Misc Success as a Prepper


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Well, it was inevitable. Precious the Wonder Dog-four years ago her barking alerted me to a nearby house fire so I could call 911-tried to come to conclusions with a skunk. For her trouble she was rewarded with a solid spraying. Sigh. Anyway from some years back i had a cleanser waiting for this very purpose. To her great credit my semi girlfriend-it happened on her watch-stepped up to the scent so to speak and did the honors with clothes, van and dog. Still lingers but at least I'm not retching. Glad I was prepared!


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Baking soda, peroxide, and a few drops of dawn dish soap. Shampoo dog or whatever is sprayed. Keep out of eyes. It does wonders


I second the peroxide mixture, but it doesn't lend itself to l9ng term prepping as much as some ofbthe commercial products. H2O2 doesn't store very well... it loses potency after a year or so.

Being prepared feels great!