Medical Super Clot for humans?

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I see "Super Clot" is for veterinary use but has anyone determined how it'd work on people in an emergency? How about "VetBond"?
Also, has anyone used Quick Clot, Celox or Xgause or any other types of bleeding stop emergency preps?
Anyone have any recommendations or first hand experience as to what to have on hand?

I found some info but I'm hoping to avoid reinventing the wheel - thanks for any info



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Honestly, direct pressure will usually do the trick, then closure of some type (sutures, glue, steri-strips) to keep it that way. Lots of irrigation on dirty wounds to prevent infection will be the biggest thing in a post-apocolyptic world. What I have found no substitute for is something like celox for significant abrasions that would not stop oozing. Unfortunately, there's not really a way to close abrasions (especially on a screaming, biting, scratching dementia patient), so celox, gauze and a lovely coban turban was the way to go.

I would think that the glue above would be OK - Dermabond is for humans. Just be aware that glue works well for areas that need to flex (knuckles, the bridge of the nose) and most other areas if the laceration is not too deep. Glue will approximate skin, but not tissue.

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as long as it's certified for med use <<< human or animal >>> it should be OK - it needs to be pharm pure and no additives to harm the skin ...

some people go around boasting the use of $1 store "superglue" >>> in an emergency emergency anything goes - but purposely going that route is one of those penny foolish deals ....

interesting enough >> the strangest use of surgical glue I've heard of - crooks coat their fingers to blot out fingerprints and allow for more normal finger/hand dexterity ....


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We use Agri Labs Blood Stop Powder. Livestock leg wounds always bleed profusely, and when you're by yourself, you just need to get the bleeding stopped ASAP and evaluate if you need a vet and stitches later.
I have used it several times on me when I cut myself, and holding pressure wasn't working. Again, by myself, and didn't need to pass out from blood loss. If you've never used it, that stuff burns. BADLY. The pain from using it makes me dizzy.
It's a really good product to keep on hand, but something that you hope you never have to use.


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Thank you for the info. I have quick clot. And some small bandages with clotting agents. But a gel would work much better in our situation. So next med orders will include that for the med cabinet and first aid kits.


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I have some wound clot sponges in my first aid kit just in case. I decided that it was important to have after hubby cut his finger to the bone. He should have had stitches, but he refused to go get treated. Having a clotting sponge would have made it easier to handle the bleeding. I found it at wm, but I have seen it at CVS as well.