of Union (completed in 1707). The land where the Darien colony was built is located in the modern territory of Guna Yala, an autonomous indigenous territory home to the Guna people.
The expedition also took sovereignty over 'Crab Isle' (modern day Vieques, Puerto Rico) in 1698, yet sovereignty was short-lived.[3]


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I have heard the reason they haven't put a train or a highway through there is that Colombia refuses. They don't want people coming in from Panama, which they regard with some disdain.

Colombia protects its border this way!
Yea, NO! These people are lined up on the Columbia side. There are no lines on the Panama side. You pay your $2,500.00 to put your car on the ship, and pick it up in Columbia. Panama is the one who has chosen to leave the Darien Gap the way it is. The Darien Gap IS IN PANAMA! It is not in Columbia.