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Broken Arrow

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So I got home about 9:30 this morning from work. I'm outside doing critter chores, grazing the sheep on weeds, filling stock tanks and the dog blows up at something. I wander out to the front yard to see a strange truck in the driveway and a guy walking towards me. He asks if that is our pasture with the horses in it behind the house. Yes says me. Well he informs me one of my horses is stuck in the cattle guard.

Damn. I was just back there.

So round up the sheep, lock all the gates and drive out back.

Sure enough one of the mares has her front feet between the slats in the cattle guard and she has been there a while. (Keep in mind that I leave for work at o'dark hundred)

Got a call into hubby to come home. Haltered her. And got a game plan together.

Vets on the way to sedate her. Hubby got the plywood sheets and blow torch. 3 hours and a huge wrestling match later (sedated horses are DAMN heavy) she is out. Given how she was stuck she only has a few minor cuts, a small burn, and a bit of ankle swelling.

A day in the life of a ranch.


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That is so frightening. So glad your mare made it ok and you were able to get a vet. Large animal vets are kind of scarce here.
I've been in scary situations with our horses in the past while home alone. It's not fun and I always had to control my urge to really panic. Glad it turned out ok for you and the mare.


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Had a little kitten once-upon-a-time that seemed hell bent on dying. First he walked across an end table towards the couch, then he fell between them and got his head stuck while his body was hanging. If I hadn't been there and able to rescue him he would have choked himself to death trying to get free. Second time he pulled the same trick with a dining room chair with rungs. I was there to save him yet again. Third time he was walking on the upstairs banister and fell 15' to the steps below and broke his leg. Wasn't there to catch him that time, but heard him fall. He was a goofy feline for sure. Can't imagine having to deal with bigger critters and their antics. Happy your situation turned out good, Broken Arrow.


This too shall pass.
I wonder if it would help to sand down the metal cattle guards and paint them white for more contrast?